Boyle County Births "F"

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FAIN, Alice L., dob 3-14-1913, mother Maud Meadows.


FALLIS, Brey D., dob 7-21-1914, mother Mary Montgomery.

FALLIS, John H., dob 28 Jun 1917, mother May Montgomery.

FALLIS, Robert T., dob 8-29-1912, mother Mary Montgomery.


FAMME, Elizabeth V., dob 16 Jun 1919, mother Pattie Larkin.


FARMER, John 1, dob 6-6-1912, mother Nannie Wilder.

FARNAN, Kennedy, dob 7-1-1912, mother Gussie Kennedy.

FARRIS, William P., dob 1-16-1915, mother Beula McCarley.


FAULCONER, Mat R., dob 2-23-1913, mother Rosy Hajoe.

FAULCONER, Sarah T., dob 3 Oct 1918, mother Eleanor Tevis.

FAULKNER, Ophelia, dob 24 Jun 1920, mother Mattie Harris.

FAULKNER, Theodora, dob 6 Mar 1918, mother Mattie Harris.

FAUNK, John P., dob 8-31-1912, mother Lizzie Binghman.


FEATHER, John, dob 6-20-1915, mother Hazel Williams.

FEAWSTER, Jas W., dob 22 Jun 1915, mother Settie Crow.


FEE, Ella N., dob 24 Feb 1916, mother Ella Frye.


FEFFREYS, George 1, dob 9-15-1911, mother Sarah Pofe.


FERELL, Arvel L., dob 8 Dec 1918, mother Fannie Gaddis.

FERELL, William 1, dob 8-1-1914, mother Fannie Gaddis.

FERGERSON, Martha L., dob 14 Nov 1916, mother Annie Blankenship.

FERGUSON, Barbara C., dob 3-25-1915, mother Borlon Connelly.

FERGUSON, Dan 1, dob 10-23-1912, mother Mattie Connelly.

FERGUSON, Lorena, dob 7-2-1914, mother Annie Blankenship.

FERGUSON, Mary W., dob 13 Oct 1916, mother Mattie Conolly.

FERGUSON, Nellie B., dob 26 May 1919, mother Anna Blankenship.

FERRELL, Bertha E., dob 8-27-1911, mother Allie Payton.

FERRELL, William E., dob 22 Dec 1916, mother Fannie Gaddis.


FIELDS, Alberta, dob 13 Nov 1918, mother Avarella Gardner.

FIELDS, Avarilla, dob 13 Nov 1918, mother Avarilla Gardner.

FIELDS, Catherine, dob 1-20-1914, mother Mary Cloys.

FIELDS, Harry E., dob 8 May 1916, mother Avarilla Gardner.

FIELDS, Jane N., dob 5-6-1913, mother Mattie Nichols.

FIELDS, Joseph, dob 23 Jul 1916, mother Ruth Love.

FIELDS, Louise, dob 6 Sep 1916, mother Mattie Nichols.

FIELDS, Luther C., dob 11-21-1914, mother Benie Davis.

FIELDS, Theodore W., dob 8-25-1913, mother Avarillo Gardiner.

FIELDS, William, dob 28 Jun 1917, mother May Cloyd.


FINSLEY, Willie M., dob 9-3-1911, mother Tillie McGinnis.


FISCHER, Beatrice F., dob 29 Jul 1918, mother Teresa Knipper.

FISHER, Arthur G., dob 24 May 1918, mother Ruth Gregory.

FISHER, George W., dob 2-9-1822, parents Adam Fisher, Jr. and Nancy Waller.

FISHER, Helen, dob 24 Jun 1918, mother Littie Moran.

FISHER, John F., dob 12-15-1913, mother Lillie Moran.

FISHER, Julia M., dob 1 Sep 1920, mother Lettie Moran.

FISHER, Martha, dob 3-19-1912, mother Sallie Moran.

FISHER, Mary G., dob 6-28-1915, mother Cornelia Penny.

FISHER, Matthew, dob 24 Jun 1918, mother Littie Moran.

FISHER, Richard L., dob 5-8-1912, mother Winnie Poper.

