Boyle County Births -"W"

This information has been compiled from a variety of sources, and I hope it will be of benefit to you in your research. If you know of additional information (or corrections) to these records, or additional records that you would like to see included, please drop me a note Brenda HumeEmail Registry

SALTSMAN, Margaret I, dob 2-27-1912, mother Louie Sargent.


SAMONES, Louise, dob 2-2-1916, mother Pearl Yeast.


SANDERS, Alice H., dob 11-28-1911, mother Mary Robinson.

SANDERS, Ed 2, dob 8-15-1913, mother Lillie Grave.

SANDERS, Rena M., dob 3-28-1914, mother Mary Robinson.

SANDIDGE, Bobie C., dob 8-2-1920, mother Ida Pittman.

SANDIDGE, Charles M., dob 6-1-1920, mother Ida Pittman.

SANDIDGE, Evelyn F., dob 9-23-1918, mother May North.

SANDIDGE, Howard T., dob 9-5-1914, mother Marguerite Sandidge.

SANDIFER, Evelyn F., dob 11-21-1919, mother Winnie Butt.

SANDIFER, Lillian, dob 9-28-1912, mother Minnie McGinnis.

SANDLEDGE, Elizabeth I., dob 9-24-1915, mother Margaret Tarkington.

SANGFORD, ALfia O., dob 1-13-1915, mother Ella Taylor.

SANKFORD, Vivion M., dob 9-19-1919, mother Fay Elliott.

SANPP, Frances D., dob 6-16-1911, mother Rosa Roller.


SARGENT, Lorena, dob 8-9-1918, mother Jennie Johnson.


SATTERFIELD, Cecil C., dob 7-7-1917, mother Daisy Harrod.

SATTERFIELD, Edith L., dob 8-28-1919, mother Daisy Harrod.

SATTERLEY, Stanley E., dob 10-9-1918, mother Susie Lake.


SAUNDERS, Frances B., dob 2-9-1917, mohter Lilly Graves.

SAUNDERS, George E., dob 2-22-1915, mother Lillie Graves.


SAVAGE, Naomi B., dob 5-9-1915, mother Helen Brown.


SCHAFER, Frank 2, dob 3-29-1912, mother Stella Manini.

SCHOOLING, Ryan, dob 9-3-1911, mother Mary Emoss.


SCOTT, Charles E., dob 10-12-1914, mother Anna Crabtree.

SCOTT, Dorothy B., dob 4-19-1918, mother Jesse Ballance.

SCOTT, Emma M., dob 11-7-1918, mother Hallie Wilson.

SCOTT, Leslie M., dob 6-4-1914, mother Jessie Ballance.

SCOTT, Raymond, dob 1-17-1917, mother Katherine Crabtree.

SCOTT, Raymond H., dob 10-12-1914, mother Annie Kirfey.


SCROGHAM, Edward L., dob 7-23-1917, mother Bessie Cox.


SEAN, William A., dob 10-23-1916, mother Nora Raybinam.

SEARCY, Edward L., dob 1-5-1919, mother Ethyl Shanon.

SEARCY, Malina G., dob 8-20-1920, mother Ethel Shannon.

SEARIGHT, Gelphir H., dob 5-12-1913, mother Laura Searight.

SEARIGHT, Mary E., dob 5-13-1912, mother Lara Southland.

SEARIGHT, Richard 1, dob 9-15-1919, mother Laura Southern.

SEARIGHT, Ruffus L., dob 8-10-1915, mother Laura Southern.

SEARIGHT, Samuel, dob 1-6-1911, mother Christine Jackson.

SEARS, Georgie, dob 5-9-1915, mother Bertha Cargile.

SEARS, Henry 2, dob 4-30-1917, mother Berthia Corgile.

SEARS, James C., dob 8-20-1918, mother Bertha Cargile.

SEARS, Mahalie E., dob 12-11-1920, mother Macie Dye.

SEAWRIGHT, William T., dob 11-4-1917, mother Laura Southern.


SEE, Edward E., dob 6-29-1917, mother Mary Rearden.

SEE, Elizabeth, dob 5-13-1915, mother Mary Reardin.

