Boyle County Births "M"

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MAGEE, Charles H., dob 10-14-1918, mother Nellie Hurley.

MAHAN, Daugherty W., dob 8-5-1919, mother Mary Mobley.

MAHAN, Katharine W., dob 5-20-1916, mother Mary Mobley.

MAHAN, Marshall C., dob 11-10-1913, mother Sadie Brown.


MANN, Clifford M., dob 5-11-1918, mother Maud Minor.

MANNING, Cecil 1, dob 2-10-1915, mother Elizabeth Rogers.

MANNING, Nancy L., dob 8-1-1912, mother Bettie Rogers.

MANSFIELD, Ruben P., dob 9-5-1919, mother Aerethie Milburn.


MARSHALL, Ella O., dob 9-24-1913, mother Florence Hughes.

MARSHALL, Elsie, dob 8-3-1914, mother Marshall White.

MARSHALL, Emeline P., dob 11-21-1917, mother Flora White.

MARSHALL, George L., dob 12-25-1914, mother Revella Hornor.

MARSHALL, Georgia, dob 4-28-1915, mother Hattie Caldwell.

MARSHALL, James T., dob 10-26-1911, mother Florence Hughes.

MARSHALL, John T., dob 10-26-1911, mother Florence Hughes.

MARSHALL, Thelma L., dob 5-7-1918, mother Flannie Crowder.

MARSHALL, William H., dob 8-27-1915, mother Florence Crowdus.

MARTIN, Ada D., dob 3-28-1916, mother Mary Case.

MARTIN, Ann F., dob 4-13-1920, mother Milie Spratt.

MARTIN, Donald M., dob 6-21-1911, mother Sarah Stewart.

MARTIN, Edna M., dob 12-9-1913, mother Mary Case.

MARTIN, Elizabeth L., dob 10-13-1920, mother Sarah Stewart.

MARTIN, Hellen, dob 12-17-1917, mother Nellie Spratt.

MARTIN, Horace C., dob 3-29-1914, mother Sarah Stewart.

MARTIN, Lee C., dob 8-18-1915, mother Laura Hagan.

MARTIN, Lenard M., dob 1-12-1919, mother Mary Case.

MARTIN, Myrtle J., dob 8-15-1912, mother Myrtle Lunsford.

MARTIN, Paul D., dob 1-8-1920, mother Laura Lee.

MARTIN, Pearl I., dob 3-18-1916, mother Nellie Spratt.


MASSEY, Francis, dob 12-29-1918, mother Grace Cutsinger.

MASSEY, George C., dob 6-1-1916, mother Florence Bowman.

MASSEY, Joe R., dob 6-12-1916, mother Grace Curtsinger.

MASSEY, Virginia M., dob 12-5-1913, mother Mary Jones.

MASSEY, William B., dob 9-24-1916, mother Mamie Jones.

MASTIN, French, dob 10-17-1913, mother Cordie Henson.

MASTIN, Jessie L., dob 1-8-1920, mother Lillian Tresler.

MASTIN, Lucy, dob 2-12-1914, mother Lillian Trisler.


MATHERLEY, Martha C., dob 1-6-1917, mother Adie Lamb.

MATHEWS, Tommie, dob 3-30-1916, mother Bettie White.

MATLOCK, Edna A., dob 1-23-1914, mother Mable See.

MATLOCK, Fannie L., dob 9-1-1911, mother Ellie Whitehouse.

MATTERLY, James S., dob 6-2-1913, mother Addie Lamb.

MATTHERLY, Foster L., dob 5-17-1919, mother Addie Lamb.

MATTINGLY, Cathrine, dob 4-16-1917, mother Zelma Edwards.

MATTINGLY, R. G., dob 12-21-1918, mother Zelma Edwards.


MAUPIN, Robert, dob 3-19-1920, mother Rosie Gray.

MAUPINS, Jennie, dob 4-23-1918, mother Rosa Gray.

MAUPPINS, Louise, dob 2-8-1915, mother Rosa Gray.

MAUPPINS, Margaret, dob 7-22-1916, mother Rosie Gray.


MAXEY, Clarence, dob 10-9-1920, mother Mary Maxey.

MAXEY, Evelyn, dob 3-26-1915, mother Della Southerland.

MAXEY, Maude M., dob 3-16-1915, mother Mary Onan.


MAY, Anna M., dob 2-4-1914, mother Vera Taylor.

