Boyle County Births -"W"

This information has been compiled from a variety of sources, and I hope it will be of benefit to you in your research. If you know of additional information (or corrections) to these records, or additional records that you would like to see included, please drop me a note Brenda HumeEmail Registry


TACKETT, Elizabeth Thomas, dob 3-12-1915, mother Rebecca Thomas.

TACKEY, John, dob 9-5-1919, mother Bessie Pullions.


TADLOCK, Josephine, dob 12-17-1913, mother Kate Lane.


TALLFARRO, Rowe B., dob 11-13-1913, mother Addie Irvine.


TAMME, Anna M., dob 4-9-1916, mother Pattie Larkin.

TAMME, Avelma, dob 12-24-1914, mother Annie Burh.

TAMME, Ella N., dob 3-29-1917, mother Geneva Newsom.

TAMME, Jerome, dob 2-25-1917, mother Pattie Larkin.

TAMME, Mary F., dob 8-1-1914, mother Margaret Larkin.

TAMME, Mary R., dob 1-4-1918, mother Anna Burke.

TAMME,WIlliam J., dob 8-19-1915, mother Geneva Newsom. *


TANKINGTON, Jas M., dob 1-18-1912, mother Sarah McGraw.

TANME, Mary L., dob 5-21-1913, mother Annie Burk.

TANNE, Margaret N., dob 10-15-1919, mother Geneva Newsom.

TANNER, William J., dob 8-19-1915, mother Geneva Newsom.*


TARKINGTON, Leola M., dob 9-30-1920, mother Ethel Cone.

TARKINGTON, Robert K., dob 12-5-1918, mother Edith Livett.


TARRANCE, Cecil R., dob 10-16-1912, mother Rachel Rowe.


TATE, Charles D., dob 5-2-1920, mother Nora Quinn.

TATE, Della D., dob 3-11-1912, mother Lena Lister.

TATE, Della I., dob 11-18-1918, mother Lottie Webb.

TATE, Estill, dob 4-10-1918, mother Mamie Webb.

TATE, James C., dob 4-18-1918, mother Nora Quinn.

TATE, James T., dob 3-14-1915, mother Sena Sister.

TATE, James W., dob 6-30-1918, mother Ernie Webb.

TATE, John C., dob 5-11-1916, mother Lottie Webb.

TATE, Lula B., dob 8-14-1913, mother Lena Lister.

TATE, Nellie M., dob 7-22-1917, mother Blanchie Worthington.

TATE, Ruby E., dob 12-16-1916, mother Lena Tate.

TATE, Shelby R., dob 10-27-1920, mother Bessie Webb.

TATE, Sottie B., dob 10-22-1915, mother Nora Quinn.


TAYENT, Iovine 2, dob 7-31-1920, mother Jennie Davson.

TAYLOR, Arnold G., dob 10-17-1913, mother Otha Bugg.

TAYLOR, Bessie M., dob 3-10-1911, mother Virginia Smith.

TAYLOR, Clarence, dob 7-18-1916, mother Sarah Sutherland.

TAYLOR, Effie M., dob 11-20-1913, mother Hattie Jones.

TAYLOR, Ernest M., dob 1-28-1911, mother Opha Bugg.

TAYLOR, Evelyn, dob 10-29-1914, mother Sarah Southerland.

TAYLOR, Flossie, dob 2-15-1913, mother Sarah Southerland.

TAYLOR, Henley, dob 11-30-1915, mother Lillian Daugherty.

TAYLOR, Homer, dob 12-17-1913, mother Lillian Daugherty.

TAYLOR, Huston 1, dob 4-2-1916, mother Florence Patterson.

TAYLOR, Jackson A., dob 8-14-1917, mother Florence Patterson.

TAYLOR, James E., dob 6-22-1919, mother Christine Jenkins.

TAYLOR, James L., dob 4-26-1914, mother Mamie Overstreet.

TAYLOR, James L., dob 6-22-1913, mother Jessie Baker.

TAYLOR, James R., dob 9-16-1914, mother Mary Bugg.

TAYLOR, Jesse J., dob 6-21-1919, mother Eliza Bradley.