SEEWRIGHT, James E., dob 10-23-1916, mother Rosa Wright.


SELBY, Charley 2, dob 4-17-1918, mother Maude Sears.

SELBY, Edith, dob 1-7-1916, mother Addie McCullough.

SELBY, Edward D., dob 5-8-1916, mother Mary Acres.

SELBY, Elbert, dob 2-11-1920, mother Berna Benson.

SELBY, James O., dob 2-8-1919, mother Addie McCutlah.

SELBY, Jim 2, dob 2-14-1915, mother Addie McCollough.

SELBY, Lavenia, dob 9-5-1918, mother Vernia Vinson.

SELBY, Lee 1, dob 8-3-1917, mother Verna Benson.

SELBY, Mack D., dob 10-8-1920, mother Sedelia Gatliff.

SELBY, Mattie P., dob 3-17-1911, mother Addie McCollum.

SELBY, McClinton 1, dob 11-15-1911, mother Minnie Gibson.

SELBY, Ruth, dob 1-25-1913, mother Addie McCulloh.

SELBY, Viola M., dob 9-8-1920, mother Mary Apers.

SELBY, William 2, dob 6-3-1915, mother Mary Akers.

SELCH, Edna L., dob 10-31-1915, mother Mary Tuisley.

SELTSAM, Albert I.,, dob 12-29-1915, mother Eva Moore.

SELTSAM, Henry L., dob 9-14-1917, mother Eva Moore.


SEMONIS, Catherine, dob 10-21-1918, mother Pearl Jase.

SEMONIS, Emma W., dob 3-24-1914, mother Emmerline Matherly.


SERIGHT, John 1, dob 3-11-1915, mother Sallie Falconer.


SETTERS, George M., dob 11-5-1919, mother Anna Owens.


SEVIER, Walter G., dob 3-6-1915, mother Jenkie Bonta.


SEWELL, Bessie F., dob 3-15-1915, mother Bettie Shackelford.

SEWRIGHT, Daniel, dob 2-8-1914, mother Malissi Hudson.

SEWRIGHT, James, dob 2-8-1914, mother Malissi Hudson.

SEWRIGHT, Mary, dob 12-18-1913, mother Pearl Falconer.

SEWRIGHT, Maud S., dob 3-16-1916, mother Callie Falkner.


SHACKELFORD, Helen V., dob 1-29-1913, mother Katherine WIlham.

SHACKLEFORD, Mary M., dob 3-17-1911, mother Sallie Weldon.

SHACKELFORD, Woodrow, dob 12-14-1914, mother Kitty Wilham.

SHANNON, Helen L., dob 3-2-1920, mother Lucile Shannon.

SHANNON, Howard, dob 3-9-1913, mother Mary Chambers.

SHANNON, Lizzie, dob 7-6-1915, mother Mary Chambers.

SHANNON, Margaret E., dob 4-12-1917, mother Martha Shannon.

SHANNON, Margaret M., dob 3-1-1920, mother Fannie Brown.

SHANON, Amelia H., dob 1-21-1918, mother Jennie Chambers.

SHANON, Viena M., dob 8-3-1914, mother Gertie Chambers.

SHARP, Howard M., dob 2-21-1916, mother Elizabeth Harmon.

SHARP, Kethleen, dob 2-11-1914, mother Nancy Staley.

SHARP, Mildred E., dob 8-13-1918, mother Myrtle Cox.

SHARPE, Lavenia K., dob 8-14-1913, mother Lou Meadors.


SHEAR, Will 1, dob 3-10-1912, mother Lucy Issacs.

SHEARER, Cecil, dob 8-26-1919, mother Mollie Philipps.

SHEARER, Cecil V., dob 8-19-1912, mother Ethel Harp.

SHEARER, Edith M., dob 5-8-1915, mother Sabia Harp.

SHEARER, George 2, dob 8-6-1914, mother Ethel Harp.

SHEARER, Glen R., dob 7-17-1919, mother Mary Vaught.

SHEARER, Gracie, dob 12-19-1919, mother Ethel Harp.

SHEARER, James L., dob 3-3-1918, mother Ethel Harp.

SHEARER, James W., dob 9-21-1919, mother Jessie Harp.

