Boyle County Births "K"

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KAUFMAN, Dorothy S., dob 26 Jan 1919, mother Mary Chandler.


KEEFE, John B., dob 8-2-1912, mother Ruby Duncan.

KEELING, Walter M., dob 10-9-1911, mother Hattie Kraub.


KELLER, Evelyn C., dob 3 Mar 1917, mother Lelah Holton.

KELLEY, Delman B., dob 17 Sep 1911, mother Lula ROberts.

KELLEY, George A., dob 8-7-1911, mother Ivie Montgomery.

KELLY, Agnes, dob 2 Mar 1920, mother Tillie Anderson.

KELLY, Arnold G., dob 12-26-1913, mother Margrete Fox.

KELLY, Helen, dob 6-16-1915, mother Margrite Fox.

KELLY, John W., dob 27 Apr 1917, mother Matilda Anderson.

KELLY, Mabel I., dob 12-11-1915, mother Lula Roberts.


KENLEY, Abe, dob 7-25-1913, mother Maggie McRoberts.

KENLEY, Edward E., dob 13 Aug 1917, mother Fannie Huston.

KENLEY, Eugene, dob 10-5-1911, mother Maggie Roberts.

KENLEY, Lovell, dob 25 Apr 1919, mother Fannie Hudson.

KENLEY, Sherman, dob 7-25-1912, mother Mary Thomas.

KENLEY, Willis, dob 30 Dec 1916, mother Annie Helm.

KENNEDY, Dollie M., dob 27 Mar 1914, mother Ida Adams.

KENNEDY, Edna M., dob 1 Jun 1918, mother Ida Adams.

KENNEDY, Harry, dob 12 Apr 1917, mother Ella Brown.

KENNEDY, Olivia, dob 12 Mar 1916, mother Lena Berry.

KENNEDY, Romanie, dob 3 Jun 1914, mother Lina Berry.

KENNEDY, Wesley, dob 12 Apr 1917, mother Ella Brown.


KERN, William C., dob 9-13-1915, mother Ovie Lester.

KERR, Pearl J., dob 4 Dec 1918, mother Nannie Counts.

KERRY, James T., dob 20 Jan 1919, mother Ovie Lester.


KEY, Evelin F., dob 24 Dec 1919, mother Beulah Roney.

KEY, Forrest, dob 1-5-1914, mother Rosa Claunch.

KEY, Pearl, dob 25 Mar 1917, mother Beulah Roney.


KIDD, Charles T., dob 27 Nov 1920, mother Anna Atkins.

KIDD, Hazel E., dob 4-8-1915, mother Anna Atkins.

KIDD, Nancy E., dob 8 Aug 1917, mother Anna Atkins.

KIDD, Robert F., dob 10-3-1913, mother Mae Williams.

KIDD, Violet M., dob 1-22-1912, mother Grace Bargo.

KIDD, WIlliam H., dob 9-27-1913, mother Grace Benge.


KIMBERLIN, Charles E., dob 29 Jun 1919, mother Mary Estes.

KIMBERLIN, Perncelia R., dob 31 Jan 1917, mother Mary Estis.

KIMBERLINE, Annie C., dob 3-17-1914, mother Mary Ester.


KINCAID, John, dob 2-15-1791.

KING, Albert F., dob 10 Jul 1917, mother Dora McAnley.

KING, Charles G., dob 10-12-1914, mother Lena Williams.

KING, Clarence L., dob 18 May 1919, mother Dora McAuly.

KING, Clora O., dob 17 Feb 1916, mother Nellie Guest.

KING, ELsie, dob 13 Aug 1917, mother Minnie Gooch.

KING, Eva, dob 15 Jun 1920, mother Mina Gooch.

KING, H.G., dob 16 Oct 1920, mother Pearl Cooley.

KING, Mable, dob 23 Sep 1916, mother Pearl Cooley.

KING, Raymond C., dob 5 Apr 1919, mother Pearl Cooley.

KING, Vernon, dob 11-20-1914, mother Myrtle Crews.

KING, William R., dob 11-6-1915, mother Dora Manly.

KINLEY, Abe 2, dob 12-26-1914, mother Maggie Roberts.


KIRBY, Lloyd C., dob 25 Feb 1920, mother Mildred Carter.

KIRBY, Marion, dob 15 Mar 1917, mother Mildred Crter.

KIRKLAND, Eva, dob 21 Feb 1919, mother Annie McAnly.

KIRKLAND, Kelley H., dob 4-3-1914, mother Ella Minor.

KIRKLAND, Leo M., dob 15 Feb 1917, mother Annie McArly.


KNOPP, Joseph A., dob 11-14-1914, mother Catherine Singler.

KNOPP, Robert N., dob 11-21-1915, mother Ada Nolan.

KNOX, Mary, dob 7-3-1795, parents David and Isabella (Caldwell) Knox.


KOGER, Christine, dob 7-11-1913, mother Sarah Rogers.


KRIENER, Jersey, dob 10-7-1914, mother Jersey Geffinger (or Giffinger).

KRIENER, Louis M., dob 10-20-1912, mother Jersey Geffinger.


KURR, Doub 1, dob 10-24-1912, mother Gertrude Coperhauer.

KURTZ, Carrol T., dob 2 Jul 1918, mother Bettie Kurtz.

KURTZ, Clarence, dob 2-29-1912, mother Nora Voorheis.

KURTZ, Mary R., dob 4-8-1913, mother Edith Daily.

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