Boyle County Births -"W"

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PARDONS, Amanda F., dob 11-8-1916, mother Eva Kirkland.

PARKER, Forest M., dob 10-9-1919, mother Edith Franklin.

PARKER, Henry 1, dob 11-23-1918, mother Edith Franklin.

PARKER, Thomas L., dob 8-6-1918, mother Ada Buckanon.

PARKS, Mary F., dob 10-25-1919, mother Gertrude Noel.

PARKS, Merelyn R., dob 11-15-1914, mother Gertrude Noel.

PARKS, William E., dob 2-4-1920, mother Odessa Marshall.


PATTON, Charles E., dob 9-4-1917, mother Henrietta Lyons.

PATTON, Emmet S., dob 402901920, mother Henrietta Lyons.

PATTON, James E., dob 7-2-1920, mother Nora Wilkerson.


PAYNE, Jno 1, dob 5-28-1912, mother Betty Hansford.

PAYTON, Wm. L., dob 8-21-1914, mother Julia Logdston.


PEACH, Robert E., dob 8-2-1914, mother Ella Sanders.

PEAKS, Andrew 1, dob 11-9-1911, mother Julia Cobbs.

PEAKS, Hoggle E., dob 2-28-1915, mother Puenea Gilder.

PEAKS, Lillian R., dob 10-9-1912, mother Allie Parks.

PECK, Loverne R., dob 12-14-1917, mother Fannie McColloh.

PECK, Mildred, dob 10-13-1913, mother Cora Shryock.

PECK, Norma M., dob 10-3-1912, mother Cora Shryock.


PEEL, Fred W., dob 8-5-1918, mother Bessie Rogers.


PELLEY, Marvin T., dob 12-6-1917, mother Lilly Jones.

PELLEY, Robert L., dob 2-14-1919, mother Lilly Crane.

PELLEY, Samuel H., dob 8-12-1913, mother Lillie Crains.

PELLEY, Woodrow W., dob 2-9-1919, mother Pearl Reardon.

PELLMAN, David 2, dob 3-26-1911, mother Gerturde Robinson.

PELLY, Vivian M., dob 8-5-1915, mother Pearl Reardon.

PELLY, Willie B., dob 6-19-1913, mother Pearl Reardon.


PENDEGRAFT, Christine, dob 5-6-1918, mother Agnes Ash.

PENDELTON, Jesse J., dob 5-7-1915, mother Ida Logan.

PENDERGRAFT, Edna, dob 3-7-1912, mother Sallie Brooks.

PENDERGRAFT, James M., dob 9-5-1918, mother Laura Sherwin.

PENDERGRAFT, Mary E., dob 3-22-1916, mother Mattie Montgomery.

PENDERGRAFT, Myrtle V., dob 4-26-1919, mother Ellen Lane.

PENDERGRAFT, Rosie M., dob 4-26-1912, mother Dora Whitehouse.

PENDERGRAFT, Sallie E., dob 7-22-1913, mother Lillie Pendergraft.

PENDLETON, Ida C., dob 2-9-1919, mother Ida Logan.

PENDLETON, Jesse J., dob 5-7-1915, mother Ida Logan.

PENDYGRAFT, Annie S., dob 12-19-1919, mother Mattie Phillips.

PENDYGRAFT, Charles T., dob 7-9-1920, mother Agnes Ash.

PENDYGRAFT, Ollie A., dob 5-17-1012, mother Fannie Johnson.

PENDYGRAFT, Pansy M., dob 12-29-1912, mother Laura Shearin.

PENDYGRAFT, Sallie S., dob 10-31-1912, mother Polly Pendygraft.

PENICK, Arthur M., dob 12-18-1914, mother Lola Craig.

PENIX, Helen L., dob 9-20-1918, mother Mattie Tyler.

PENNINGTON, Arzo, dob 8-21-1914, mother Nancy Lay.

PENNINGTON, CHarles E., dob 5-4-1918, mother Madeline Trub.

PENNMAN, David 2, dob 3-5-1914, mother Gertrude Robinson.

PENNMAN, Grace H., dob 3-5-1914, mother Gerturde Robinson.

PENNY, Hubert L., dob 7-30-1917, mother Sara Goods.


PERCY, James 1, dob 9-18-1913, mother Dolly Goode.