SHEARER, Lessie, dob 9-9-1918, mother Mamie Davis.

SHEARER, Lillie M., dob 3-10-1915, mother Marie Harp.

SHEARER, Loyd L., dob 7-28-1913, mother Ethel Harp.

SHEARER, Lucile, dob 1-8-1916, mother Ethel Harp.

SHEARER, Oscar, dob 9-27-1917, mother Jessie Harp.

SHEARER, Sinthia A., dob 5-5-1917, mother Sabia Harp.

SHEARS, Catherine, dob 2-26-1920, mother Lena Cowon.

SHEARS, Edna M., dob 6-11-1918, mother Lesia Cowan.


SHEEHAN, Allene A., dob 5-7-1920, mother Margaret Price.

SHEENE, Carrie C., dob 12-4-1914, mother Annie Gooch.

SHEENE, Edward N., dob 8-15-1916, mother Mattie Wilkenson.

SHEENE, Mary W., dob 9-23-1920, mother Mattie Wilkerson.

SHEENE, Robert D., dob 2-28-1917, mother Anna Gooch.

SHEENE, Roberta, dob 8-12-1918, mother Mattie Wilkenson.

SHEENE, Thomas M., dob 3-28-1912, mother Mattie Wilkinson.

SHEENE, William R., dob 2-24-1914, mother Mattie Wilkinson.

SHEENE, Woodford L., dob 12-8-1912, mother Anna Gooch.

SHELBY, Harriett M., dob 6-14-1912, mother Mary Richardson.

SHELBY, Pauline, dob 10-20-1919, mother Cinda Faulkner.

SHELTON, Alfred R., dob 12-12-1912, mother Margaret Lloyd.

SHEORER, Essie, dob 9-8-1913, mother Sabra Hart.

SHEPARDSON, Virgia E., dob 4-13-1913, mother Ellen Sutherland.

SHEPENSON, Gracie L., dob 9-17-1917, mother Nanni Sutherland.

SHEPERD, Robetie L., dob 3-2-1913, mother Lizze Hooper.**

SHEPERSON, Clarence E., dob 12-19-1918, mother Minnie Sutherland.

SHEPERSON, Sadie J., dob 12-9-1912, mother Addie Owens.

SHEPHARD, Carl, dob 11-29-1914, mother Lizzie Hooper.

SHEPHERD, Robetie L., dob 3-2-1913, mother Lizze Hooper.**

SHEPHERD, Samantha E., dob 6-17-1919, mother Elizabeth Hooper.

SHEPPERSON, Carlus L., dob 4-16-1916, mother Lucy Southerland.

SHEPPERSON, Gilliam A., dob 4-12-1914, mother Lucy Southerland.

SHEPPERSON, Mary E., dob 7-13-1912, mother Minnie Wilson.

SHEPPERSON, Virgie E., dob 4-13-1913, mother Ella SHepperson.

SHERRER, Fred R., dob 9-3-1915, mother Mary Sherrer.


SHIELDS, Jake, dob 4-12-1916, mother Gengia Hill.

SHIELDS, Katherine G., dob 5-13-1914, mother Georgie Hill.

SHIELDS, Leon F., dob 11-22-1911, mother Georgia Hill.

SHIELDS, Robert, dob 3-5-1911, mother Geogie Hill.

SHIVEL, William D., dob 8-6-1920, mother Dovie Johnson.


SHOUSE, Albert F., dob 6-22-1912, mother Edith Fiero.

SHOUSE, Berry C., dob 8-13-1918, mother Eva Wilburn.

SHOUSE, Delbert, dob 8-4-1916, mother Bettie Kays.

SHOUSE, Larra, dob 5-10-1918, mother Bettie Kays.

SHOUSE, Len B., dob 1-28-1916, mother Eva Milburn.

SHOUSE, Mabel, dob 8-15-1916, mother Nannie Stratten.


SILBY, Ethel, dob 1-7-1916, mother Addie McCullough.

SILCOX, Dorothy L., dob 9-16-1915, mother Martha Warren.

SILCOX, Elizabeth, dob 9-20-1919, mother Martha Wearren.

SILCOX, John H., dob 12-30-1912, mother Martha Weavers.

