Boyle County Births "H"

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HAFFORD, Henry E., dob 5 Jun 1919, mother Ada Swan.


HAGAN, Emma L., dob 3-5-1912, mother Tillis Leavell.

HAGAN, William T., dob 20 Oct 1918, mother Jannie Gardner.

HAGER, Alice L., dob 27 Jun 1918, mother Mae Green.


HAINSWORTH, John T., dob 1-11-1911, mother Nannie Haynes.


HALE, Henry C., dob 7-4-1912, mother Mary Haggard.

HALL, Anedia, dob 4-5-1912, mother Bessie Simpson.

HALL, Annie M., dob 12-1-1913, mother Bessie Simpson.

HALL, Gladys M., dob 7-3-1915, mother Maud Howard.

HALL, James N., dob 12-6-1915, mother Bessie Simpson.

HALL, William D., dob 7-4-1912, mother Emma Emghman.


HAMILTON, Linelle D., dob 15 Apr 1918, mother Gertrude Hamilton.

HAMILTON, Mary S., dob 2-21-1912, mother Rose Clark.

HAMILTON, Pauline G., dob 26 May 1919, mother Amanda Motley.

HAMMEN, William O., dob 23 Sep 1916, mother Lily Smith.

HAMMER, Clarence, dob 22 Sep 1918, mother Lillie Smith.

HAMMER, Ed 1, dob 8-28-1914, mother Lula Dillinger.

HAMMER, Louise, dob 8-4-1913, mother Lula Dillinger.

HAMMER, Ruth L., dob 10 Sep 1918, mother Cora Clem.

HAMMONS, Clyde F., dob 12 Aug 1918, mother Gula Whitton.

HAMMONS, Frances E., dob 27 Mar 1919, mother Alice Turnbull.

HAMNER, Harold, dob 17 May 1920, mother Lillie Smith.

HAMNER, James H., dob 25 Feb 1916, mother Lula Dillinger.

HAMNER, Louis D., dob 4-10-1912, mother Maggie Roberts.

HAMNER, Mary L., dob 4-10-1912, mother Margaret Roberts.

HAMPTON, David L., dob 2-1-1913, mother Eva Jones.

HAMPTON, Roy O., dob 12-8-1914, mother Oma Festerman.

HAMPTON, S. 2, dob 7-21-1915, mother Eva Jones.

HAMPTON, Thomas E., dob 2-6-1913, mother Oma Pesterman.


HANAKER, Albert, dob 5 Aug 1920, mother Laura Harris.

HANDCOCK, Auston M., dob 8-17-1914, mother Clandie Coppage.

HANKLA, Dorothy H., dob 14 Apr 1918, mother Mary Hanson.

HANKLA, William L., dob 28 Jul 1919, mother Nellie Logsdon.

HANNER, Ruth L., dob 14 Feb 1919, mother Maggie Roberts.

HANSFORD, William 1, dob 28 Aug 1920, mother Lee Walker.


HARBENSON, Clyde K., dob 6-20-1911, mother Hattie Green.

HARBER, Edna M., dob 4-3-1912, mother Ida Austin.

HARBER, Lettie, dob 8-2-1915, mother Ida Austin.

HARBERSON, Charles B., dob 5-13-1913, mother Lyda Rose.

HARBERSON, James L., dob 11-22-1914, mother Luda Rose.

HARBERSON, James P., dob 9-21-1912, mother Ellen Brown.

HARBIN, Evelyn C., dob 15 Jul 1920, mother Florence Broyles.

HARDESTY, Jack, dob 5-25-1912, mother Maurice Daley.

HARDIN, Carl, dob 12-5-1914, mother Nancy Bunch.

HARDIN, Eugene, dob 20 Nov 1916, mother Nannie Bunch.

HARGIS, Ella J., dob 4 Apr 1919, mother Maggie Baker.

HARGIS, James H., dob 10-2-1915, mother Esther Pratt.

HARLAN, ALmira, dob 5-24-1913, mother Alma Harlan.

HARLAN, Bruce, dob 2-17-1913, mother Annie Woods.

HARLAN, Jay, dob 9-5-1912, mother Gertrude Evans.

HARLAN, John 1, dob 11-14-1915, mother Claudia Pusey.

HARLAN, John Marshall, born 6-1-1833.