PERKINS, David, dob 9-13-1920, mother Liclice Bright.

PERKINS, Mathew B., dob 2-28-1920, mother Georgia Buford.

PERROS, Cartina, dob 11-3-1920, mother Margaret Baker.

PERROS, Virginia L., dob 8-8-1917, mother Margrete Baker.

PERRY, Robert L., dob 8-13-1918, mother Maggie McGinnis.


PETERS, Emily E., dob 3-17-1916, mother Mary Smith.

PETERS, John H., dob 10-31-1911, mother Rachel Steel.

PETERS, Mary C., dob 6-29-1914, mother Rachal Sleet.

PETERSON, John B., dob 10-29-1914, mother Laura Poynter.

PETERSON, Mary F., dob 3-1-1912, mother Laura Paynter.

PETRO, John T., dob 3-19-1920, mother Bruce Lynole.

PETTUS, Joseph, dob 6-16-1920, mother Ila Rankin.


PHELPS, Hershel W., dob 8-28-1917, mother Annie Lashbrook.

PHELPS, Iva M., dob 8-28-1914, mother Elizabeth Maxey.

PHELPS, Joseph B., dob 3-13-1916, mother Louise Maxey.


PHILIPS, Ansel T., dob 11-17-1913, mother Fannie Settles.

PHILIPS, Earnest, dob 1-11-1916, mother Bessie Parker.

PHILIPS, Herberd, dob 5-15-1915, mother Della Rowsey.

PHILIPS, James A., dob 10-2-1915, mother Fannie Settles.

PHILIPS, Lee T., dob 11-19-1913, mother Pearl Chambers.

PHILIPS, Ruth, dob 2-8-1912, mother Fannie Settles.

PHILIPS, William, dob 2-22-1914, mother Nora McElfesh.

PHILLIP, Ada V., dob 7-16-1914, mother Mary Price.

PHILLIP, Lou R., dob 5-15-1914, mother Sallie Phillips.

PHILLIPS, Anna U., dob 4-18-1911, mother Della Rousey.

PHILLIPS, Charles B., dob 6-17-1920, mother Stella Tresler.

PHILLIPS, Christine, dob 6-8-1920, mother Bessie Parker.

PHILLIPS, Clarence E., dob 8-23-1920, mother Mary Gaston.

PHILLIPS, Daisy B., dob 4-18-1915, mother George Phillips.

PHILLIPS, Dorothy M., dob 7-27-1919, mother Margie Hunt.

PHILLIPS, Edith B., dob 10-27-1917, mother Mary Gaston.

PHILLIPS, Erman R., dob 12-23-1919, mother Fanny Settles.

PHILLIPS, Evline, dob 4-26-1918, mother Stela Trisabet.

PHILLIPS, Flossie M., dob 5-23-1917, mother Lula Wilson.

PHILLIPS, Frank L., dob 12-12-1917, mother Anna Divine.

PHILLIPS, Gaynell, dob 4-21-1919, mother Lillie Broyles.

PHILLIPS, George, dob 10-16-1911, mother Sallie Phillips.

PHILLIPS, George R., dob 3-12-1912, mother Mallie Price.

PHILLIPS, Hazel, dob 5-22-1917, mother Edith Preston.

PHILLIPS, Henry W., dob 2-4-1912, mother Ethel Hankla.

PHILLIPS, Jewel C., dob 3-12-1920, mother Della Thomas.

PHILLIPS, Lulie, dob 9-30-1916, mother Mollie Price.

PHILLIPS, Margaret, dob 8-6-1919, mother Lula Wilson.

PHILLIPS, Margaret K., dob 11-15-1920, mother Hazel Bradley.

PHILLIPS, Margarret B., dob 12-30-1912, mother Dortha Owens.

PHILLIPS, Melvin B., dob 10-29-1915, mother Ethel Hankle.

PHILLIPS, Mildred E., dob 8-15-1914, mother Mary Gaston.

PHILLIPS, Minnie, dob 7-4-1914, mother Virgie Hendren.

PHILLIPS, Myrtle, dob 9-9-1912, mother Myrtle Owens.

PHILLIPS, Nora I., dob 1-27-1918, mother Finnie Settles.

PHILLIPS, Pauline, dob 3-21-1918, mother Bessie Parker.