SILCOX, William C., dob 6-30-1911, mother Martha Warrins.


SIMMONS, O.L., dob 8-1-1919, mother Mannie Taylor.

SIMPSON, Alberta, dob 3-24-1915, mother Mary Lee.

SIMPSON, Clara M., dob 10-20-1915, mother Pearl Phillips.

SIMPSON, Cornelia V., dob 10-5-1912, mother Mary Frye.

SIMPSON, Daisy M., dob 3-16-1918, mother Mary Frye.

SIMPSON, Daisy R., dob 3-15-1914, mother Pearl Phillips.

SIMPSON, Dora J., dob 11-5-1911, mother Berryio Lee.

SIMPSON, Haddie C., dob 3-12-1914, mother Mary Frye.

SIMPSON, Henry 1, dob 4-7-1915, mother Evangie Lee.

SIMPSON, Henry P., dob 7-8-1912, mother Perla Phillips.

SIMPSON, J.W., dob 12-29-1920, mother Mary Lee.

SIMPSON, L. J., dob 6-13-1916, mother Mary Frye.

SIMPSON, Lee R., dob 11-7-1915, mother Lousia Chiterson.

SIMPSON, Lillian P., dob 9-1-1917, mother Louis Chiterson.

SIMPSON, Lowerenia, dob 11-23-1918, mother Mary Lee.

SIMPSON, M.T., dob 4-6-1917, mother Mary Lee.

SIMPSON, Stella Mae, dob 1-4-1904.

SIMPSON, Suanna B., dob 2-9-1913, mother Kattie Srimbo.

SIMS, John C., dob 10-21-1914, mother Anna Case.


SINGLETON, Ansel, dob 5-21-1919, mother Sallie Farmer.

SINGLETON, Clyde, dob 4-12-1920, mother Eliza Neikirk.

SINGLETON, Farrar D., dob 2-8-1917, mother Sallie Farmer.

SINGLETON, Marie F., dob 11-20-1917, mother Myrtle White.

SINGLETON, Pearlie M., dob 6-21-1920, mother Mattie Williams.

SINGLETON, William E., dob 3-31-1916, mother Myrtle White.

SINKHORN, Hazel W., dob 7-25-1915, mother Mollie Gresham.

SINKHORN, Ruby M., dob 3-9-1913, mother Susie Brooks.


SKIDMORE, Samuel 1, dob 4-9-1916, mother Ida Goode.

SKIMERBORN, Clarence S., dob 3-23-1919, mother Maggie Baker.

SKIMERHORN, Stanley S., dob 8-21-1914, mother Maggie Baker.

SKINNER, Ben S., dob 3-3-1914, mother Gertrude Smith.


SLAKES, Cora F., dob 3-12-1916, mother Letisha Burnham.


SLEET, Amelia E., dob 2-10-1917, mother Cora Golden.

SLEET, Moneta C., dob 2-16-1920, mother Bessie Gray.


SMALLEY, Lenora, dob 7-23-1912, mother Laura Jack.

SMALLWOOD, Juanita, dob 9-2-1920, mother Mary Smallwood.


SMITH, Bennie M., dob 3-3-1917, mother Bettie Housome.

SMITH, Bertha F., dob 6-18-1918, mother Mary Webb.

SMITH, Bertie C., dob 8-27-1918, mother Lizzie Johnson.

SMITH, Bessie L, dob 10-6-1917, mother Eliza Parks.

SMITH, Bill, dob 4-25-1920, mother Lee Cain.

SMITH, Cloera, dob 12-15-1917, mother Lucy Caldwell.

SMITH, Francis L., dob 2-18-1914, mother Mary Mock.

SMITH, Homer B., dob 12-19-1916, mother Bulah Barrett.

SMITH, J.B., dob 3-25-1920, mother Lucy Caldwell.

SMITH, James H., dob 7-5-1916, mother Della Frye.

SMITH, John W., dob 4-27-1913, mother Lizzie Griffin.

SMITH, Katherine L., dob 7-9-1919, mother Anna French.

SMITH, Leslie C., dob 8-2-1918, mother Lillie Adams.

SMITH, Lillie, dob 10-1-1915, mother Alma Kendall.

