Boyle County Births -"W"

This information has been compiled from a variety of sources, and I hope it will be of benefit to you in your research. If you know of additional information (or corrections) to these records, or additional records that you would like to see included, please drop me a note Brenda HumeEmail Registry

NEACE, Billy, dob 5-14-1916, mother Emaline Noble.


NEIKIRK, Lawrence, dob 7-21-1920, mother Addie Williams.

NEIKIRK, Osie, dob 7-3-1917, mother Addie Williams.

NEIKIRK, Raymond, dob 6-5-1918, mother Sallie Hobbitt.

NEIKIRK, Thurman 2, dob 10-10-1914, mother Addie Williams.*

NEIKIRK, Thurman 2, dob 10-10-1914, mother Aldie Williams.*

NEIKIRK, William E., dob 1-20-1914, mother Clara Wilson.


NELSON, Cleo M., dob 1-14-1918, mother Sallie Cheathonce.

NELSON, Henry L., dob 6-24-1914, mother Mary Hill.

NELSON, Lee, dob 7-21-1914, mother Nannie Loucaster.

NELSON, Martha L., dob 7-1-1919, mother Daisy CHildress.

NELSON, Mary B., dob 2-27-1914, mother Jennie Blomberg.

NELSON, Millie L., dob 7-9-1915, mother Sallie Cheatham.

NELSON, Odie N., dob 8-4-1913, mother Sallie Cheatham.


NEVINS, Annie B., dob 12-30-1912, mother Susie Brown.

NEVINS, Darrel W., dob 7-17-1920, mother Susie Brown.

NEVINS, Floyd C., dob 7-17-1913, mother Nellie Fuel.

NEVINS, Jas F., dob 4-30-1917, mother Susie Brown.

NEVINS, Jno C., dob 10-4-1915, mother Nellie Furnell.

NEVINS, Margaret E., dob 5-8-1914, mtoher Susie Brown.

NEVINS, Margert C., dob 2-14-1914, mother Hattie Deaton.

NEVINS, Wm L., dob 10-3-1917, mother Hattie Denton.

NEVIUS, Ollie M., dob 3-19-1919, mother Susie Brown.

NEVIUS, William E., dob 9-11-1911, mother Susie Brown.

NEVRINS, Lillei L., dob 1-21-1918, mother Nellie Fecoell.


NEWBY, Ezary C., dob 4-1-1920, mother Margaret Nichols.

NEWELL, James, dob 12-16-1920, mother Lillian Smallwood.


NICHOLS, Blanche M., dob 9-4-1914, mother Nannie Pittman.

NICHOLS, Clarice M., dob 12-11-1915, mother Clarece McElroy.

NICHOLS, Leah M., dob 10-6-1916, mother Nannie Pittman.

NICHOLS, Lucy M., dob 3-21-1913, mother Clarece McElroy.

NICHOLS, Mary B., dob 3-20-1917, mother Hattie Arnold.

NICHOLS, Nancy, dob 3-8-1913, mother Mary Terhume.

NICHOLS, Reid, dob 9-22-1917, mother Nellie Selby.

NICHOLS, Sam H., dob 5-1-1914, mother Clarce McElroy.

NICKOLS, Edna A., dob 3-20-1912, mother Mary Simmons.


NIKIRK, Frederick, dob 1-27-1917, mother Clara Wilson.

NIKIRK, Harold, dob 6-8-1914, mother Minerva Powell.

NIKIRK, Sam 2, dob 1-26-1911, mother Minerva Purnell.


NITZSCHKE, Joseph D., dob 4-3-1920, mother Beulah Fombs.


NOE, Clarence, dob 4-4-1917, mother Leva Ellis.

NOEL, Ewell L., dob 6-26-1918, mother Jennie Valentine.

NOEL, Robt. V., dob 4-22-1916, mother Jennie Valentine.

NOEL, William C., dob 7-1-1912, mother Jennie Valentine.


NOLTE, Dora, dob 6-14-1917, mother Birdie Tanner.


NORVALL, Clyde, dob 10-21-1914, mother Lula Smith.

NORVELL, James M., dob 10-5-1912, mother Lula Smith.

NORVELL, John, dob 12-21-1789.

NORVELL, Joseph S., dob 10-27-1911, mother Lula Smith.

NORVELL, Mary E., dob 6-3-1917, mother Lula Smith.


NUNN, Anderson, dob 5-12-1912, mother Mary Estles.


NUTGRASS, Hazel M., dob 9-28-1915, mother Bessie Bunch.

NUTGRASS, Levi, dob 1-26-1915, mother Nanie Rose.

*, ** These 2 records appear to be the same person, with the only difference being the spelling of either the child's or mother's name. A second birth certificate was issued to correct the original incorrect one. There were two birth certificates issued.

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