Boyle County Births -"W"

This information has been compiled from a variety of sources, and I hope it will be of benefit to you in your research. If you know of additional information (or corrections) to these records, or additional records that you would like to see included, please drop me a note Brenda HumeEmail Registry

RAILEY, William A., dob 5-24-1913, mother Sophia Whright.

RAINES, Lucien R., dob 4-14-1918, mother Freda Raiser.

RAINS, Martha L., dob 9-3-1911, mother Fannie Clark.

RAINS, Stanley P., dob 8-17-1919, mother Margaret Stone.


RAMIS, William H., dob 4-3-1916, mother Freda Kaiser.


RANDOLPH, Jno S., dob 9-23-1915, mother Anna Cummins.

RANDOLPH, Wilbur L., dob 11-1-1918, mother Elsie Russell.

RANKIN, Carrol L., dob 9-17-1917, mother Ethel Sears.

RANKIN, David P., dob 9-24-1913, mother Jessie Denton.

RANKIN, Mildred Louise, dob 12-18-1919, mother Jessie Denton.

RANKIN, Thomas Lee, dob 11-5-1919, mother Mary Holtzclaw.


RAWLINGS, Frances M., dob 1-2-1919, mother Ada Monts.

RAWLINGS, Garrard, dob 6-14-1914, mother Mattie Smith.


RAY, Annie J., dob 1-4-1917, mother Henrietta Ray.

RAY, Arthur, dob 5-22-1916, mother Eiza Letcher.

RAY, Lawrence, dob 7-7-1919, mother Nancy Barbour.

RAY, Liller, dob 1-22-1913, mother Hattie Caldwell.

RAY, Lue E., dob 12-16-1917, mother Eliza Ray.


READ, Charles R., dob 4-16-1913, mother Martha Rodes.

REARDEN, Emma, dob 1-19-1917, mother Kisie Roach.

REARDEN, Ethel, dob 1-12-1911, mother Mary Wentworth.

REARDEN, Flora, dob 7-6-1918, mother Mattie Roach.

REARDEN, Harry W., dob 11-20-1920, mother Mattie Roach.

REARDEN, James L., dob 5-3-1919, mother Martha Dorsey.

REARDEN, William H., dob 1-31-1919, mother Mary Lamb.

REARDON, Fannie, dob 10-14-1919, mother Mattie Roach.

REARDON, Mary L., dob 12-19-1916, mother Martha Dorsey.

REARDON, Oscar E., dob 10-24-1919, mother Cora Jones.


RECTOR, Elizabeth M., dob 3-1-1918, mother Lena Prewitt.

RECTOR, Evlyn E., dob 9-14-1915, mother Lena Prewett.


REED, Areline, dob 2-22-1911, mother Ada Maupin.

REED, James R., dob 2-17-1914, mother Amanda Dosier.

REED, Melton F., dob 7-13-1918, mother Oba Marvis.

REED, Robert 1, dob 9-23-1917, mother Kate Webster.****

REED, Robt 1, dob 9-23-1917, mother Catherine Webster.****

REED, Robt 2, dob 6-1-1915, mother Kate Webster.

REED, Thomas P., dob 10-10-1920, mother Anna McCauly.

REESE, Nora U., dob 5-7-1919, mother Joanne Smith.

REESE, Reed, dob 9-9-1920, mother Lela Huff.

REESE, Sammie J., dob 7-29-1917, mother Joanne Smith.

REEVES, Jane L., dob 12-4-1913, mother Leslie Smith.

REEVES, Lucille, dob 5-22-1912, mother Milvine Hall.

REEVES, Woodrow W., dob 6-3-1918, mother Leslie Smith.


REID, Ann E., dob 10-3-1917, mother Mary Pardom.

REID, Leslie 1, dob 9-19-1915, mother Mayme Purdam.

REID, Leslie 2, dob 9-16-1913, mother Marion Purdom.

REID, Leslie M., dob 8-7-1914, mother Myrne Purdom.

REILEY, Marion H., dob 7-31-1918, mother Hallie Helm.


RENFRO, George W., dob 2-11-1919, mother Rosia Eddenten.

RENFROW, Flora E., dob 6-20-1918, mother Tempe Irwin.

RENNER, Carl A., dob 12-16-1916, mother Fannie Jumghams.


REVEL, Howard L., dob 4-15-1912, mother Ruth Warfield.


REYNOLDS, Chas. P., dob 3-5-1916, mother Flora Stevens.

REYNOLDS, Earmin L., dob 5-19-1919, mother Malitha Miggs.

REYNOLDS, Estilla, dob 7-2-1911, mother Nannie Keith.