SMITH, Louise, dob 3-1-1913, mother Anna French.

SMITH, Marvin G., dob 11-10-1920, mother Janis Adams.

SMITH, Mattie M., dob 7-27-1915, mother Mary Melvina Webb.

SMITH, Melia J., dob 10-26-1915, mother Beula Garritt.

SMITH, Melwood, dob 7-25-1916, mother Meck Gibson.

SMITH, Newland F. Jr., dob 10-8-1911, mother Helen Sisson.

SMITH, Ralph, dob 1-10-1911, mother Nora Copenhaven.

SMITH, Robert E., dob 1-18-1919, mother Bessie White.

SMITH, Truman, dob 3-10-1917, mother Alma Kendall.

SMITH, Virgil L., dob 5-27-1917, mother James Adams.

SMITH, Virginia G., dob 11-2-1916, mother Ida Davis.

SMITH, Walter C., dob 4-2-1917, mother Nannie Lancaster.

SMITH, William E., dob 3-31-1916, mother Anna French.

SMITHERS, Cecil, dob 6-29-1915, mother Lola Thompson.

SMITHSON, Mable L., dob 9-6-1912, mother Mollie Graham.


SMOCK, Burlie, dob 5-3-1912, mother Mary Watson.

SMOCK, Mary O., dob 8-4-1920, mother Retta Coy.


SNAFF, Helen, dob 7-1-1917, mother Rosa Rollen.

SNAPP, Edith, dob 7-11-1920, mother Rose Roller.

SNAPP, Garness D., dob 6-16-1911, mother Rose Roller.


SNOW, Elizabeth S., dob 5-18-1919, mother Maggie Broyles.

SNOW, Thompson B., dob 4-17-1916, mother Maggie Broyles.

SNOWDEN, Alice M., dob 9-21-1917, mother Bertie Fleming.

SNOWDEN, Roscoe, dob 12-21-1918, mother Bertie Fleming.

SNOWDEN, Ruth, dob 6-10-1920, mother Bertie Flemington.


SNYDER, Josephine, dob 1-27-1916, mother Maggie Heaps.

SNYDER, Tommye M., dob 2-13-1918, mother Margaret Maps.


SOUTHERLAND, Delbert, dob 11-1-1917, mother Kate Curtsinger.

SOUTHERLAND, Joseph C., dob 9-15-1919, mother Kate Curtsinger.

SOUTHERLAND, Raymond, dob 5-28-1916, mother Sarah Curtsinger.

SOUTHWARD, Howard D., dob 8-8-1920, mother Mary Geaky.

SOUTHWOOD, Brent C., dob 3-26-1914, mother Ora Helham.

SOUTHWOOD, June, dob 10-3-1917, mother Mary Yeakey.

SOUTHWOOD, Leslie C., dob 2-2-1920, mother Chestena Swearinger.

SOUTHWOOD, Thomas, dob 2-7-1917, mother Ora Williams.


SOWNY, James E., dob 11-9-1918, mother Sou Lambert.

SOWRY, Willard B., dob 1-4-1917, mother Vica Royalty.


SPARROW, William D., dob 5-20-1915, mother Gertrude Bowser.


SPEARS, John Y., dob 5-7-1913, mother Edna Burton.

SPEARS, Mathews L., dob 9-17-1917, mother Annie Floyd.

SPEARS, Roy C., dob 6-10-1917, mother Sallie Hooper.


SPILBURN, Sentha, dob 2-19-1914, mother Sarah Jenkins.

SPILLMAN, Laniear, dob 2-20-1917, mother Gertrude Floyd.

SPIRES, Harold E., dob 4-16-1916, mother Nannie Davidson.

SPIRES, Hobert, dob 8-26-1920, mother Evelyn Phillips.

SPIRES, Homer, dob 8-26-1920, mother Evelyn Phillips.


SPOONAMON, Logan C., dob 5-5-1914, mother Mabel Rankin.

SPOONAMORE, Lloyd C., dob 11-20-1919, mother Katherine Coffey.

SPOONAMORE, Lois E., dob 2-14-1920, motehr Maude Curtsuiger.