TAYLOR, John A., dob 7-11-1914, mother Kate Stone.

TAYLOR, Johnnie W., dob 11-24-1913, mother Mattie Estera.

TAYLOR, Katherine, dob 7-20-1912, mother Lillian Daugherty.

TAYLOR, Ruth E., dob 4-22-1920, mother Lula Melton.

TAYLOR, Stella, dob 8-28-1916, mother Daisy Simpson.

TAYLOR, Thomas, dob 2-3-1915, mother Mattie Estes.

TAYLOR, VIrginia L., dob 12-29-1919, mother Ollie Looney.

TAYLOR, Warren F., dob 11-30-1919, mother Mattie Cowan.

TAYLOR, Willie L., dob 9-17-1917, mother Christine Wallace.


TELANA, Elizabeth J., dob 3-12-1920, mother Elizabeth Jackson.


TERHANNE, Ruth M., dob 8-18-1913, mother Matilda Pittman.

TERHUNE, Hazel, dob 7-2-1915, mother Matilda Pittman.

TERRY, Helen G., dob 4-26-1918, mother Afrea Newport.

TERRY, Judith, dob 2-12-1918, mother Arzonia Parker.

TERRY, Melva I., dob 8-4-1920, mother Area Newport.


TETER, Mary E., dob 6-6-1918, mother Emma Stevens.


THARP, Georgia M., dob 5-12-1911, mother Susie Pipes.

THARP, James A., dob 9-23-1915, mother Lylie Sutherland.

THARP, Mamie F., dob 7-22-1917, mother Susie Pipes.

THARP, Vernia H., dob 6-17-1913, mother Susan Pipes.


THOMAS, James F., dob 3-18-1920, mother Maud Davis.

THOMAS, John 1, dob 5-12-1916, mother Ella Kidd.

THOMAS, Mabel, dob 2-13-1913, mother Etolley Nolan.

THOMAS, Martin, dob 1-19-1914, mother Rebecca Sexton.

THOMAS, Mollie Dan, dob 4-11-1865, father Martin Daniel Thomas.

THOMAS, Odie M., dob 11-22-1913, mother Bertie Henson.

THOMAS, Walter H., dob 1-3-1914, mother Eddie Turner.

THOMPKINS, Robert 2, dob 3-5-1917, mother Laura Adams.

THOMPSON, Edward H., dob 8-30-1912, mother Allie Johnson.

THOMPSON, Elizabeth C., dob 10-8-1920, mother Marguerite Anderson.

THOMPSON, John A., dob 5-6-1919, mother Cora Jones.

THOMPSON, Nora E., dob 11-16-1913, mother Etta Price.

THOMPSON, Norma J., dob 4-29-1920, mother Bessie Parks.

THORP, Jos 1, dob 5-8-1912, mother Lillie Southerland.


THURMAN, Amelia H., dob 6-3-1915, mother Mary Fox.

THURMAN, Anna B., dob 1-11-1913, mother Mary Fox.

THURMAN, William H., dob 4-9-1919, mother Amelia Robards.


TIMBERLAKE, Laura S., dob 12-28-1916, mother Joe Ely.


TODD, Charles W., dob 11-3-1912, mother Cora Simmons.

TODD, Jno, dob 3-16-1912, mother Mary Washington.


TOMPKINS, Jorden T., dob 6-15-1918, mother Laura Adams.


TOOMBS, Ella B., dob 1-18-1911, mother Ellen Brewer.

TOOMBS, Geo 1, dob 11-12-1911, mother Ellen Brewer.

TOOMBS, George M., dob 7-23-1915, mother Ella Brewer.

TOOMBS, Hazel V., dob 6-16-1913, mother Ida Hofler.

TOOMBS, Joseph D., dob 7-17-1913, mother Ida Hofler.

TOOMBS, Leola, dob 11-16-1918, mother Ida Hafley.

TOOMBS, Rachel V.. dob 6-16-1913, mother Ell Brewer.


TOWNSEND, Evelyn E., dob 5-27-1912, mother Elizabeth Nundley.