MAY, Donald J., dob 11-28-1915, mother Ula Edwards.

MAY, Elizabeth, dob 2-2-1918, mother Pattie Prewitt.

MAY, Ethel, dob 9-22-1913, mother Bettie Russell.

MAY, Evelyn F., dob 3-22-1918, mother Vera Taylor.

MAY, Henry L., dob 3-5-1917, mother Susie Compton.

MAY, John W., dob 1-26-1916, mother Bessie Pipes.

MAY, Juanita M., dob 7-19-1920, mother Cassie Stringer.

MAY, Louise, dob 5-8-1914, mother Ila Edwards.

MAY, Mildred L., dob 11-9-1912, mother Ila Edwards.

MAY, William H., dob 10-4-1914, mother Leslie Brewer.

MAYES, James C., dob 6-26-1919, mother Nellie Collins.

MAYES, John T., dob 7-29-1914, mother Nellie Collins.

MAYES, Leslie M., dob 5-8-1911, mother Hattie Gray.

MAYES, Robert H., dob 12-31-1918, mother Ruby Deadman.

MAYES, Roberta, dob 11-14-1917, mother Ruby Deadman.

MAYES, Virgie W., dob 7-4-1916, mohter Nellie Collins.

MAYETTE, Elizabeth, dob 6-8-1914, mother Pearl Crabtree.


MCAFEE, John N., dob 1-5-1912, mother Lyda Archer.

MCANALY, Carl L., dob 4-26-1917, mother Annie Gaddis.

MCANDY, Elbert R., dob 7-15-1913, mother Annie Gaddis.

MCANLEY, Grace L., dob 1-20-1911, mother Mattie Gordon.

MCANLEY, Mary M., dob 5-26-1913, mother Mattie Isordon.

MCANLY, Martin A., dob 2-17-1917, mother Emma Martin.

MCAULY, Alvie 1, dob 10-10-1911, mother Annie Gaddis.

MCAULY, Cloyd E., dob 11-9-1915, mother Emma Martin.


MCBATH, George A., dob 6-19-1913, mother Cora Gribbitt.

MCBATH, Walter L., dob 1-11-1915, mother Cora Tibbett.

MCBEATH, Manly D., dob 8-16-1915, mother Emma Jones.

MCBEE, Mildred C., dob 9-30-1912, mother Nannie Morris.


MCCARTY, Nora W., dob 5-14-1920, mother Nora Webb.

MCCLURE, William K., dob 12-25-1912, mother Fannie Everidge.

MCCONNELL, Augereau G., dob 8-2-1914, mother Jean Gaskin.

MCCONNELL, Jean M., dob 7-30-1919, mohter Jane Gaskin.

MCCONNELL, Sarah A., dob 2-23-1916, mother Jean Gaskin.

MCCONNELL, Theodore, dob 4-24-1913, mother Ora Epperson.

MCCORMACK, Arthur R., dob 7-3-1920, mohter Lula Patton.

MCCORMICK, Erain, dob 10-29-1919, mother Kate Rains.

MCCORRMACK, James 1, dob 1-30-1919, mother Georgia Claxton.

MCCOWAN, Dorothy J., dob 5-27-1919, mother Alma Buttram.

MCCOWAN, Lillie D., dob 1-5-1915, mother Ella Ray.

MCCOY, Dorothy E., dob 1-12-1913, mother Lizzie Terence.

MCCRISTAL, Arthur D., dob 3-24-1912, mother Hannah Collier.

MCCRISTAL, Ernest O., dob 9-21-1914, mother Hanah Collier.


MCDERMOTT, Agnes L., dob 8-7-1917, mother Lula Edwards.

MCDERMOTT, Edward E., dob 2-11-1915, mother Lou Edwards.

MCDONALD, Carl F., dob 2-10-1916, mother Myrtle Riddle.

MCDONALD, Evylin M., dob 11-27-1920, mother Tommie Gritton.

MCDONALD, Lillian L., dob 9-28-1913, mother Linney Owens.

MCDONALD, Margarett B., dob 11-17-1916, mother Linnie Owens.

MCDONALD, Myrtle M., dob 10-29-1914, mother Myrtle Riadle.


MCELFRESH, Ethel, dob 9-28-1916, mother Flora Rousey.

MCELFRESH, Raymond, dob 10-10-1913, mother Alice Sparks.

MCELFRESH, Thomas G., dob 11-5-1915, mother Lucy Sparks.