PHILLIPS, Phin 1, dob 6-17-1916, mother Dela Rowsey.

PHILLIPS, Robert, dob 9-6-1911, mother Lillie Brails.

PHILLIPS, Virginia L., dob 11-2-1920, mother Pearl Upton.

PHILLIPS, Willard, dob 10-1-1915, mother Lilly Boyle.

PHILLIPS, William C., dob 4-15-1915, mother Myrtle Owens.


PIERCE, Emily L., dob 6-5-1918, mother Floy Jones.

PIERCE, Georgia A., dob 10-20-1915, mother Margaret Coffey.

PIERCE, Jessie M., dob 7-31-1919, mother Mattie Queen.

PIERCE, Margaret S., dob a3-16-1917, mother Margaret Coffey.

PIERCE, Mary C., dob 5-6-1916, mother Floy Jones.


PIKE, Anna L., dob 2-7-1918, mother Ophelia Brunner.

PIKE, George A., dob 12-30-1919, mother Fannie Moley.

PIKE, Helen M., dob 3-1-1917, mother Fannie Maxey.

PIKE, Ollie E., dob 11-19-1915, mother Fannie Maxie.


PITMAN, Annie L., dob 6-13-1917, mother Annie Pope.

PITTMAN, Buford L., dob 1-25-1914, mother Emma Ellis.

PITTMAN, Carrel T., dob 10-19-1916, mother Georgie Hendren.

PITTMAN, J. C., dob 4-11-1915, mother Florence Cardwell.

PITTMAN, Kate E., dob 7-28-1917, mother Florence Caldwell.

PITTMAN, Lorraine C., dob 3-24-1915, mother Georgie Hendren.

PITTMAN, Ruth E., dob 9-7-1915, mother Emma Ellis.

PITTMAN, William H., dob 4-6-1913, mother Florence Parks.


PLUMER, Lillie G., dob 9-27-1920, mother Sarah Cooley.

PLUMMER, Jno E., dob 9-6-1916, mothe Minnie Barker.

PLUMMUR, Sallie B., dob 3-9-1919, mother Minnie Baker.


POFE, Rosie L., dob 2-20-1916, mother Etta Pofe.

POFF, Albert 1, dob 5-1-1919, mother Nannie Chafin.


POINDEXTER, Virginia E., dob 6-13-1913, mother Anna Toombs.

POIRDEXTER, Blanche K., dob 12-19-1919, mother Minnie Doly.


POLLARD, Everett E., dob 9-22-1913, mother Letty Kelly.

POLLARD, Garnett, dob 2-6-1918, mother Lettie Kelley.

POLLARD, Helen E., dob 12-20-1919, mother Lettie Kelley.

POLLARD, Mary E., dob 3-16-1912, mother Susie Wallace.

POLLARD, Wesley, dob 5-25-1920, mother Lucille Sutton.


POPE, Ada C., dob 6-1-1918, mother Addie Higgin.

POPE, Adam H., dob 11-4-1913, mother Mary Gray.

POPE, Adelin, dob 10-6-1914, mother Etta Penman.

POPE, Aline 1, dob 2-14-1912, mother Loula Philips.

POPE, Anna M., dob 2-12-1918, mother Etta Pemman.

POPE, Benj C., dob 10-31-1916, mother Etta Penman.

POPE, Birdie L., dob 3-15-1915, mother Leula Phillips.

POPE, Catherine, dob 12-23-1916, mother Minnie Pope.

POPE, Charles, dob 12-11-1915, mother Fannie Lee.

POPE, Charles 1, dob 11-10-1913, mother Mac Robinson.

POPE, Cora M., dob 1-9-1913, mother Addie Higgins.

POPE, Dorthia M., dob 2-21-1918, mother Mary Wright.

POPE, Edward M., dob 11-14-1919, mother Etta Renman.

POPE, Ella, dob 11-28-1915, mother Aldie (or Addie) Higgins.

POPE, George W., dob 2-9-1918, mother Jessie Yocum.

POPE, Hazel N., dob 9-18-1917, mother Loula Pope.

POPE, Irene, dob 2-14-1918, mother Lucy Minor.

POPE, John 1, dob 11-6-1914, mother Etta Bottoms.

POPE, John 1, dob 6-6-1912, mother Mary Pope.