REYNOLDS, Hazel, dob 6-27-1920, mother Nellie Wray.

REYNOLDS, James C., dob 7-27-1917, mother Mary Davis.

REYNOLDS, Joseph E., dob 2-15-1912, mother Flora Stevens.

REYNOLDS, Leslie M., dob 11-4-1918, mother Flora Stevens.

REYNOLDS, Nina F., dob 6-30-1913, mother Laura Carpenter.

REYNOLDS, Ruth G., dob 12-17-1920, mother Elizabeth Shewmaker.

REYNOLDS, William E., dob 3-29-1913, mother Sarah Quinn.


RHODES, Joseph 1, dob 3-14-1913, mother Maude Parsons.


RICE, Edna S., dob 3-9-1915, mother Mary Vanderipe.

RICE, Ethel L., dob 8-29-1919, mother Mary Vanderipe.

RICE, Howard, dob 9-16-1919, mother Clara Harmon.

RICE, Lucinda E., dob 6-12-1917, mother Ellen Sallee.

RICE, Luther 1, dob 6-11-1920, mother Clara Harman.

RICE, Martin L., dob 7-15-1917, mother Clara Harman.


RICHARDS, Jeanette, dob 7-28-1920, mother Beatrice Richards.*****

RICHARDS, Virginia, dob 4-21-1916, mother Beatrice Wheeler.

RICHARDS, William 2, dob 7-28-1920, mother Beatrice Wheeler.*****

RICHARDS, Woodrow, dob 6-30-1913, mother Romena Whites.

RICHARDSON, Frances C., dob 10-7-1913, Mabel Murphy.

RICHARDSON, Hiram 1, dob 8-25-1915, mother Lillie Anderson.

RICHARDSON, Leon, dob 12-23-1915, mother Mabel Murphy.

RICHARDSON, Marey E., dob 5-13-1913, mother Mary Hansford.

RICHARDSON, Orestus, dob 3-12-1918, mother Mabel Murphy.

RICHMOND, Evelyn, dob 8-13-1917, mother Tillie Williams.


RIDNER, Mary E., dob 5-4-1911, mother Dorah Jones.

RIDNER, Nellie E., dob 10-22-1914, mother Leona Gooch.


RIFFE, Carrie, dob 3-4-1912, mother Bessie Embery*.

RIFFE, Carrie L., dob 3-4-1912, mother Annie Embery.*


RIGDON, Francis B., dob 5-7-1911, mother Arta Strutton.

RIGDON, Henry C., dob 9-19-1913, mother Artie Strutton.

RIGSBY, James, dob 3-14-1916, mother Jennie Gill.

RIGSBY, Wells, dob 2-28-1915, mother Jennie Rigsby.


RILEY, Cornelia, dob 11-18-1916, mother Ella Graham.

RILEY, Ella, dob 1-29-1919, mother Ella Graham.

RILEY, George E., dob 9-25-1920, mother Martha Johnson.

RILEY, Gertrude, dob 5-19-1912, mother Maggie Scott.

RILEY, Patricia, dob 3-17-1915, mother Ella Graham.


RIVERS, Earl G., dob 8-7-1915, mother Ada Spoonmore.


ROACH, Eugene E., dob 1-1-1914, mother Myrtle Rearden.

ROACH, Hobart, dob 2-4-1920, mother Myrtle Rearden.

ROACH, Nannie M., dob 10-22-1920, mother Sarah Chambers.


ROBERSON, Charles L., dob 7-31-1920, mother Nellie Drugan.

ROBERTS, Dudley V., dob 11-2-1914, mother Delia Wilson.

ROBERTS, Duglas 1, dob 9-25-1917, mother Margarett Tharp.

ROBERTS, Duglas M., dob 12-1-1918, mother Margruerit Tharp.

ROBERTS, Ernest D., dob 11-22-1920, mother Emma Simpson.

ROBERTS, George L., dob 1-28-1914, mother Louie Burns.

ROBERTS, Herbert F., dob 3-30-1911, mother Viola Kelley.

ROBERTS, Hubu B., dob 9-14-1917, mother Lena Hill.

ROBERTS, Lloyd W., dob 2-20-1919, mother Mayme Dunn.

ROBERTS, Mayme L., dob 12-3-1912, mother Delia Wilson.

ROBERTS, Opal L., dob 9-29-1916, mother Ethel Owens.

ROBERTSON, Allen, dob 7-7-1915, mother Della Williams.

ROBERTSON, Charley L., dob 6-1-1920, mother Fannie Piper.