MCELROY, James A., dob 8-2-1920, mother Veloria Owens.

MCELROY, Ruby G., dob 7-10-1920, mother Laura Tartar.


MCFARREN, Archie, dob 4-7-1913, mother Belle Tucker.

MCFARREN, Hattie P., dob 6-1-1915, mother Anna Tucker.

MCFENAN, Martin, dob 6-7-1911, mother Bell Tricker.


MCGILL, Margaret G., dob 1-24-1920, mother Georgia Helm.

MCGINNIS, Allen, dob 10-14-1917, mother Gracie Bastin.

MCGINNIS, Beulah M., dob 10-31-1911, mother Gertrude Board.

MCGINNIS, Elizabeth, dob 7-4-1798.

MCGINNIS, Elsie M., dob 12-13-1920, mother Isabelle Edwards.

MCGRAW, Dorothy F., dob 3-4-1918, mother Pauline Irvine.

MCGRAW, Leola F., dob 1-12-1913, mother Bertha Whitehouse.

MCGRAW, Lloyd R., dob 8-16-1918, mohter Corinne Price.*

MCGRAW, Lloyd R., dob 8-16-1918, mohter Corinne Price.*

MCGROW, Lee W., dob 2-24-1917, mother Bessie Massey.

MCGUFFEY, Edmon H., dob 5-13-1911, mother Martha Harp.

MCGUFFEY, Jessie J., dob 5-11-1916, mother Marthia Harp.

MCGUFFEY, Ruby N., dob 4-28-1919, mother Martha Harp.

MCGUIRE, Floyd H., dob 12-19-1919, mother Bertha Griffith.

MCGUIRE, Lucille, dob 10-8-1914, mother Kate Brown.


MCKINNEY, Charles 2, dob 10-1-1916, mother Mattie Higgins.

MCKINNEY, Norma B., dob 9-27-1918, mother Mattie Higgins.


MCLANE Jr., Fred Rowland, dob 11-25-1918, mother Clara Merrick.


MCMILLAN, Elaine S., dob 12-10-1913, mother Gladys Simmons.

MCMILLAN, Gladys W., dob 12-24-1915, mother Gladys Simmons.

MCMILLAN, Phil 2, dob 10-7-1913, mother Maggie Montgomery.

MCMILLEN, Clyde S., dob 7-5-1919, mother Maggie Montgomery.

MCMILON, Elmore, dob 5-20-1917, mother Hazel Whit.


MCNEILL, Rosa G., dob 10-2-1914, mother Pearl Wheeler.


MCWATERS, Elizebeth, dob 3-5-1913, mother Ethel Lane.

MCWATERS, Julia K., dob 10-7-1914, mother Ethel Lane.

MCWHORTER, Mary L., dob 2-14-1920, mother Gladys Kelsoy.


MEADORS, Brown L., dob 3-16-1912, mother Virginia Lucas.


MEIER, Jesse L., dob 1-12-1918, mother Lee Stone.


MERRICK, Louise, dob 1-6-1912, mother Effie Ballance.

MERRIK, Cora B., dob 4-30-1916, mother Hadge Comingo.

MERRIMAN, Irene, dob 7-29-1919, mother Lizzie Turner.

MERRIMON, Agnes B., dob 9-21-1912, mother Matilda Barnes.

MERRIMON, Jessie L, dob 12-14-1914, mother Mamie Selch.

MERRIMON, Wesley A., dob 1-3-1916, mother Elizabeth Turner.


MESSER, Garnett M., dob 9-21-1913, mother Mollie Chambers.

MESSER, J. O., dob 7-11-1915, mother Mollie Chambers.

MESSER, King S., dob 11-5-1920, mother Mollie Chambers.


MIDDLETON, Cora, dob 5-6-1913, mother Mary Cheatham.

MIDDLETON, James, dob 1-27-1917, mother Lola Britton.

MIDDLETON, Jennie , dob 4-16-1912, mother Mary Cheatham.

MIDDLETON, Jesse W., dob 2-29-1916, mother Margaret Coleman.

MIDDLETON, John, dob 9-12-1912, mother Lola Bratton.

MIDDLETON, John L., dob 9-12-1912, mother Lola Britton.

MIDDLETON, Laura, dob 1-3-1919, mother Axie Brackett.

MIDDLETON, Martha L., dob 7-18-1918, mother Mary Cheatham.