POPE, Leo, dob 9-1-1913, mother Loula Philips.

POPE, Lucille, dob 10-11-1919, mother Jessie Yocum.

POPE, Margert C., dob 9-21-1914, mother Cora Pope.

POPE, Mary L., dob 11-30-1911, mother Etta Pope.

POPE, Nannie, dob 11-28-1915, mother Addie (or Aldie) Higgins.

POPE, Obie W., dob 4-8-1912, mother Etta Bottom.

POPE, Ruth, dob 11-12-1915, mother Pearl Route.

POPE, William H., dob 1-28-1914, mother Fannie Lee.

POPE, William L., dob 6-19-1913, mother Etta Pennon.


PORK, Tabitha P., dob 12-26-1915, mother Mary Cobb.

PORKS, Cyrus D., dob 4-8-1918, mother Selma Green.


POTTER, Doyle C., dob 12-23-1916, mother Nelle Payne.

POTTER, Gail V., dob 12-23-1916, mother Nelle Payne.

POTTER, Joseph P., dob 6-14-1915, mother Nelle Payne.

POTTS, Andrew B., dob 7-14-1918, mother Lizzie Shouse.

POTTS, Hubert R., dob 3-14-1916, mother Lizzie Shouse.


POWELL, Bennington S., dob 1-1-1918, mother Mary Steele.

POWELL, Charles 1, dob 11-10-1913, mother Mac Robinson.

POWELL, Charles B., dob 1-2-1916, mother Bessie Phillips.

POWELL, Dixie K., dob 2-12-1916, mother Margarett Fox.

POWELL, Earl T., dob 1-13-1916, mother Catherine Pence.

POWELL, Jack M., dob 3-27-1920, mother Mary Steele.

POWELL, John H., dob 1-13-1916, mother Catherine Pence.

POWELL, Joseph M., dob 11-25-1911, mother Margaret Huff.

POWELL, Laura A., dob 2-4-1919, mother Elizabeth Graham.

POWELL, Lavenia M., dob 8-18-1914, mother Bessie Phillips.

POWELL, Mannie F., dob 8-5-1917, mother Mary Robertson.

POWELL, Marjoria E., dob 2-20-1914, mother Margaret Fox.

POWELL, Sherley, dob 9-20-1918, mother Bessie Phillips.

POWELL, William B., dob 2-28-1920, mother Martha Williams.

POWELL, William M., dob 9-22-1916, mother Margaret Huff.


PRALL, John A., dob 2-7-1912, mother Maggie Bagby.

PRATHER, Blanch, dob 8-24-1917, mother Mary Miller.

PRATHER, Hazel D., dob 12-26-1912, mother Mary Miller.

PRATHER, William D., dob 1-8-1920, mother Mary Miller.


PRESSLEY, Harless E., dob 7-8-1919, mother Maudie Wilson.

PRESTON, Annie L., dob 3-2-1915, mother Minnie Rousey.

PRESTON, Charles A., dob 8-19-1916, mother Sarah Benedict.

PRESTON, Charley T., dob 6-19-1915, mother Mary Preston.

PRESTON, Cleona M., dob 4-15-1920, mother Virgie Smith.

PRESTON, Delsie, dob 7-14-1915, mother Maggie Owens.

PRESTON, Dillian M., dob 1-13-1920, mother Cynthia Farmer.

PRESTON, Dorothy R., dob 12-7-1916, mother Elizabeth Powell.

PRESTON, Everett F., dob 11-15-1913, mother Cynthia Farmer.

PRESTON, George R., dob 4-25-1912, mother Sarah Bolin.

PRESTON, Gertrude, dob 10-11-1914, mother Katie Boling.

PRESTON, Helen L., dob 2-4-1920, mother Mary Baker.

PRESTON, Iona J., dob 10-21-1913, mother Maggie Owens.

PRESTON, James B., dob 6-18-1917, mother Kate Bolling.

PRESTON, Karl W., dob 4-9-1918, mother Sarah Benedict.

PRESTON, L.M., dob 8-18-1918, mother Maggie Owens.

PRESTON, Leo F., dob 5 Jul 1916, mother Mary Baker.

PRESTON, Lueciel, dob 12-19-1918, mother Mary Bandy.

PRESTON, Marion B., dob 10-17-1912, mother Martha Hughes.