ROBERTSON, Crul M., dob 8-12-1916, mother Madge Purkins.

ROBERTSON, Frances P., dob 5-4-1913, mother Minnie Davis.

ROBERTSON, Hazel R., dob 7-19-1916, mother Leona Gooch.

ROBINSON, Annie, dob 12-31-1915, mother Bessie Rores.

ROBINSON, Charles A., dob 3-25-1917, mother Annie Stephens.

ROBINSON, Dorthia M., dob 5-31-1918, mother Minnie Davis.

ROBINSON, Duke D., dob 4-4-1919, mother Mary Robinson.

ROBINSON, Elkin, dob 11-11-1912, mother Lily Clark.

ROBINSON, Ester B., dob 11-11-1918, mother Lula Collier.

ROBINSON, Eva M., dob 8-30-1915, mother Augusta Hamby.

ROBINSON, Frederick L., dob 1-31-1919, mother Media McAnley.

ROBINSON, Gail M., dob 5-11-1917, mother Margaret Merrett.

ROBINSON, Garnett H., dob 5-17-1917, mother Lula Collins.

ROBINSON, Hazel R., dob 7-14-1916, mother Leona Gooch.

ROBINSON, Henry F., dob 1-1-1916, mother Ada Goode.

ROBINSON, Ida B., dob 6-2-1915, mother Mary Robinson.

ROBINSON, J.E., dob 3-16-1920, mother Elizabeth Stagg.

ROBINSON, Jack 1, dob 10-28-1914, mother Leona Gooch.

ROBINSON, James H., dob 3-13-1917, mother 3-13-1917, mother Elizabeth Stagg.

ROBINSON, James M., dob 12-4-1913, mother Ada Goode.

ROBINSON, Jane H., dob 2-19-1917, mother Allene Hudson.

ROBINSON, John, dob 5-3-1912, mother Sue Harlan.

ROBINSON, John 1, dob 11-28-1911, mother Lillie Cowan.

ROBINSON, Lee 2, dob 2-4-1912, mother Emma Logue.

ROBINSON, Lorena, dob 7-19-1915, mother Louise Pipes.

ROBINSON, Mordesai 1, dob 6-1-1920, mother Lula Pipes.

ROBINSON, Sam 1, dob 12-23-1915, mother Anna Stephens.

ROBINSON, Sam 2, dob 11-4-1920, mother Nannie Stevens.

ROBINSON, William L., dob 6-10-1920, mother Sarah Langford.

ROBISON, Marvin O., dob 9-2-1911, mother Ada Gvode.


RODDA, Francis L., dob 8-9-1914, mother Francis Metcalf.

RODMAN, Bessie M., dob 1-31-1915, mother Ida Cardum.


ROGER, Woodrow W., dob 11-1-1912, mother Ollory Ingram.

ROGERS, Bessie L., dob 1-13-1917, mother Willie Blackute.

ROGERS, Clarince W., dob 2-21-1918, mother Lena Warren.

ROGERS, Edward A., dob 2-20-1914, mother Nellie Blackerta.

ROGERS, Elizabeth M., dob 7-17-1917, mother Alice Burton.

ROGERS, Everett L., dob 8-14-1912, mother Willie Blacketer.

ROGERS, George 2, dob 8-28-1915, mother Annie Orr.

ROGERS, Howard L., dob 12-14-1916, mother Lena Warren.

ROGERS, Jessie L, dob 5-16-1917, mother Anna Rector.

ROGERS, Lenora S., dob 12-18-1915, mother Mary Ingram.

ROGERS, Marvin L., dob 6-8-1920, mother Ruby Harison.

ROGERS, Mary K., dob 12-1-1920, mother Willie Blackater.

ROGERS, Roy B., dob 7-8-1920, mother Scilla Lake.

ROGERS, Wade M., dob 1-17-1918, mother Scylla Lake.

ROGERS, Woodrow W., dob 10-29-1914, mother Mary Ingram.

ROGGERS, Linnard, dob 12-16-1919, mother Laman Warren.


ROLLER, Ella L., dob 6-19-1919, mother Nettie Willard.

ROLLER, Leonard J., dob 4-30-1915, mother Mary Crews.

ROLLER, Marvin B., dob 5-4-1917, mother Virgie Evans.

ROLLER, Melvin T., dob 2-12-1918, mother Sallie Lamb.

ROLLER, Nathan, dob 2-10-1916, mother Mary Lamb.

ROLLER, Nathan 2, dob 11-5-1912, mother Mary Crews.**

ROLLER, Nathan 2, dob 11-5-1912, mother Mary Crews.**

ROLLER, Tom M., dob 11-13-1917, mother Mary Crenor.

