Boyle County Births "J"

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JACKSON, Charley, male, dob 3 May 1919, mother Kattie Coats.

JACKSON, Clinsman S., dob 4-27-1912, mother Sara Schorley.

JACKSON, James 1, male, born 13 Aug 1917, mother Fannie Alford.

JACKSON, Joe, dob 5-19-1914, mother Sallie Jackson.

JACKSON, John 2, male, born 10 Jun 1913, mother Kathleen Strouse.

JACKSON, Katherine, female, dob 29 Nov 1917, mother Katherine Shouse.

JACKSON, Leonard, male, born 15 Jul 1920, mother Bea Miller.

JACKSON, Lewis, male, born 14 May 1917, mother Leila Loveless.

JACKSON, Lewis 1, male, born 14 May 1917, mother Leila Loveless.

JACKSON, Marion A., dob 3 May 1919, mother Leila Loveless.

JACKSON, Martha B., dob 11-14-1913, mother Mary Engleman.

JACKSON, Mosee, dob 3-6-1912, mother Katherine Strouse.

JACKSON, Richard G., dob 7-18-1915, mother Katherine Strouse.

JACKSON, Sara S., dob 12-12-1913, mother Sara Schooling.

JACKSON, Sarah M., female, dob 6 Dec 1919, mother Kathleen Lewis.


JEFFERSON, Irene, dob 9-29-1913, mother Sarah Pope.

JEFFERSON, Percy A., dob 8-29-1911, mother Sabelle Pope.


JENINGS, Edwin S., dob 3-15-1915, mother Ollinnie Young.

JENKINS, Benjamin A., male, dob 22 May 1919, mother Ginie Alford.

JENKINS, Estle D., (male), dob 9-14-1914, mothe Sally Jenkins.

JENKINS, J. W., dob 9-14-1914, mother May Wilson.

JENKINS, Leonard, male, dob 4 Mar 1917, mother Cinda Faulkner.

JENKINS, Oscar C., dob 9-4-1912, mother Minnie Sea.

JENNINGS, Carlyle D., dob 4 Feb 1916, mother Etta King.

JENNINGS, Woodford F., dob 4-26-1914, mother Etta King.


JESSEE, Cecil C., dob 3-25-1912, mother Kate Dickerson.


JETT, Josiah Shelton, dob 24 Sep 1844, mother Julia A. Edwards.


JOHNSON, Aaron W., male, dob 22 Mar 1914, mother Cleo Smith.

JOHNSON, Albert A., male, dob 4 Aug 1920, mother Julie Benedict.

JOHNSON, Arthur C., dob 12-9-1915, mother Laura Tarkington.

JOHNSON, Arthur R., male, dob 20 Nov 1919, mother Estella Benedict.

JOHNSON, Artie G., dob 23 May 1919, mother Beulah Stewart.

JOHNSON, Bessie B., female, dob 8 Oct 1917, mother Nelie Settles.

JOHNSON, Carrie M., female, dob 30 May 1919, mother Anna Ferrell.

JOHNSON, Clyde L, dob 8-10-1912, mother Nanie Myers.

JOHNSON, Edith, female, dob 8 Feb 1912, mother Anna Ferrill.

JOHNSON, Edward R., male, dob 21 Jul 1920, mother Margaret Johnson.

JOHNSON, Elizabeth, dob 3 Nov 1916, mother Rogus Daugherty.

JOHNSON, Henry, male, dob 15 Sep 1917, mother Ada Smith.

JOHNSON, Herman, dob 3-1-1911, mother Lollie Pennick.

JOHNSON, Herman S., dob 12-11-1914, mother Annie Johnson.

JOHNSON, J.A., born 23 Jan 1919, mother Rogus Daugherty.

JOHNSON, James C., dob 6-8-1914, mother Annie Terrell.

JOHNSON, James Edward, male, dob 14 Sep 1919, mother Cleo Smith.

JOHNSON, James R., male, dob 17 Jan 1917, mother Sophana Nasko.

JOHNSON, Jas. S., male, dob 17 Apr 1917, mother Brady Ferrell.

JOHNSON, Jess 1, dob 3 Jun 1912, mother ROgers Daugherty.

JOHNSON, John 2, dob 2-11-1913, mother Nannie Lee.

JOHNSON, John H., male, dob 9 Nov 1919, mother Biddie Motley.

JOHNSON, Joseph A., male, dob 12 Dec 1917, mother Laura Tarkington.

JOHNSON, Katherine M., female, dob 17 Nov 1912, mother Johanna Nosko.

JOHNSON, Katie L., female, dob 31 Aug 1913, mother Mattie Pollard.

JOHNSON, Lela G., dob 28 Nov 1916, mother Maud Herring.

JOHNSON, Leroy, dob 6-24-1914, mother Rogie Dougherty.

JOHNSON, Lillie, dob 7-15-1915, mother Bradie Farrel.

JOHNSON, Mamie S., dob 7-26-1914, mother Mary West.

JOHNSON, Margaret, dob 1 Jan 1916, mother Cleona Smith.

JOHNSON, Margaret E., dob 7-19-1915, mother Alice Lyon.

JOHNSON, Margaret L., dob 4-30-1912, mother Mary West.

JOHNSON, Mary A., female, dob 11 Mar 1919, mother Alice Syon.

JOHNSON, Mary E., female, dob 2 May 1920, mother Sarah Denton.

JOHNSON, Mary S., dob 13 Apr 1916, mother Mattie Sanders.

JOHNSON, Ophelia, dob 9-11-1911, mother Cleo Smith.