TRAYNER, Francis L., dob 9-15-1914, mother Sophiona Minor.

TRAYNER, Luther E., dob 5-20-1919, mother Safrona Miners.

TRAYNER, Mildred R., dob 9-8-1912, mother Mary Murphy.

TRAYNOR, Willard D., dob 10-26-1916, mother Saphronia Minor.


TREADWAY, Joseph B., dob 12-12-1915, mother Givens Harmon.

TREADWAY, Lucile H., dob 5-27-1917, mother Givens Harmon.


TRIMBLE, WIlliam J., dob 11-26-1912, mother Mattie Hooper.

TRISLER, Ruth, dob 12-29-1913, mother Myrtle McCrosky.


TROWER, Christine, dob 7-27-1913, mother Pearl Cunningham.

TROWER, Frances T., dob 5-17-1914, mother Mabel Tucker.

TROYNES, Artie, dob 6-1-1911, mother Nary Vaughn.


TRUMBO, Elizabeth Irvin, dob 10-14-1920, mother Mary Cowan.

TRUMBO, Robert L., dob 6-14-1918, mother Mary Cowan.

TRUMBO, Roberta E., dob 7-17-1920, mother Leona Doram.

TRUSTY, James, dob 5-18-1912, mother Ina Gooch.


TUCKER, George A., dob 2-13-1913, mother Malinda Shadoan.

TUCKER, Joesh L., dob 11-3-1912, mother Ethel Cloland.

TUCKER, Katherine L., dob 10-19-1915, mother Alice Darham.

TUCKER, Leo B., dob 4-14-1914, mother Elizabeth Shadow.

TUCKER, Maylou E., dob 11-4-1912, mother Oneida Dravo.

TUCKER, Mildred W., dob 8-30-1920, mother Sherwood Coffey.

TUCKER, Rebecca M., dob 12-16-1917, mother Linda Shadowan.

TUCKER, Roscoe, dob 4-7-1913, mother Mayme Andrews.

TUCKER, Sarah L., dob 11-18-1915, mother Ethel Cleland.

TUCKER, Viola C., dob 6-6-1915, mother Elizabeth Shadow.


TUDOR, Grace M., dob 5-14-1919, mother Margarett Campbell.

TUDOR, Helen M., dob 10-20-1920, mother Ada Calico.


TUGGLE, William S., dob 11-21-1919, mother Nina Bryant.


TULLY, Elmer R., dob 4-14-1916, mother Vera Bonta.


TURNER, Alice, dob 10-5-1920, mother Hattie Preston.

TURNER, Anna L., dob 9-29-1917, mother Margaret Scandan.

TURNER, Annie, dob 1-22-1918, mother Nora Kinley.

TURNER, Annie L., dob 7-7-1918, mother Cora Burns.

TURNER, Beulah J., dob 11-27-1917, mother Bertha Carter.

TURNER, Cordelia, dob 12-2-1914, mother Lula Cook.

TURNER, Everett L., dob 10-28-1914, mother Bertha Carter.

TURNER, Harper S., dob 3-27-1913, mother Bertha Carter.

TURNER, Joe 2, dob 12-1-1919, mother Hattie Preston.

TURNER, John D., dob 7-30-1920, mother Martha Middleton.

TURNER, Joseph G., dob 10-27-1920, mother Hazel Bruner.

TURNER, Lucille V., dob 3-21-1915, mother Pearl Carter.**

TURNER, Lucille V., dob 3-21-1915, mother Pearl Carter.**

TURNER, Margaret H., dob 12-13-1919, mother Bertha Carter.

TURNER, Martha E., dob 3-3-1916, mother Bertha Carter.

TURNER, Mary E., dob 6-29-1917, mother Alversa Williams.

TURNER, Willie F., dob 7-8-1915, mother Nora Wallace.


TURPIN, Edward B., dob 5-22-1920, mother Emma Stevens.

TURPIN, Oscar L., dob 8-6-1914, mother Ella Coomer.

* These two records appear to be for the same person. One appears to be a correction to the original, incorrect record.

** These two records appear to be identical, but there were 2 birth certificates listed.

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