ROLLER, William A., dob 10-30-1913, mother Sallie Lamb.

ROLLES, W.C., dob 9-23-1920, mother Sallie Lamb.


RONEY, Ruby, dob 8-19-1911, mother Anna Hudson.


ROSDON, Henson, dob 12-5-1916, mother Orce Crow.

ROSE, Beulah E., dob 1-19-1920, mother Ethel Pendygrass.

ROSE, Carl, dob 6-13-1918, mother Shelly Coulter.

ROSE, Joe 1, 10-18-1911, mother Edith Cloyd.

ROSE, Leland, dob 9-24-1920, mother Shelly Coulter.

ROSE, Mary E., dob 7-13-1915, mother Mary Blackerty.

ROSE, Robert C., dob 12-26-1919, mother Hattie Million.******

ROSE, Robert C., dob 12-26-1919, mother Haddie Million.******

ROSS, Isabella, dob 5-18-1919, mother Mattie Walker.

ROSS, Jesse F., dob 3-2-1917, mother Lula Harras.

ROSS, John C., dob 2-8-1917, mother Mattie Walker.*******

ROSS, John C., dob 2-8-1917, mother Mattie Walker.*******

ROSS, Martha J., dob 5-31-1917, mother Lacie Lake.

ROSS, Nora B., dob 2-27-1915, mother Pearl Hays.


ROUSEY, Buford M., dob 3-1-1916, mother Laura Sheran.

ROUSEY, Elmar D., dob 6-6-1918, mother Bettie Whitaker.

ROUSEY, George P., dob 1-2-1913, mother Sallie Phillips.

ROUSEY, Hubert Thomas, dob 9-23-1915, mother Betty Whitaker, father George D. Rousey.

ROUSEY, Owen W., dob 4-3-1913, mother Deler Clem.

ROUSEY, Rod Patrick Camden "Cam", dob 7-28-1845, parents Jordan and Nancy Curry Rousey, Sr.

ROUT, Claude G., dob 3-13-1919, mother Mary Thomas.

ROUTE, Paul L., dob 7-15-1916, mother Mary Thomas.

ROUTT, Linwood G., dob 3-9-1917, mother Georgie Young.


ROWE, Allie 2, dob 8-11-1920, mother Dollie Polk.

ROWE, Carl, dob 6-9-1918, mother Anna Davis.

ROWE, Edith, dob 2-18-1916, mother Anna Rowe.

ROWE, Josephine B., dob 9-8-1912, mother Addie Irvin.***

ROWE, Josephine B., dob 9-8-1912, mother Addie Irvine.***

ROWE, Paul L., dob 2-29-1920, mother Hortense Moore.

ROWE, Robert M., dob 12-14-1913, mother Hortense Moore.

ROWE, Ruth H., dob 5-21-1917, mother Hortense Moore.

ROWE, Warren H., dob 1-25-1919, mother Mary Price.


ROYALTY, Elizabeth P., dob 3-31-1917, mother Maggie Hardin.

ROYALTY, James C., dob 7-9-1920, mother Lettie Sowny.

ROYSDEN, Anna M., dob 3-27-1919, mother Mary Rogers.


RUBIN, Eleanor C., dob 4-20-1920, mother Lola Hawkins.

RUBIN, Shirley P., dob 6-22-1916, mother Lola Hawkins.

RUBLE, Clydie J., dob 4-21-1916, mother Pearl Evans.


RUE, Creed 2, dob 1-10-1919, mother Harriet Millien.


RUPLEY, Ann H., dob 8-21-1914, mother Lucinda Arnold.

RUPPE, Eldon T., dob 11-10-1917, mother Virgil Creekmore.

RUPPE, Trula R., dob 11-21-1920, mother Virgil Creekmore.


RUSSELL, Anna O., dob 3-11-1913, mother Oneida Wayne.

RUSSELL, Aron L., dob 11-1-1918, mother Mattie Barnes.

RUSSELL, Edna M., dob 1-12-1920, mother Mattie Bambs.

RUSSELL, Edna S., dob 3-5-1916, mother Nannie Webb.

RUSSELL, Jno 1, dob 6-1-1912, mother Oda Bottoms.

RUSSELL, Lee M., dob 7-29-1916, mother Mattie Bownes.

RUSSELL, Marvin L., dob 5-23-1917, mother Nannie Webb.

*, **, ***, ****, *****, ******, ******* These 2 records appear to be the same person, with the only difference being the spelling of either the child's or mother's name. A second birth certificate was issued to correct the original incorrect one. There were two birth certificates issued.

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