JOHNSON, Oscar, male, dob 14 Dec 1920, mother Mattie Farris.

JOHNSON, Roscoe, dob 7-4-1914, mother Anna Camper.

JOHNSON, Samuel R., dob 27 Aug 1916, mother Anna Ferrill.

JOHNSON, Susie, female, dob 4 Oct 1918, mother Matie Farris.

JOHNSON, Thomas H., male, dob 9 Nov 1919, mother Biddie Motley.

JOHNSON, William B., dob 2-16-1913, mother Eliza Johnson.

JOHNSON, William L., dob 9-25-1915, mother Estill Benedict.

JOHNSON, William S., male, dob 28 Mar 1919, mother Lillie Rayborn.


JONES, Alfred L., dob 9-6-1912, mother Tennie Wolford.

JONES, Allene B., dob 8-31-1915, mother Minnie Wither.

JONES, Alma C., dob 11-29-1912, mother Mattie Blevins.

JONES, Annie M., dob 6-11-1914, mother Tena Wofford.

JONES, Blenard E., dob 21 Jul 1920, mother Clemmie Beagle.

JONES, Burman O., dob 3-4-1914, mother Maggie Pollard.

JONES, Charles F., male, dob 8 Aug 1919, mother Marie Creekmon.

JONES, Charles L., dob 5-1-1914, mother Nannie Hocey.

JONES, Clifford, male, dob 8 Nov 1917, mother Rebecca Cloyd.

JONES, Daniel E., male, dob 22 Sep 1918, mother Levada Pittman.

JONES, Debo, dob 6-25-1912, mother Susie Monrow.

JONES, Dolly M., dob 18 Jul 1917, mother Luann Berry.

JONES, Earl S., dob 7 Mar 1916, mother Nanny Howey.

JONES, ELizabeth, dob 1 May 1919, mother Mary Strevels.

JONES, Ella M., dob 6-27-1913, mother Anna Chambers.

JONES, Erman A., dob 7-23-1914, mother Luvola Pittman.

JONES, Eva, dob 8-30-1915, mother Savannah Bright.

JONES, Flossie, dob 1 Dec 1916, mother Carrie Gordon.

JONES, Garrett, dob 2-7-1913, mother Eliza Nenley.

JONES, George, dob 9-11-1913, mother Sallie Thurmond.

JONES, Grace E., dob 20 Apr 1919, mother Florence McKnight.

JONES, Guy M., dob 20 Feb 1919, mother Mary Eubanks.

JONES, Hallie, dob 2-20-1915, mother Carrie Jordon.

JONES, Harry C., dob 8 Aug 1919, mother Mary Creekmoore.

JONES, Hattie A., dob 10-9-1912, mother Myrtie Blevins.

JONES, Henry 2, dob 6-11-1912, mother Jeannette Summers.

JONES, Hobart T., dob 16 May 1920, mother Terrie Wofford.

JONES, James, dob 28 Mar 1916, mother Stella Perkins.

JONES, James 1, dob 4-10-1912, mother Manirvia Strwel.

JONES, James 2, dob 9-1-1913, mother Daisy Shevels.

JONES, John P., dob 7 Nov 1918, mother Lizzie Stratton.

JONES, John W., dob 13 Oct 1918, mother Fouaire Carmon.

JONES, Jullia R., dob 15 Jun 1916, mother Daisy Strevels.

JONES, Lawrence M., dob 4-28-1914, mother Elizabeth Stratton.

JONES, Lee 2, dob 13 Oct 1919, mother Lora Berry.

JONES, Leon F., dob 29 Aug 1916, mother Elizabeth Stratton.

JONES, Mamie M., dob 7-7-1914, mother Myrtie Blevins.

JONES, Marice C., dob 4-30-1914, mother Flo McKnight.

JONES, Marie R., dob 28 Dec 1916, mother Mary Crozier.

JONES, Minnie M., dob 23 May 1917, mother Maggie Pollard.

JONES, N. 2, dob 19 Sep 1918, mother Marie Creekmore.

JONES, Nellie M., dob 31 Mar 1917, mother Nannie Holly.

JONES, O. D., dob 6-9-1912, mother Nannie Holly.

JONES, Olia G., dob 4-28-1912, mother Florince Wiley.

JONES, Omelia M., dob 2-14-1912, mother Lewooda Pittman.

JONES, O'Neal E., dob 9-6-1912, mother Tennie Wolford.

JONES, Otis, dob 25 Mar 1918, mother Susie Allen.

JONES, Oza, dob 8 Jul 1917, mother Savanah Bright.

JONES, Ozear, dob 20 May 1917, mother Savannah Bright.

JONES, Raymond S., dob 22 Mar 1917, mother Florence Mcnight.

JONES, Ruth, dob 6 Apr 1919, mother Mattie Blevins.

JONES, Ruth M., dob 6-23-1915, mother Lillian Savmon.

JONES, Sam, dob 15 Mar 1917, mother Florence Wiley.

JONES, Sarah R., dob 15 Jun 1917, mother Mattie Blevins.

JONES, Stella M., dob 3-21-1915, mother Emma Hay.

JONES, Virginia O., dob 15 Nov 1919, mother Nannie Holly.

JONES, Warren C., dob 7 Mar 1917, mother Myrtle Blevins.

JONES, William L., dob 4 Jul 1919, mother Myrtie Blevins.

JONES, WIlliam V., dob 28 Apr 1917, mother Etta Moore.


JOSEPH, William C., 5-4-1915, mother Ruth Lunsford.

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