MIDDLETON, Nancy M., dob 2-15-1917, mother Lola Bratton.

MIDDLETON, Virgil, dob 5-9-1916, mother Mary Cheathamm.


MILBERN, John 2, dob 8-18-1913, mother Vallie Coyle.

MILBOURNE, Harry 1, dob 10-11-1920, mother Anna Lucas.

MILBURN, Bertha L., dob 3-8-1916, mother Bettie Crowe.

MILBURN, Mary K., dob 7-12-1913, mother Mattie Grave.

MILBURN, Oscar L., dob 5-8-1911, mother Bettie Crain.

MILLER, Cecil, dob 8-20-1917, mother Ruth Shoemaker.

MILLER, Dorothy L., dob 10-22-1913, mother Mrgaret Hill.

MILLER, Ethel M., dob 12-10-1912, mother Effie Miller.

MILLER, Herman 1, dob 7-18-1917, mother Eva Hamm.

MILLER, James H., dob 1-20-1914, mother Carrie Lunsford.

MILLER, John 1, dob 5-5-1919, mother Maggie Hill.

MILLER, Leola G., dob 9-18-1920, mother Bernice McAnly.

MILLER, Mabel, dob 6-3-1916, mother Carrie Lunsford.

MILLER, Robert L., dob 1-20-1919, mother Almeter Hagens.

MILLER, Walter 2, dob 3-12-1918, mother Carrie Lunsford.

MILLER, William, dob 6-22-1915, mother Bertha Miller.

MILLS, Ethel M., dob 1-28-1915, mother Gertie King.

MILLS, Jas H., dob 7-13-1917, mother Gertrude King.


MINER, Clyde, dob 11-7-1914, mother Elsie Miller.

MINK, Ada, dob 1-14-1912, mother Carry Lesterman.

MINKS, James M., dob 8-10-1920, mother Freda Boders.

MINOR, Harold C., dob 4-8-1920, mother Minnie Hooper.

MINOR, Thomas J., dob 8-14-1915, mother Johanna Wession.

MINOR, Virginia C., dob 4-3-1915, mother Mary McAnelly.


MITCHELL, Betty M., dob 7-7-1920, mother Florence Caldwell.

MITCHELL, Erma, dob 9-1-1917, mother Heathy Mitchell.

MITCHELL, Frank W., dob 8-27-1913, mother Elsie Logan.

MITCHELL, Howard, dob 2-28-1916, mother Deborah Roberson.

MITCHELL, James W., dob 11-27-1914, mother Zora Purdom.

MITCHELL, Martha J., dob 8-3-1919, mother Zora Pendom.

MITCHELL, Mary V., dob 2-19-1915, mother Laura Thompson.

MITCHELL, Miner C., dob 3-7-1916, mother Zora Purdom.

MITCHELL, Reid L., dob 1-17-1913, mother Zora Purdam.

MITCHELL, RObert, dob 6-7-1920, mother Miriam Tarrance.

MITCHELL, Sarah L., dob 7-4-1920, mother Elza Logan.


MOBERLEY, William E., dob 4-19-1916, mother Phoeba Payne.


MOHAN, D. 2, dob 5-15-1912, mother Mary Mobley.


MONTGOMERY, Daniel B., dob 6-15-1915, mother Ida Milburn.

MONTGOMERY, Edgar, dob 2-6-1920, mother Nora Sinkhorn.

MONTGOMERY, Edgar W., dob 7-20-1918, mother Malinda Baker.

MONTGOMERY, Edna M., dob 5-28-1918, mother Icy Pike.

MONTGOMERY, Eugene, dob 4-15-1916, mother Malinda Baker.

MONTGOMERY, Grace, dob 6-11-1919, mother Mattie Montgomery.

MONTGOMERY, Gracie C., dob 5-25-1914, mother Julia Westerfield.

MONTGOMERY, Hattie M., dob 12-15-1916, mother Julia Westerfield.

MONTGOMERY, Hazel, dob 2-24-1914, mother Dortha Owens.

MONTGOMERY, John M., dob 5-6-1919, mother Ida Milburn.

MONTGOMERY, Junie R., dob 9-8-1911, mother Malinda Baker.

MONTGOMERY, Mattie D., dob 9-17-1914, mother Kittie Watson.

MONTGOMERY, Susie M., dob 1-17-1914, mother Malinda Baker.

MONTGOMERY, William H., dob 6-24-1920, mother Julia Westerfield.


