Boyle County Births "L"

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LACKEY, Arthur B., dob 9-13-1911, mother Eliza Mullins.


LAKES, Andrew 2, dob 11-12-1914, mother Orpie Farmer.

LAKES, Mary E., dob 3-16-1912, mother Mary Lunsford.


LAMB, Bertie, dob 12-22-1915, mother Uora Likes.

LAMB, Forest H., dob 11-7-1912, mother Clara Southerland.

LAMB, Ira D., dob 2-1-1914, mother Nancy Chambers.

LAMB, Laula C., dob 6-9-1915, mother Etta Southerland.

LAMB, Woodrow, dob 12-25-1912, mother Nancy Chambers.


LANAM, Frances M., dob 3-13-1913, mother Sallie Phillips.

LANAM, Phillip R., dob 29 Mar 1920, mother Sallie Phillips.

LANCASTER, Dorothy, dob 7 Oct 1916, mother Martha Litton.

LANCASTER, Elizabeth M., dob 11-9-1913, mother Mary Craig.

LANCASTER, Everhard, dob 31 Jan 1919, mother Sussie Higgins.

LANCASTER, Frank, dob 8-17-1915, mother Anna Ward.

LANCASTER, Howard M., dob 4-4-1916, mother May Hill.

LANCASTER, Madelin M., dob 6-11-1914, mother Martha Litton.

LANCASTER, Mattie M., dob 23 Aug 1916, mother Susie Higgins.

LANCASTER, Ruby Lee, dob 7 May 1919, mother Janie Harrison.

LANCASTER, Walter M., dob 1-6-1913, mother Martha Liton.

LANE, Edmaut D., dob 13 May 1919, mother Mary Dunn.

LANE, Leroy, dob 11-24-1914, mother Margie Gorley.

LANE, William L., dob 2 Jan 1920, mother Margie Gosley.

LANGUE, Elizabeth, dob 24 Jan 1915, mother Katie Sutherland.

LANHAM, Beatrice, dob 9-5-1914, mother Fannie Robertson.

LANHAM, Carlos L., dob 17 Sep 1920, mother Maggie Bandy.

LANKASTER, J.B., dob 17 Nov 1917, mother Jannie Harrison.

LANKFORD, Everhart B., dob 11 Dec 1920, mother Imogen Burdette.

LANKFORD, William T., dob 11 Dec 1920, mother Imogen Burdett.


LARSON, Aletha D., dob 14 Sep 1918, mother Aletha Darling.*

LARSON, ALetha D., dob 14 Sep 1918, mother Aletha Darling.*


LATIMER, Martha J., dob 23 Nov 1914, mother Virginia Spoonoman.

LATIMER, Maxine, dob 18 Jan 1917, mother Virginia Spoonsamore.


LAUGHLAN, Henry T., dob 3-23-1915, mother Olivia Jarman.

LAUGHLIN, Fredua, dob 28 Jul 1917, mother Olivia Jarman.


LAWHAM, Cecil R., dob 2-11-1914, mother Maude Heath.

LAWRENCE, James R., dob 9 Oct 1920, mother Christine Thompson.


LEAGIN, Raymond C., dob 8-17-1914, mother Cora Cox.

LEAGUE, Ethel, dob 12 May 1920, mother Cora Cox.

LEAGUE, Homer R., dob 16 Feb 1920, mother Nancy Smock.

LEAGUE, Irene M., dob 10-5-1914, mother Nancy Smock.

LEAGUE, Joe A., dob 2-5-1912, mother Rose Montgomery.

LEAGUE, Marvin E., dob 30 May 1917, mother Cora Cox.

LEAGUE, Mary L., dob 9-18-1912, mother Nancy Smock.

LEAGUE, Riley A., dob 18 Nov 1920, mother Tilda Sexton.

LEATHERS, Chas A., dob 6 Aug 1917, mother Mary Cunningham.

LEATHERS, Everett W., dob 3 Jul 1918, mother Barbara Hardin.

LEATHERS, Helen, dob 27 Feb 1915, mother Barbara Hardin.

LEATHERS, James 1, dob 27 Jun 1917, mother unknown.

LEATHERS, Richard F., dob 15 May 1916, mother Barbara Hardin.

LEATHERS, William A., dob 4-17-1912, mother Mary Cunningham.


LEBER, Anna M., dob 30 Jan 1916, mother Betsy Gaddis.


LEE, Arch, dob 19 May 1912, mother Sophronia Carson.

LEE, Arch F., dob 9-9-1912, mother Amanda Walker.

LEE, Bradley, dob 11 Dec 1917, mother Safdrina Cowan.

LEE, Clem, dob 3-23-1915, mother Ella Frye.

LEE, Flossie M., dob 22 Apr 1914, mother Mary Ryden.