HARLAN, Lora, dob 25 Feb 1916, mother Mattie Mitchell.

HARLAN, Nora, dob 25 Feb 1916, mother Mattie Mitchell.

HARLEN, Rissie, dob 4-1-1915, mother Alma Graham.

HARMON, Arthur W., dob 4-8-1915, mother Laura Barnes.

HARMON, Clyde D., dob 25 Nov 1916, mother Mary Harmon.

HARMON, Edna F., dob 2-11-1915, mother Mary Harmon.

HARMON, Ethel M., dob 15 Aug 1920, mother Nettie Hays.

HARMON, Geraldine, dob 8-24-1914, mother Grace Wilson.

HARMON, Henry L., dob 1-12-1914, mother Mamie Mullins his name would actually Henry C. (for Clay) Harmon

HARMON, James D., dob 6 Jun 1918, mother Mary Hannon.

HARMON, Keran P., dob 29 Dec 1918, mother Marguerite Unknown.

HARMON, Lyle T., dob 11-25-1915, mother Nannie Mullins his mother is the same as Henry Mamie Mullins

HARMON, Margaret L., dob 10-27-1912, mother Susie Whitehouse.

HARMON, Marvin R., dob 10-23-1914, mother Lillian Hill.

HARMON, Mary A., dob 12 Mar 1920, mother Lucie Carson.

HARMON, Nellie G., dob 10-31-1914, mother Carrie Bartlett.

HARMON, Robert E., dob 12 Mar 1918, mother Laura Barnes.

HARMON, Ruth, dob 7 Apr 1919, mother Carrie Bartlett.

HARMON, William T., dob 9-15-1914, mother Agnes Green.

HARP, Charles 1, dob 23 Sep 1918, mother Amanda Tarter.

HARP, Oscar C., dob 4-28-1913, mother Ruth McGuffey.

HARP, Samuel B., dob 29 Aug 1919, mother Minnie Cose.

HARP, Virgie H., dob 3 Apr 1916, mother Amanda Tarter.

HARRAS, James E., dob 23 Apr 1918, mother Eugenia Meoux.

HARRIGAN, Ethel 2, dob 2 Mar 1916, mother Ethel Harrigan.

HARRIS, Clyde, dob 17 Sep 1919, mother Josie Houaker.

HARRIS, Dena, dob 20 Feb 1918, mother Susie Hornacker.

HARRIS, Gertrude, dob 20 Mar 1920, mother Susie Clark.

HARRIS, Haron, dob 9-17-1911, mother Amilia Hicks.

HARRIS, Hattie, dob 14 Mar 1916, mother Lucy Buttler.

HARRIS, Herbert, dob 5-22-1913, mother Eliza Griffn.

HARRIS, Louis 2, dob 17 Jan 1920, mother Genie Meaux.

HARRIS, Mattie B., dob 7 May 1916, mother Mollie Harris.

HARRIS, Robert, dob 11 Dec 1919, mother Amelia Hicks.

HARRIS, Sadie K., dob 3-16-1915, mother Willie Harmon.

HARRIS, Seona, dob 6 Apr 1919, mother Mattie Embry.

HARRIS, William, dob 1 Feb 1920, mother Eliza Griffin.

HARTMAN, James R., dob 2-11-1913, mother Mary Rawlins.

HARTMAN, Margaret L., dob 3 Jun 1920, mother Mary Rawlings.


HASTY, Clydie B., dob 4-8-1915, mother Martha Johnson.

HASTY, Francis M., dob 14 Jul 1918, mother Sallie Lucas.


HATCHEL, Harold G., dob 6 Sep 1920, mother Alice Rice.

HATCHELL, Edward H., dob 11-1-1913, mother Alice Rice.

HATCHETT, Charles, dob 11-12-1915, mother Alice Rice.

HATFIELD, Dorothy D., dob 19 Oct 1919, mother Doro Morford.

HATFIELD, Mary F., dob 27 Dec 1920, mother Dora Morford.*

HATFIELD, Mary F., dob 27 Dec 1920, mother Dora Mortord.*


HAY, Viola, dob 11-9-1912, mother Annie Penygraft.

HAYNES, Webster D., dob 5 May 1920, mother Zella Haynes.