FISHER, Sarah E., dob 11 Dec 1919, mother Ruth Gregory.

FISHER, Wm, dob 18 Jun 1916, mother Lettie Moran.


FITZECKE, Julius, dob 3-31-1915, mother Beulah Tombs.

FITZGERALD, Garnett, dob 9-1-1913, mother Maggie Sandgie.

FITZGERALD, Lucile, dob 1-10-1912, mother Maggie Sandridge.

FITZGERALD, Lucy, dob 4-8-1915, mother Maggie Sandidge.

FITZGERALD, Robert, dob 29 May 1917, mother Gertrude Fitzgerald.


FLEIG, Conrad J., dob 13 Apr 1919, mother Sallie Dunn.


FLORENCE, Edith F., dob 11-28-1912, mother W. Hundley.

FLOYD, Hallie M., dob 6 May 1916, mother Nannie Dalton.


FOLEY, Ann J., dob 27 Nov 1916, mother Elizabeth Wheeler.

FOLEY, Charles H., dob 14 Jun 1920, mother Elizabeth Wheeler.

FOLEY, Philip N., dob 8-29-1915, mother Elizabeth Wheeler.

FOLEY, William W., dob 11 Apr 1919, mother Elizabeth Wheeler.


FORD, Elder S., dob 9-6-1914, mother Garwood Coldwell.


FOSTER, Beulah M., dob 18 Nov 1919, mother Laura Smith.

FOSTER, Charles 2, dob 16 Dec 1917, mother Bessie White.

FOSTER, Charles V., dob 25 Jun 1919, mother Bessie White.

FOSTER, James, dob 1 Aug 1833.

FOSTER, Pleasant, dob 13 Feb 1838.

FOSTER, Richard L., dob 3 Jun 1919, mother Ophelia Steimle.

FOSTER, Wallace B., dob 1-16-1911, mother Clara Comingo.


FOWLER, Herbert M., dob 4 Sep 1916, mother Bessie Vancleve.

FOWLER, Lee R., dob 17 Apr 1920, mother Bettie Turner.


FOX, Sarah E., dob 3-23-1913, mother Mattie James.


FRANKLIN, Henry C., dob 7 Jan 1919, mother Lizzie Parker.

FRAZER, Eva A., dob 8-15-1913, mother Eva Allen.


FREDERICK, Anna M., dob 28 Sep 1918, mother Anna Selch.

FREEL, William 1, dob 7-21-1913, mother Minnie Hamilton.

FRENCH, Edward T., dob 16 Aug 1917, mother Mary Smith.

FRENCH, Morgan R., dob 21 Aug 1919, mother Mary Smith.

FREYTAG, Jo Nell, dob 25 May 1944, mother Elaine Newby, father John David Freytag.


FROST, Robbert, dob 12 Oct 1918, mother Cyntha Moosherat.


FRYE, Alice, dob 8-17-1912, mother Billie Burnside.

FRYE, Archie S., dob 7-17-1913, mother Margaret Dunn.

FRYE, Erline, dob 17 Feb 1917, mother Anna Carpenter.

FRYE, Harvy S., dob 1-1-1911, mother Willie Robinson.

FRYE, James, dob 5-22-1915, mother Annie Carpenter.

FRYE, James D., dob 11-12-1911, mother Willie Robinson.

FRYE, Joe, dob 10-6-1913, mother Anna Donegley.

FRYE, William, dob 11-20-1911, mother Bessie Hayden.

FRYMAN, William J., dob 3-15-1913, mother Vera Wagner.


FUEL, George B., dob 20 Apr 1916, mother Ida Alcorn.

FUEL, Louise, dob 3 Jan 1919, mother Ida Alcorn.

FUEL, William 1, dob 5 Jul 1912, mother Minnie Hamilton.

FUELL, Evelin, dob 8-14-1912, mother Ida Alcorn.

FUELL, Walter, dob 16 Oct 1920, mother Ida Elcorn.

FUELL, WIlliam, dob 2-16-1914, mother Ida Alcorn.


FUHRMANN, Albert S., dob 17 Jul 1915, mother Freda Schore.

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