Boyle County Births -"W"

This information has been compiled from a variety of sources, and I hope it will be of benefit to you in your research. If you know of additional information (or corrections) to these records, or additional records that you would like to see included, please drop me a note Brenda HumeEmail Registry

OAKS, Alma B., dob 2-6-1919, mother Earl Young.

OAKS, Marion F., dob 4-9-1917, mother Earl Young.


OATTS, Evaline S., dob 8-28-1913, mother Mary Hogard.


OGLE, Alva, dob 11-28-1916, mother Lena Carter.

OGLE, Harvey 1, dob 3-20-1920, mother Lena Carter.

OGLE, Mary C., dob 2-21-1920, mother Lena Carter.


OGUE, Effie H., dob 11-9-1911, mother Bettie Price.


OLLARSEE, Cleveland A., dob 2-1-1918, mother Sallie Horn.


OOPER, Viola H., dob 1-27-1911, mother Clara Hooper.


OROURKE, Annie S., dob 3-27-1913, mother Sullivan.

OROURKE, Thomas P., dob 8-10-1916, mother Annie Sullivan.


OSBORNE, Lucile, dob 7-21-1916, mother Nellie Ecifres.


OVERSTREET, Donald V., dob 1-2-1919, mother Eva Whitlock.

OVERSTREET, Eloise M., dob 1-28-1915, mother Eva Whittock.

OVERSTREET, J. C., dob 1-19-1913, mother Eva May.

OVERSTREET, Jean W., dob 3-23-1913, mother Mary Bolling.

OVERSTREET, Martha, dob 6-17-1920, mother Ethyl Myers.

OVERSTREET, Mary, dob 6-26-1918, mother Mary Balling.

OVERSTREET, Nancy B., dob 6-1-1916, mother Mary Boling.


OWENS, Chester W., dob 10-16-1919, mother Lula Pribvett.

OWENS, Jr., Cornelius, dob 3-21-1911, mother Dorcas Correll.

OWENS, Delbert, dob 9-14-1917, mother Lon Rivet.

OWENS, Estela P., dob 5-1-1912, mother Leslie Pricket.

OWENS, Eugene, dob 9-28-1915, mother Emma Anders.

OWENS, Fieldon, dob 3-26-1920, mother Lula Jones.

OWENS, Franklin E., dob 11-26-1913, mother Catherine Pipes.

OWENS, Georgia G., dob 10-12-1912, mother Elizabeth Owens.

OWENS, Guy E., dob 10-5-1916, mother Louisa Richards.

OWENS, Hattie F., dob 1-5-1911, mother Mary Simpson.

OWENS, Herbert D., dob 8-4-1919, mother Louisa Richards.

OWENS, James R., dob 6-13-1911, mother Lou Washington.

OWENS, James T., dob 5-8-1912, mother Euna Cowan.

OWENS, Jno F., dob 8-18-1912, mother Mary Simpson.

OWENS, John B., dob 7-13-1911, mother Beatrice Cox.

OWENS, Louis, dob 11-14-1915, mother Effie Joshland.

OWENS, Louise, dob 5-24-1914, mother Efa Joshlen.

OWENS, Robert H., dob 12-14-1913, mother Anna Andrews.

OWENS, Virgie E., dob 10-25-1920, mother Luemay Privett.


OWSLEY, Henry C., dob 1-2-1914, mother Cassie Caldwell.

OWSLEY, Rudolph, dob 7-31-1913, mother Louise Penman.

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