HAYS, Nancy H., dob 15 Mar 1916, mother Essie Cozatt.


HEARIN, Nellie F., dob 28 May 1920, mother Norah Riley.


HELLARD, Benjmine F., dob 26 Sep 1916, mother Martha Hellard.

HELLARD, Edward, dob 3-29-1913, mother Mathie Hellard.

HELLARD, Ollie P., dob 2-12-1915, mother Mathie Hellard.

HELM, Edna, dob 1-15-1913, mother Mary Moore.

HELM, Harvey, born 1865.

HELM, Josephine, dob 13 Dec 1918, mother Mary Moore.

HELMS, George 1, dob 12 Nov 1919, mother Nannie Mason.


HENDERSON, George 1, dob 3 Nov 1920, mother Laura Chambers.

HENDERSON, William J., dob 3 Nov 1920, mother Laura Chambers.

HENDERSON, Luther G., dob 3-23-1913, mother Laura Chambers.

HENDERSON, Mary A., dob 23 Apr 1918, mother Laura Chambers.

HENDERSON, Susie C., dob 23 Apr 1918, mother Laura Chambers.

HENDERSON, Willie V., dob 6-1-1913, mother Della Wheat.

HENDREN, Katherine, dob 24 Apr 1916, mother Nora Phillips.

HENDREN, Lettie F., dob 1 Jul 1919, mother Dora Roller.

HENRY, Dorthia M., dob 4-8-1914, mother Luta Underhill.

HENSON, Christine, dob 9-29-1913, mother Lugretta Case.

HENSON, Frances E., dob 7 May 1916, mother Lugretta Case.

HENSON, Luther R., dob 4 Feb 1920, mother Lillie Phillips.


HERRING, Bertha, dob 7-30-1915, mother Nora Riley.

HERRING, Elizabeth, dob 8-29-1913, mother Nora Riley.

HERRING, Glady, dob 3-30-1913, mother Lydia Adams.

HERRING, Homer, dob 5-15-1915, mother Luddie Herring.

HERRING, Wardie, dob 1 Oct 1919, mother Sadie Herring.


HIGGINS, Nannie M., dob 11-7-1913, mother Rosa Southern.

HIGGINS, Samuel W., dob 1-19-1915, mother Rosa Suthern.

HIGNIGHT, Lem 1, dob 10 May 1920, mother Hattie Ellams.

HIGNIGHT, Mary L., dob 3-22-1913, mother Sallie Vaught.


HILBERT, Bettie B., dob 20 Feb 1920, mother Namie Shannon.

HILL, Allison 1, dob 2-16-1912, mother Maud Martin.

HILL, Dorothy, dob 24 Jan 1920, mothe Maud Martin.

HILL, Earl, dob 11-27-1911, mother Maude Martin.

HILL, John 1, dob 9-28-1915, mother Manie Brackett.

HILL, Joseph V., dob 28 Jun 1918, mother Anne Harmon.

HILL, Lucille, dob 12-11-1913, mother Eliza Hoofer.

HILL, Luther T., dob 21 Jan 1918, mother Mamie Brackett.

HILL, Malcolm O., dob 23 Jul 1920, mother Sydia Harmon.

HILL, Mary G., dob 6-1-1913, mother Mattie Holcombe.

HILL, Mary W., dob 15 Feb 1916, mother Maud Martin.

HILL, Melvin E., dob 20 Aug 1916, mother Lydia Hammon.

HILL, Mildred, dob 1-24-1913, mother Mamie Brackett.

HILL, Mildred, dob 6-3-1913, mother Maud Martin.

HILL, Sadie L., dob 10-10-1915, mother Mary Hart.

HILL, Sarah C., dob 10 Jun 1920, mother Susie Prewitt.

HILL, Steven R., dob 9-23-1915, mother Eliza Hooper.

HILL, William A., dob 7 Oct 1916, mother Ada Givin.

HILLARD, Clarence C., dob 10-9-1912, mother Sonie Sheldon.

HILLARD, Lillie M., dob 2-17-1912, mother Mattie Hellard.

HILLARD, Sarah L., dob 21 May 1918, mother Mathie Hillard.

HILLARD, Theodore R., dob 4 Feb 1920, mother Mathie Hellard.


HINES, Wallace, dob 1 Apr 1920, mother Fannie Renfro.