PRESTON, Mary, dob 11-26-1919, mother Minnie Rousey.

PRESTON, Mary F., dob 12-4-1919, mother Sarah Benedict.

PRESTON, Morris T., dob 3-31-1914, mother Sarah Benedick.

PRESTON, Shirley H., dob 1-1-1917, mother Mary Banety.

PRESTON, Virginia A., dob 5-28-1916, mother Cynthia Farmer.

PRESTON, William A., dob 3-3-1914, mother Mary Bandy.

PRESTON, Willie H., dob 9-17-1912, mother Minnie Rawsey.

PRESTON, Wynetta M., dob 12-6-1913, mother Annie Sheme.

PREWITT, Alice, dob 6-13-1912, mother Omie Prewitt.

PREWITT, Bessie C., dob 9-10-1918, mother Rosie Robison.

PREWITT, Georgia L., dob 8-24-1913, mother Rosa Robinson.

PREWITT, Robert S., dob 2-7-1919, mother Ellen Green.

PREWITT, Shelby, dob 7-21-1913, mother Laura Cox.

PREWITT, William 1, dob 3-6-1920, mother Margaret Crawford.

PREWITT, William 2, dob 10-5-1915, mother Margaret Crawford.

PREWITT, William 2, dob 1-25-1912, mother Rose Roberson.

PREWITT, William G., dob 3-31-1917, mother Margaret Crawford.


PRICE, Erie H., dob 8-27-1916, mother Nora Pennington.

PRICE, James W., dob 7-5-1915, mother Mattie Johnson.

PRICE, Lula C., dob 11-1-1911, mother Lucy Price.

PRICE, Oscar, dob 5-1-1913, mother Ellen Johnson.

PRICE, Susan E., dob 10-3-1916, mother Mollie Denton.

PRINCE, Catherine E., dob 5-27-1913, mother Mamie Prince.

PRINCE, J. T., dob 5-26-1913, mother Ella Barnette.

PRITCHETT, Flossie M., dob 10-31-1915, mother Mollie Coomer.

PRITCHETT, Walker 2, dob 9-17-1912, mother Mollie Coomer.

PRITCHETT, Walter 1, dob 4-29-1914, mother Mollie Coomer.

PRUEITT, Claude 1, dob 12-2-1916, mother May Rice.*

PRUITT, Claude 1, dob 12-2-1916, mother Mary Rice.*

PRUITT, Edith I., dob 3-1-1919, mother Laura Cox.

PULLIAM, Alma L., dob 3-24-1914, mother Mattie Mullins.

PULLIAM, Clarence, dob 4-28-1919, mother Mannie Cox.

PULLIAM, Gladdis M., dob 3-30-1918, mother Effie Johnson.

PULLIAM, Gladys J., dob 11-13-1911, mother Cora Collier.

PULLIAM, Jno M., dob 12-17-1920, mother Effie Johnson.

PULLIAM, John W., dob 7-27-1917, mother Nannie Cox.

PULLIAM, Mary E., dob 6-7-1915, mother Mary Cox.

PULLIAM, Nancy A., dob 5-17-1913, mother Robertie League.

PULLIAM, Robert B., dob 1-28-1911, mother Effie Johnson.

PULLIM, Georgie J., dob 11-22-1915, mother Roberta Seagne.

PULLIUM, Milbern L., dob 10-28-1913, mother Cora Collier.


PURCELL, Mary L., dob 1-10-1911, mother Bertha Sanders.**

PURCELL, Mary L., dob 1-10-1911, mother Bertha Saunders.**

PURDOM, Claude C., dob 12-23-1914, mother Eva Kirkland.

PURDON, Kathryn, dob 10-4-1911, mother Eva Kuhlouf.

PURVIS, Lula M., dob 9-26-1915, mother Luca York.

PURYEAR, Lucy L., dob 1-4-1911, mother Lucy Bell.

PURYEAR, Robert E., dob 11-15-1913, mother Sucy Bell.


PUSHIN, Lillian, dob 4-22-1913, mother Clara Baer.

PUSHIN, Ruth F., dob 1-23-1912, mother Clara Baer.

*, **These two records appear to be the same person, with different spellings either the child's name and/or mother's name. There were two birth certificates issued, one apparently a correction to the original, incorrect certificate.

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