MOORE, Catherine, dob 4-6-1913, mother Kate Baker.

MOORE, Garnette, dob 11-15-1913, mother Mary Irwin.

MOORE, George S., dob 9-15-1914, mother Mary Brown.

MOORE, Harvey, dob 6-24-1920, mother Louise Clark.

MOORE, Helen W., dob 8-14-1914, mother Kate Caldwell.

MOORE, James E., dob 1-4-1916, mother Ivy Purvis.

MOORE, Jessie W., dob 3-20-1920, mother Dora Smith.

MOORE, John E., dob 11-12-1916, mother Mary Irwin.

MOORE, Julian H., dob 7-3-1918, mother Maria Tarkington.

MOORE, Leonard David, dob 9-20-1862.

MOORE, Lucille M., dob 1-27-1919, mother Pearl Vaught.

MOORE, Lydia M., dob 10-13-1912, mother Margaret Clarke.

MOORE, Margert, dob 2-8-1916, mother Ethel Robinson.

MOORE, Ollie E., dob 12-7-1914, mother Cora Kalge.

MOORE, Robert S., dob 11-17-1920, mother Maria Tarkington.

MOORE, Samuel A., dob 7-28-1912, mother Kate Callwell.

MOORE, Sarah B., dob 2-25-1918, mother Pearl Tucker.

MOORE, Shirley H., dob 4-24-1918, mother Laura Ellmar.

MOORE, Woodson B., dob 3-25-1915, mother Louisa Clark.


MORAN, Charles I., dob 8-13-1916, mother Mary Allen.

MORGAN, Mary E., dob 6-3-1914, mother Alice Daly.

MORGASON, Hugh, dob 8-10-1916, mother Mattie Mullens.

MORGESON, Mabel H., dob 12-1-1914, mother Mattie Mullins.

MORRIS, Albert L., dob 6-2-1916, mother Delia Gibson.

MORRIS, Delia M., dob 9-4-1920, mother Jeanetta Hamilton.

MORRIS, Elmar, dob 5-13-1914, mother Effie Miller.

MORRIS, Ethel J., dob 8-17-1918, mother Hattie Binchett.

MORRIS, Josie E., dob 10-24-1915, mother Jeanetta Hamilton.

MORRIS, Roscoe W., dob 12-24-1913, mother Delia Gipson.

MORRIS, Thomas A., dob 2-15-1917, mother Hattie Burchett.

MORRIS, William E., dob 6-28-1918, mother Jeannette Hamilton.


MOSER, Millard, dob 5-23-1918, mother Anna Myers.**

MOSER, Millred, dob 5-23-1918, mother Anna Myers.**

MOSIER, Edith R., dob 10-16-1918, mother RIlla Tamme.

MOSS, Marion R., dob 6-30-1918, mother Jessie Ellsbury.

MOSS, William C., dob 4-4-1917, mother Jessie Elsbury.


MOUNT, John M., dob 5-5-1915, mother Jennie Lynn.


MULKY, John M., dob 1-16-1916, other Kate Miller.

MULLEN, Virginia D., dob 3-2-1913, mother Angie Lester.

MULLENS, Nannie B., dob 7-3-1915, mother Alberta Nichols.

MULLINS, Annie T., dob 3-4-1917, mother Marriah Turner.

MULLINS, Henry D., dob 2-6-1919, mother Marcah Turner.***

MULLINS, Henry D., dob 11-18-1918, mother Mariah Turner.***

MULLINS, Madaline B., dob 9-21-1920, mother Mattie Crane.

MULLINS, Mary O., dob 12-14-1912, mother Eva Harvy.


MUNDAY, Melva L., dob 9-27-1920, mother Minie Baker.

MUNDY, Acey, dob 9-26-1918, mother Fany Rhineheart.


MURPHY, John, dob 7-23-1915, mother Lydia Minor.

MURPHY, John B., dob 10-14-1913, mother Mattie Baker.

MURPHY, Liddell, dob 8-1-1912, mother Alleyine Underwood.

MURPHY, Lucy, dob 9-2-1912, mother Lydia Minor.

MURPHY, Lydia, dob 9-9-1919, mother Lydia Muion.

MURPHY, Willie, dob 7-10-1918, mother Ella Carpenter.

MURRELL, Alice N., dob 3-8-1916, mother Dollie Furguson.


MYERS, Jno C., dob 10-4-1915, mother Nellie Furnell.

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