HINES, William C., dob 21 Feb 1916, mother Mary Ludwick.


HOCH, Edward Wallis, dob 3-17-1849.


HOGAN, Charles, dob 10-9-1914, mother Alice Preston.

HOGAN, Joe 2, dob 3-1-1915, mother Jennie Gerton.

HOGGAN, Nellie, dob 9-10-1913, mother Mary Hudson.

HOGNE, James W., dob 11 Oct 1919, mother Lila Goode.

HOGUE, Alfred J., dob 24 Sep 1920, mother Sarah Wein.

HOGUE, Barbara A., dob 6 Oct 1919, mother Susie Phillipps.

HOGUE, Bertha J., dob 15 Oct 1916, mother Nannie Strevels.

HOGUE, Celia, dob 9 May 1916, mother Sarah Henson.

HOGUE, Charles 1, dob 5-26-1913, mother Laura Goode.

HOGUE, Edna F., dob 5-11-1913, mother Susie Phillips.

HOGUE, Escar F., dob 19 Jun 1918, mother Martha Henson.

HOGUE, Fannie, dob 6-28-1913, mother Bettie Wren.

HOGUE, Frances, dob 6-12-1913, mother Mary Rodman.

HOGUE, Ida E., dob 15 Apr 1919, mother Sarah Henson.

HOGUE, Leonard C., dob 14 Aug 1920, mother Mary Rodman.

HOGUE, Maude, dob 7-25-1912, mother Sara Henson.

HOGUE, Minnie L., dob 10-1-1911, mother Susie Philips.

HOGUE, Myrtle E., dob 4-20-1913, mother Bettie Price.

HOGUE, Oscar H., dob 28 Mar 1919, mother Nannie Strevils.

HOGUE, Ray S., dob 16 Jun 1918, mother Mary Rodman.

HOGUE, Sadie B., dob 8-27-1912, mother Martha Henson.

HOGUE, Sallie B., dob 14 Mar 1916, mother Martha Henson.

HOGUE, Vernie C., dob 10-26-1915, mother Mary Rodin.

HOGUE, William 2, dob 22 Jan 1920, mother Martha Henson.

HOGUE, William H., dob 27 Nov 1920, mother Mary Draudk.


HOLLAND, Harvest B., dob 7-9-1912, mother Lutie Vineyard.

HOLLARD, Benjamin F., dob 26 Sep 1916, mother Mayihie Hillard.

HOLLON, Eugenia W., dob 14 Feb 1920, mother Flossie Whitehouse.

HOLLOWAY, Anna E., dob 5-15-1913, mother Amanda McKinney.

HOLLOWAY, James 2., dob 7-26-1915, mother Amanda McKinney.

HOLLY, Bessie, dob 10-25-1911, mother Ollie Cook.

HOLLY, Minnie P., dob 10 Oct 1919, mother Cora Curtis.

HOLLY, Onelia R., dob 6-2-1914, mother Allie Cook.

HOLLY, William 1, dob 3-30-1913, mother Allie Cook.

HOLMAN, Jesse Lynch, dob 10-24-1784.

HOLMES, Clifton C., dob 10-11-1913, mother Sarah Davies.

HOLTHY, Helen L., dob 1-2-1912, mother Helen Hilton.


HONAKER, Wilmer, dob 7 May 1920, mother Lavina Whitt.

HONKLA, Edwin L., dob 6-16-1915, mother Laura Longford.


HOODS, J. 1, dob 26 Dec 1919, mother Floy Summers.

HOOPER, Fredie E., dob 19 Aug 1918, mother Carrie Bennington.

HOOVER, James 1, dob 9 Dec 1916, mother Flora Dimmalss.

HOOVER, Mary E., dob 12-31-1914, mother Anna O'Brien.

HOOVER, Virginia, dob 2-1-1915, mother Floy Summers.


HORNEN, Charles A., dob 7 Sep 1916, mother Adelie Gray.

HORNER, Anna B., dob 5 May 1920, mother Grace Watson.

HORTON, Marie, dob 5 May 1916, mother Datha Whitehouse.


HOSCLAW, Herbert F., dob 4 Jul 1916, mother Melva Franklin.

HOSKINS, Elizabeth M., dob 20 Jun 1916, mother Hester Hodges.