SPOONAMORE, William L., dob 4-1-1918, mother Maude Curtsinger.

SPOONIMORE, Everett W., dob 11-19-1920, mother Ophelia Wayne.

SPOONMAN, Martha E., dob 11-13-1917, mother Ollie Roberts.


STAPLETON, Clacy O., dob 12-20-1919, mother Mary Wheatley.

STATOM, Frances M., dob 7-26-1912, mother Zilpah Martin.**

STATON, Frances M., dob 7-26-1912, mother Zilpah Martin.**


STEELE, Beatrice, dob 7-25-1920, mother Cordie Divine.

STEELE, Elizabeth A., dob 4-27-1918, mother Nellie Steele.

STEELE, John E., dob 1-26-1911, mother Ada Bailey.

STEELE, Lloyd M., dob 2-14-1915, mother Sarah Dreury.

STEIGNBURGER, Lillian M., dob 2-24-1912, mother Ellen Deane.

STEIMBERGER, William, dob 7-1-1919, mother Laura Mirriman.

STEINBERGER, John S., dob 9-3-1913, mother Ellen Dean.

STEINBERGER, Virginia L., dob 2-18-1912, mother Laura Mertiman.

STEINHOUER, Forest, dob 8-13-1916, mother Viola Cox.

STEPHENS, Balford, dob 12-21-1920, mother Martha Herring.

STEPHENS, Edna, dob 7-27-1918, mother Martha Herring.

STEPHENS, Edna M., dob 6-15-1915, mother Eliza Stanley.

STEVENS, Arry 1, dob 12-21-1918, mother Mattie McAnnich.

STEVENS, Charles E., dob 11-30-1919, mother Agnus Leslie.

STEVENS, John A., dob 3-18-1917, mother Agnes Seslie.

STEVENS, Thomas E., dob 4-26-1913, mtoher Agnes Serlie.

STEWARD, Francis, dob 5-20-1917, mother Bessie Steward.

STEWARD, Jesse D., dob 6-13-1914, mother Emma Shelby.

STEWART, Charles T., dob 1-4-1912, mother Ada Owens.

STEWART, Jack M., dob 4-15-1920, mother Laura Scott.

STEWART, Jesse D., dob 6-8-1915, mother Emma Shelby.

STEWART, John M., dob 2-24-1918, mother Ada Owens.

STEWART, Sarah Ellen, dob 2-28-1822, parents George and Philadelphia Pierce Stewart.

STEWART, William O., dob 6-25-1913, mother Flora Martin.

STEWART, William Tompkins, dob 10-16-1829, parents William and Dorcas Stewart.


STIENBERGER, Lillian M., dob 2-24-1912, mother Ella Dean.*

STIGALL, Clyde L., dob 4-25-1914, mother Bessie Broyles.

STIGALL, Grover, dob 6-15-1916, mother Bessie Broyles.

STIGALL, Mary R., dob 5-5-1918, mother Daisy McGinnis.

STILL, William B., dob 11-1-1916, mother Grace Bundy.

STITH, Frances J., dob 1-8-1915, mother Stella Brown.

STITH, Jack b., dob 8-11-1917, mother Stella Brown.


STOCKTON, Edward, dob 11-16-1916, mother Sillie Yast.

STOCKTON, Gerturde, dob 4-5-1919, mother Lily Yast.

STOCKTON, Irene, dob 11-28-1912, mother Sude Stockton.

STOCKTON, Ruth, dob 1-5-1915, mother Ida Yast.

STODGHILL, Joseph L., dob 2-14-1918, mother Ella Vance.

STOKES, Lorinne, dob 3-28-1918, mother Bertha Caldwell.

STOKES, Edward L., dob 2-27-1919, mother Elizabeth Sandifer.

STONE, Henry G., dob 4-2-1920, mother Elizabeth Standifer.

STONE, Margaret H., dob 2-6-1912, mother Cora Jones.

STONE, Stanley B., dob 11-23-1913, mother Elizebeth Sandifer.

STOUT, Edith H., dob 2-19-1916, mother Lila Hughes.


STRATTON, Mildred Jane, dob 7-16-1920, mother Minnie Critchfield.

STRAUD, Ellen C., dob 11-10-1918, mother Lizzie Helm.

