Boyle County Births "I"

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INGELS, Elizabeth A., dob 23 May 1920, mother Leona Shears.

INGRAM, Charles C., dob 1 May 1917, mother Maria Gaines.

INGRAM, Ophelia, dob 1 Apr 1918, mother Essie Gaddie.

INGRAM, Savanah, dob 4 May1911, mother Nannie Brockshaw.

INMAN, Anna M., dob 22 May 1920, mother Mary Harmon.

INMAN, William 1, dob 15 Aug 1915, mother Anna Gibson.

INMAN, William 2, dob 15 Aug 1915, mother Anna Gibson.

INMAN, William J., dob 12 Nov 1918, mother Myrtie Arnold.

INMAN, Williams T., dob 10-16-1911, mother Anna Gibson.


IRVINE, Helen B., dob 11-23-1915, mother Jessie Miller.

IRVINE, John W., dob 2-6-1914, mother Jessica Miller.

IRVINE, Mary D., dob 15 May 1916, mother Deira Coulter.


ISHAM, Ophia I., dob 23 Sep 1918, mother Myrtle Harman.

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