Boyle County Births "E"

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EADS, Clara E., dob 8-22-1913, mother Ira Prows.

EADS, Harold L., dob 1-7-1915, mother Ina Prows.

EADS, James E., dob 17 Jul 1917, mother Ina Prows.

EADS, Mary J., dob 4 Jul 1920, mother Mary Lay.


EAVES, Harry C., dob 3-8-1911, mother Nellie Gray.


EBANNON, Lonnie L., dob 14 Sep 1917, mother Lillie Duncan.


EDENS, Robert G., dob 29 Jan 1919, mother Beatrice Brooks.


EDWARDS, Allen B., dob 12-7-1914, mother Lovie Wilham.

EDWARDS, Artie E., dob 6 Mar 1917, mother Stella Hammer.

EDWARDS, Carlis R., dob 4-3-1912, mother Annie Burnsides.

EDWARDS, Charles W., dob 18 Jan 1917, mother Florence Mitchell.

EDWARDS, Dica M., dob 1 May 1918, mother Nora Perkins.

EDWARDS, Emma, dob 9-15-1914, mother Sadie Leffew.

EDWARDS, Frank E., dob 10-21-1913, mother Florence Mitchell.

EDWARDS, George A., dob 8-12-1914, mother Annie Burns.

EDWARDS, Glenna L., dob 13 Mar 1919, mother Anna Burnside.

EDWARDS, Grace M., dob 7 Nov 1916, mother Annie Burnarde.

EDWARDS, Hubert L., dob 11 Apr 1917, mother Laura Murphy.

EDWARDS, Ira C., dob 28 Oct 1920, mother Nora Perkins.

EDWARDS, John C., dob 4 May 1918, mother Sadie Luffew.

EDWARDS, John J., dob 2 Oct 1919, mother Nora Perkinss.

EDWARDS, Laura V., dob 4-18-1915, mtoher Florence Mitchell.

EDWARDS, Robert 2, dob 2-26-1912, mother Sadie Leffew.

EDWARDS, William O., dob 1 Feb 1918, mother Lillian Stein.

EDWARDS, Zella W., dob 27 Apr 1919, mother Florence Mitchell.


EGGER, Elizabeth B., dob 3-15-1912, mother Elizabeth Af.

EGGER, Marie F., dob 26 Feb 1920, mother Elizabeth Gray.

EGGER, Theresia M., dob 12-4-1915, mother Elizabeth Graf.


EIFORD, Chester B., dob 6-23-1913, mother Nora Burton.

EIFORD, Ruth N., dob 7 Nov 1916, mother Nora Burton.

EIFORD, Dorothy Jean, dob 30 Dec 1927, mother Nora Burton.


ELCORN, Alice, dob 6 Feb 1920, mother Clemmie Willonghby.


ELDER, Joseph 2, dob 28 Mar 1912, mother Elsie Palmer.


ELKINS, Florence, dob 12-30-1912, mother Christine McFarren.


ELLIOTT, Carl C., dob 3 Apr 1918, mother Mary Russell.

ELLIOTT, Eva, dob 10 May 1919, mother Ruth Swan.

ELLIOTT, J. L., dob 1 Jul 1917, mother Rosie Yokeman.

ELLIOTT, Jewel C., dob 11-18-1915, mother Eva Bradbey.

ELLIOTT, John 1, dob 12 Apr 1918, mother Eva Bradley

ELLIOTT, Lucile, dob 6-16-1914, mother Roana Yorcum.

ELLIOTT, Margeret, dob 2 Feb 1916, mother Josetta Baker.

ELLIOTT, Stephen T., dob 1 Nov 1920, mother Carolyn Elliott.

ELLIOTT, Virgil P., dob 29 Oct 1917, mother Mary Elliott.

ELLIS, Hubert, dob 29 Oct 1917, mother Maud Noe.

ELLIS, Lottis, dob 7-20-1913, mother Ann Whithouse.

ELLIS, Ray, dob 6-30-1914, mother Maud Noe.

ELLIS, Robert 2, dob 4 Apr 1913, mother Annie Hengren.

ELLIS, Wynetta F., dob 13 Nov 1917, mother Pearl McAuly.


ELY, Hellen L., dob 10 Jul 1918, mother Nancy Ballard.

ELY, Lillie B., dob 1-1-1912, mother Nannie Ballard.


EMBERY, Sarah L., dob 10-17-1915, mother Sarah Jenkins.


ENGELMAN, George P., dob 3 Mar 1917, mother Ophelia Kinley.ENGELMAN, Loura, dob 6 Sep 1919, dob Ophelia Kinley.

ENGELMAN, Malinda J., dob 2-6-1915, mother Ophelia Renley.


ENLOW, Charles J., dob 25 Feb 1918, mother Nannie Cunningham.


EPPERSON, Joseph F., dob 9 May 1917, mother Georgie Brown.

EPPERSON, Kelley, dob 20 Oct 1918, mother Annie Kelley.

EPPERSON, William H., dob 9 May 1917, mother Anni Kelley.


ERRING, Orville H., dob 6-16-1911, mother Nora Arley.

ERVING, WIlliam W., dob 7-18-1913, mother Margaret Collinsman.


EULAN, Thas 2, dob 9-7-1913, mother Nannie Cunningham.


EVANS, Ethel H., dob 5 Nov 1919, mother Cora Jones.

EVANS, Lucile, dob 11 Jul 1916, mother Lettie Williard.

EVANS, Warren L., dob 28 Oct 1918, mother Lillian Boker.

EVANS, Welsh C., dob 6-17-1914, mother Lillie Baker.


EVERETT, Kathleen, dob 6-28-1912, mother Minnie Scott.


EWING, Martha G., dob 24 Aug 1918, mother Bertha Grubbs.

EWING, Mary L., dob 7-11-1913, mother Bertha Grubb.


EZELL, William H., dob 24 Sep 1919, mother Dolly Ward.

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