LEE, Hazel B., dob 4 Apr 1918, mother Susie Burkett.

LEE, Ira L., dob 11 Feb 1920, mother Momie Lane.

LEE, Isabell, dob 7-26-1914, mother Ella Fryer.

LEE, Jennie, dob 2-26-1913, mother Mary Reardon.

LEE, Jordan, dob 8-1-1913, mother Harriet Scruggs.

LEE, Madison J., dob 11 Oct 1918, mother Nan Mayers.

LEE, Minie L., dob 7 Oct 1916, mother Treasie Lee.

LEE, Nettie H., dob 5-26-1913, mother Sophronia Cowan.

LEE, Oscar, dob 7 Sep 1916, mother Harriet Scruggs.

LEE, Ralph, dob 12 Apr 1917, mother Ella Frye.

LEE, Robert H., dob 23 Jan 1920, mother Nannie Baugh.

LEE, Roy C., dob 11-6-1915, mother Sophronia Cowan.

LEE, Sarah M., dob 15 Dec 1919, mother Nancy Mayers.

LEE, Thomas L., dob 2-12-1878, parents Joseph & Frances ("Fannie") Bell Lee.

LEE, Viola F., dob 9 Apr 1918, mother Mamie Love.

LEER, Artha 1, dob 5-3-1913, mother Ella Foye.


LEFFEW, Clay W., dob 4-13-1912, mother Maggie Baker.


LEIBER, Beulah L., dob 24 Apr 1918, mother Mary Gaddis.

LEIBER, Claudia L., dob 6 Feb 1920, mother Mary Gaddis.

LEIGH, Ruby P., dob 7-11-1912, mother Mary Waldon.

LEIGH, William R., dob 9-6-1914, mother Mary Walden.


LEMANS, Howard C., dob 8-11-1916, mother Hermie Wagoner.

LEMONS, CLiford 1, dob 11 Jan 1920, mother Mary Andrews.

LEMONS, Clifton, dob 7-31-1912, mother Eliza Pitman.

LEMONS, Stanley G., dob 9-28-1913, mother Hermie Wagner.


LEONARD, Benjamin W., dob 11 Aug 1918, mother Bessie Walston.

LEONARD, ELizabeth E., dob 24 May 1920, mother Bessie Walston.

LEONARD, William K., dob 10 Mar 1919, mother Retha Patteman.


LESTER, Benjamin J., dob 1-27-1913, mother May Taylor.

LESTER, Emma B., dob 4-20-1916, mother Mary Blair.

LESTER, Leslie P., dob 7-15-1913, mother Mary Blair.

LESTER, Marvin D., dob 7-1-1912, mother Lula Green.

LESTER, Mary E., dob 4-21-1914, mother Ida Finley.

LESTER, Virginia, dob 10-22-1916, mother Emily Wagginer.


LETCHER, Mary E., dob 1-27-1916, mother Mary Frye.

LETCHER, William F., dob 28 Feb 1918, mother Mary Fory.


LEUERSON, Annie B., dob 11-2-1913, mother Willie Jones.


LEWALLEN, Dorothy, dob 6-11-1916, mother Velma McKenzie.

LEWIS, Alfred, dob 5-4-1912, mother Amelia Hines.

LEWIS, Arthur G., dob 19 Apr 1917, mother Mary Speaks.

LEWIS, Elizabeth, dob 10 Jun 1913, mother Susslan Caldwell.

LEWIS, Henry D., dob 6-7-1915, mother Mary Speaks.

LEWIS, Howard, dob 9-25-1915, mother Hallie Briscoe.

LEWIS, Jackson F., dob 21 Mar 1920, mother Hallie Briscoe.

LEWIS, James W., dob 7-14-1914, mother Julia King.

LEWIS, John B., dob 4-30-1912, mother Elsen Wilson.

LEWIS, Joseph W., dob 25 Dec 1919, mother Lista Coffman.

LEWIS, Maria L., dob 10-15-1913, mother Nannie Catlett.

LEWIS, Martha, dob 12-29-1914, mother E. Vaught.

LEWIS, Mary C., dob 1-19-1913, mother Mary Speaks.

LEWIS, Mary F., dob 8 Aug 1917, mother Lista Kauffman.

LEWIS, Mary W., dob 3 Feb 1919, mother Elcy Wilson.

LEWIS, Miller, dob 6 Jul 1919, mother Amelia Hines.

LEWIS, Ollie E., dob 7-28-1914, mother Elsie Wilson.

LEWIS, Robert B., dob 5-27-1912, mother Hallie Briscoe.

LEWIS, Robert D., dob 8-5-1912, mother Birdie Burchett.

LEWIS, Thomas, dob 4-26-1914, mother Amelia Hines.