HOUSE, Cleveland 2, dob 14 Feb 1920, mother Pearl Jones.


HUBBLE, Grey 2, dob 6-6-1913, mother Martha Sweeney.

HUBBLE, Guy 2, dob 6-30-1914, mother Mertie Sweeney.

HUBBLE, Guy J., dob 12-22-1914, mother Rosia Sweeney.

HUBBLE, Luther, dob 3-31-1915, mother Hattie Gash.


HUDSON, Ann V., dob 9-29-1912, mother Mary Caldwell.

HUDSON, Daisy E., dob 5-2-1913, mother Ella Burge.

HUDSON, Evelyn M., dob 11-4-1915, mother Sallie Rogers.

HUDSON, Moses B., dob 8 Mar 1916, mother Sadie Hudson.

HUDSON, Nellie, dob 8-30-1913, mother Mary Hudson.

HUDSON, Pansy J., dob 7 May 1916, mother Ella Burge.

HUDSON, Robt. 1, dob 8-12-1914, mother Mary Beaslen.

HUDSON, Roy W., dob 3 Jun 1918, mother Ella Burge.


HUFFMAN, Harold D., dob 14 Feb 1920, mother Murl Gentry.

HUFFMAN, Paul, dob 9-17-1915, mother Annie Robinson.

HUFFMAN, Pauline E., dob 15 May 1916, mother Freda Meier.


HUGHES, Alice, dob 10-1-1913, Bettie Johnson.

HUGHES, Blanche R., dob 5-31-1911, mother Kate Roive.

HUGHES, Elizabeth, dob 3 Feb 1916, mother Argine Gibson.

HUGHES, Evans R., dob 11-17-1913, mother Edith Galloway.

HUGHES, George H., dob 1 Oct 1920, mother Hally McDonald.

HUGHES, Herbert, dob 7-8-1914, mother Kate Rowe.

HUGHES, Irma L., dob 10-21-1915, mother Mary Sideboctham.

HUGHES, Mary E., dob 6-27-1914, mother Mary Sidebotham.

HUGHES, Sureldia M., dob 8-12-1912, mother Bettie Morgan.

HUGHES, Vivian L., dob 9-10-1913, mother Argine Gibson.

HUGHES, Wm 1, dob 1-6-1913, mother Mattie Rowe.

HUGHS, D. P. dob 7-22-1914, mother Martha Rowe.


HUKILL, John T., dob 3-11-1914, mother Cora Roberts.


HUMPHRESS, Omer L., dob 26 Dec 1919, mother Nellie Hamilton.


HUNDLEY, Omer G., dob 1-7-1915, mother Mattie Edwards.

HUNDLEY, Prall W., dob 15 Dec 1918, mother Mattie Edwards.

HUNDLEY, Robert L., dob 12-24-1912, mother Eliza Jones.

HUNGATE, Helen H., dob 1-7-1915, mother Cordelia Carpenter.

HUNN, James, dob 7-27-1914, mother Amanda Walker.

HUNT, Catherine, dob 10 Dec 1918, mother Bula Hunt.

HUNT, Dorothy E., dob 14 Jan 1916, mother Alice Dinch.

HUNT, Ida M., dob 11-24-1914, mother Rosa Shears.

HUNT, Ila M., dob 13 Nov 1917, mother Alice Finch.

HUNT, James G., dob 20 Apr 1920, mother Rosa Sharrow.

HUNT, Jessie D., dob 9 Jun 1916, mother Rosa Shears.

HUNT, Mary E., dob 9-20-1915, mother Capitola Barrer.

HUNT, William H., dob 12-2-1912, mother Cafitola Barker.


HURDLEY, Thomas A., dob 9-16-1911, mother Marthie Edwards.

HURRIGAN, Grace M., dob 16 Nov 1919, mother Bettie Pope.


HUSKIN, Dorothy B., dob 2 Mar 1916, mother Alice Dinch.

HUSKIN, Francis W., dob 12-25-1912, mother Emma Russell.


HUTSON, McCleland, dob 25 Sep 1916, mother Hattie Lynn.


* These two records appear to be for the same individual, with the differences usually in the spelling of the child's or mother's name. There were two birth certificates issued, the second to correct the erroneous information.

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