STRAUDL, Elma T., dob 4-6-1918, mother Mary Shahan.

STREIFF, Rosa F., dob 4-19-1917, mother Mary Saltsman.

STREVEL, Clincton F., dob 6-27-1912, mother Mary Shannon.

STREVEL, Nellie L., dob 7-13-1912, mother Nannie Johnson, father Cal Strevils.

STREVELS, Edgar M., dob 6-24-1915, mother Mary Shewman.

STREVELS, Edgar R., dob 6-10-1916, mother Daisy Johnson.

STREVELS, Thomas R., dob 7-4-1920, mother Emma Clark.

STREVIELS, Kate G., dob 1-7-1915, mother Nannie Johnson, father Cal Strevils.

STREVIELS, Patacher, dob 1-7-1915, mother Nannie Johnson, father Cal Strevils.

STREVILS, Cal, dob 5-10-1882, place of birth Parksville, Boyle County, mother Nancy Gilpin, father John Strevils.


STRINGER, Jessie, dob 5-16-1917, mother Annie Rector.

STRIVEES, Smith, dob 9-2-1919, mother Desia Kays.

STRIVEL, Elsie, dob 7-19-1918, mother Mannie Johnson.

STRIVEL, Thomas R., dob 7-3-1920, mother Emma Clark.

STROUD, Annie, dob 2-1-1917, mother Lizzie Helm.

STROUD, Hattis S., dob 2-1-1917, mother Sizzie Helm.

STROUD, Mack D., dob 11-10-1918, mother Lizzie Helm.

STRUNK, Hiratus G., dob 11-4-1911, mother Hattie Burns.

STRUNK, Malvena E., dob 1-4-1911, mother Myrtle Cooper.

STRWEL, Walter N., dob 3-17-1920, mother Nannie Johnson.


STYALL, James W., dob 10-1-1917, mother Matilda Hanberson.


SULLIVAN, Catherine C., dob 10-1-1917, mother Katherine Sulivan.

SULLIVAN, Helen J., dob 9-22-1913, mother Katherine Maloney.

SULLIVAN, James E., dob 5-6-1913, mother Fannie English.

SULLIVAN, John B., dob 9-11-1917, mother Fannie English.

SULLIVAN, Katherine C., dob 10-1-1917, mother Katherine Daloney.

SULLIVAN, Margaret F., dob 9-3-1915, mother Katherine Maloney.

SULLIVAN, Mary M., dob 2-29-1916, mother Fannie English.

SULLIVAN, Richard J., dob 7-12-1918, mother Florence Morrisey.


SUMMERS, Alleshia, dob 5-20-1913, mother Ada Beorheston.


SUTHERLAND, Edith M., dob 8-31-1919, mother Ethel Shepperson.

SUTHERLAND, Lorraine, dob 4-23-1919, mother Georgie Wilson.

SUTHERLAND, Orphie 1, dob 3-10-1920, mother Orphie Sutherland.

SUTHERLAND, Pearl, dob 1-4-1915, mother Catherine Cutsinger.

SUTHERLAND, Raymond, dob 5-28-1916, mother Sarah Cartsinger.

SUTHERLAND, Robt. E., dob 9-27-1917, mother Ethel Shepenson.

SUTTON, Fannie M., dob 8-3-1912, mother Eliza Walker.

SUTTON, Maud, dob 4-29-1914, mother Jennie Alexander.


SWANEY, James R., dob 2-24-1915, mother Leona Custard.

SWANN, James E., dob 10-31-1916, mother Namie Denton.


SWEENEY, Ernest W., dob 3-31-1913, mother Leona Custard.

SWEENEY, Moss T., dob 1-16-1911, Bettie Gray.

SWEENEY, Ruth, dob 7-18-1916, mother Lizzie Gallaway.


SWOPE, Nellie, dob 10-4-1914, mother Lucy Graves.

SWOPE, Robert W., dob 4-17-1919, mother Myrtle Hill.

*, These appear to be the same individual, but there were two birth certificates issued, apparently due to the differences in spelling of the names.

**, These are the same listing, but the last name was spelled differently in the two indexes that I'm transcribing from.

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