LEWIS, Wallace H., dob 12-11-1916, mother Amelia Hines.

LEWRIGHT, Anderson 1, dob 1-6-1911, mother Cristina Thompson.


LINNEY, Beulah R., dob 17 Oct 1917, mother Mattie Minor.

LINNEY, J. F., dob 7-16-1915, mother Mattie Minor.


LISTER, Arthur E., dob 1 Nov 1920, mother Aline Hammons.

LISTER, Raymon, dob 7-27-1912, mother Carrie Prewitt.


LITTON, Horace M., dob 29 Aug 1917, mother Abagail Chambers.

LITTON, Robert D., dob 17 Oct 1917, mother Anna Kries.


LIVINGSTON, Lucile, dob 10-3-1914, mother Willie Jones.

LIVINGSTONE, Emma E., dob 17 Dec 1917, mother Willie Jones.

LIVINGSTONE, Wm. P., dob 1-5-1916, mother Millie Jones.


LLOYD, Margert J., dob 7-21-1916, mother Aretha Michum.


LOGAN, Chas 1, dob 1-2-1911, mother Amanda Hutchison.

LOGAN, Virgil F., dob 6-21-1911, mother Mary Hutchinson.

LOGNE, Cecil V., dob 10-31-1915, mother Nora Philips.

LOGNE, James A., dob 10 Sep 1919, mother Amanda Hutchinson.

LOGUE, Johnnie L., dob 1-12-1915, mother Mary Hutchison.

LOGUE, Lilly M., dob 22 Jan 1917, mother Amanda Hutchison.

LOGUE, Louis M., dob 7 Feb 1919, mother Mary Hutchinson.

LOGUE, Nancy M., dob 13 Nov 1914, mother Amanda Hutchison.

LOGUE, Robert N., dob 1-28-1913, mother Mary Hutchison.

LOGUR, Jesse J., dob 10-16-1916, mother Mary Hutchison.


LONG, James W., dob 7 Dec 1920, mother Sarah Mills.

LONG, Louis I., dob 9 Dec 1919, mother Sara Mills.

LONG, Lucy K., dob 9 Jul 1918, mother Hattie Potts.


LOUIS, Jerome, dob 10-29-1914, mother Viola Cowan.


LOVITCH, Morton R., dob 11-10-1913, mother Rose Joseph.


LOWRY, Ansel, dob 12-22-1913, mother Mary Hoofer.

LOWRY, John I., dob 9-27-1916,mother Mary Hooper.

LOWRY, Mabel, dob 8-2-1911, mother Fannie Dupee.

LOWRY, Minnie P., dob 2-12-1915, mother Ella Lamburt.

LOWRY, Roy W., dob 22 Feb 1919, mother Vicie Royalty.

LOWRY, Warren G., dob 21 Nov 1920, mother Lou Lambert.


LUCAS, Allie M., dob 3-22-1913, mother Margaret Johnson.

LUCAS, Edith F., dob 18 Apr 1919, mother Grace Gritton.


LUMFERD, Cejor 1, dob 24 May 1919, mother May Nikirk.


LUNSFORD, Allie M., dob 6 Jan 1914, mother Busney Hamm.

LUNSFORD, Andrew J., dob 2-4-1916, mother Malinda Lunsford.

LUNSFORD, Earnest, dob 7-22-1913, mother Mary Nikirk.

LUNSFORD, Harold J., dob 6-9-1916, mother Ethel Hooper.

LUNSFORD, James H., dob 3 Apr 1917, mother Bestna Hamm.

LUNSFORD, Jesse 1, dob 9-4-1913, mother Kate Nikirk.

LUNSFORD, John M., dob 30 Jul 1918, mother Rebecca Daily.

LUNSFORD, Kager 2, dob 11-30-1916, mother Mary Neikirk.

LUNSFORD, Micapar 2, dob 6-30-1911, mother Mary Nikirk.


LUTHER, CHarles M., dob 19 Jan 1919, mother Mary Fry.


LYKINS, Chester J., dob 9-4-1912, mother Nettie Ross.


LYNCH, James D., dob 24 Mar 1917, mother Margaret Fitzpatrick.

LYNCH, Joe L., dob 7-19-1913, mother Margrete Fitzpatrick.

LYNCH, Joseph 2, dob 23 Jun 1911, mother Margaret Beatrice.

LYNN, Annie P., dob 8-25-1915, mother Sarah Edelson.

LYNN, Bernard S., dob 9-25-1913, mother Sara Edilson.

LYNN, Pauline, dob 1 Aug 1917, mother Sarah Edelson.


LYONS, Addie, dob 10 Feb 1918, mother Rachel Harris.


LYTE, Maxine, dob 9-9-1912, mother Leila Coomer.

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