Boyle County Births "D"

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DAILY, Reva S., dob 15 Sep 1918, mother Rosa Hasty.


DALEN, Elizabeth K., dob 9-28-1911, mother Elizabeth Kurfall.

DALEY, Virginia, dob 12-23-1915, mother Elizabeth Kimball.


DANEGHY, Nancy E., dob 8 Jun 1917, mother Willie Dunn.


DAUGHERTY, Allison, dob 17 Oct 1920, mother Effie Coyle.

DAUGHERTY, Carrie B., dob 1 Jun 1920, mother Hettie White.

DAUGHERTY, Elmer, dob 6 May 1918, mother Addie Lunsford.

DAUGHERTY, George S., dob 18 Nov 1918, mother Effie Coyle.

DAUGHERTY, Jamie B., dob 10-6-1913, mother Lillian Fox.

DAUGHERTY, Lou, dob 23 Sep 1919, mother Mahala Wilson.

DAUGHERTY, Ray E., dob 26 Jan 1917, mother Essie Coyle.

DAUGHERTY, Russell, dob 8-21-1915, mother Addie Lunsford.

DAUGHERTY, Ruth E., dob 11-30-1915, mother Lillian Fox.


DAVENPORT, Henry, dob 4-12-1912, mother Anngah Phillips.

DAVIS, Arthur 1, dob 15 Sep 1920, mother Ella Pitman.

DAVIS, Edward A., dob 12 Feb 1919, mother Hester Sleet.

DAVIS, Edward M., dob 14 Sep 1920, mother Martha Hardin.

DAVIS, Eliza M., dob 2 Apr 1919, mother Mary Penman.

DAVIS, Eliza T., dob 5-20-1913, mother Florence Taylor.

DAVIS, Elizabeth, dob 3 Jan 1914, mother Hester Sleet.

DAVIS, Elmer C., dob 3 Mar 1918, mother Ella Pitman.

DAVIS, George R., dob 20 Jan 1917, mother Florence Taylor.

DAVIS, Gladys W., dob 9 Oct 1914, mother Lillian Walker.

DAVIS, Ida F., dob 29 Aug 1920, mother Lona Lewis.

DAVIS, Jackson C., dob 12-12-1914, mother Florence Taylor.

DAVIS, James H., dob 10 Jan 1916, mother Ella Pittman.

DAVIS, John, dob 6 Jul 1919, mother Lona Lewis.

DAVIS, Nora B., dob 10-4-1915, mother Margaret Chambers.

DAVIS, Queen V., dob 11-14-1915, mother Mary Pennan.

DAVIS, Robert J., dob 10-24-1911, mother Lucy Firye.

DAVIS, Roy M., dob 4-7-1914, other Marry Harris.

DAVIS, Sama A., dob 7-25-1914, mother Bettie Arnold.

DAVIS, Samuel W., dob 12 Sep 1917, mother Lona Lewis.

DAVIS, Theodora, dob 9-21-1915, mother Hester Sleet.

DAVIS, Willie, dob 8 Jun 1917, mother Hester Sleet.

DAVIS, Zelbert A., dob 6-18-1912, mother Hester Sleet.


DAWSON, Udell, dob 12-14-1915, mother Bethel Combs.


DAY, Mark N., dob 7-2-1915, mother Allie Stringer.


DEAN, Hazel, dob 10 Aug 1919, mother Eliza Sowry.

DEAN, Richard 2, dob 30 Nov 1920, mother Gertie Lowry.

DEATHERAGE, John 2, dob 7-24-1912, mother Annie Gipson.


DECKER, Marcus Delaney, dob 4-7-1854, parents John and Catherine Hayes Decker.


DEERING, Eula F., dob 13 Oct 1918, mother Ola Cocanongher.

DEERING, Ida M., dob 21 Aug 1916, mother Margaret Woolridge.


DEHONEY, Martha L., dob 9-11-1911, mother Annie Walker.


DELANEY, Daniel, dob 1-21-1931, mother Nanie Vaught.

DELLMAN, Ruby P., dob 6-17-1915, mother Ruby Dillman.


DEMAREE, Ransdell S., dob 8 Feb 1919, mother Edith Mullins.


DENBERG, Dan O., dob 10-2-1912, mother Allie Jesse.

DENHAM, Marion, dob 11 Oct 1918, mother Mollissie Hubble.

DENHAM, Mary D., dob 2 Mar 1920, mother Melissa Hubble.

DENNEY, Bengimnean S., dob 1-19-1911, mother Lena Clarkson.

DENNY, Charles 1, dob 24 Apr 1919, mother Margaret Duncan.

DENNY, Elizabeth M., dob 16 Aug 1917, mother Margaret Duncan.

DENTON, Arthur, dob 10-7-1915, mother Lillie Pendygraft.

DENTON, Bertha M., dob 5-2-1911, mother Nellie Holley.

DENTON, Charlie C., dob 20 Oct 1918, mother Lorine Bandy.

DENTON, Edward D., dob 23 Apr 1920, mother Nellie Holly.

DENTON, Eva L., dob 15 Dec 1917, mother Eva Banda.

DENTON, Harrison R., dob 4-12-1915, mother Mary Benedict.

DENTON, Henry C., dob 27 Aug 1917, mother Addie Vermillion.

DENTON, James H., dob 1-28-1911, mother Martha Yeates.

DENTON, Lloyd A., dob 10-4-1913, mother Louisa Yeats.

DENTON, Lucleen M., dob 28 Feb 1916, mother Addie Vermillion.

DENTON, Margaret F., dob 10-14-1912, mother Fannie Benichet.

DENTON, Mary, dob 8 Aug 1920, mother Lorena Bandy.

DENTON, Mary I., dob 8-14-1914, mother Nellie Hallie.

DENTON, Morris L., dob 7 Nov 1917, mother Mary Benedict.

DENTON, Nelly D., dob 12 Jun 1920, mother Mary Benedict.

DENTON, Walter, dob 17 Sep 1920, mother Dora Edwards.

DENTON, William E., dob 14 Jul 1918, mother Dora Edwards.


DEUTON, Robert, dob 31 Oct 1919, mother Gevain Bandy.


DEVER, David P., dob 27 Nov 1920, mother Celia Isham.

DEVER, Harold S., dob 20 Jun 1919, mother Celia Isham.

DEVINE, Walter 2, dob 12 Mar 1919, mother Blance Gaddie.


DICKASON, Lula M., dob 2 Sep 1920, mother Lillie White.

DICKERSON, Maggie M., dob 1-29-1913, mother Lillie White.

DILLINGER, Fannie B., dob 3-12-1912, mother Susie Rothwell.

DILLINGER, Georgia F., dob 22 Oct 1917, mother Susie Rockwell.

DILLINGER, Jessie M., dob 11-20-1915, mother Susanna Rothwell.

DINWIDDIE, Billie H., dob 10-5-1913, mother Dorotha Helm.

DINWIDDIE, Martha R., dob 5-20-1912, mother Dortha Helm.


DIVINE, Dorothy 2, dob 16 Sep 1920, mother Blanche Gaddis.

DIVINE, Lucille Verrilas, dob 10 Jan 1916, mother Jennie Martin.


DOELY, Louis B., dob 8-3-1913, mother Elizebeth Kemble.


DONEGBY, Monroe 1, dob 13 Nov 1917, mother Willie Jackson.

DONEGHY, Virgil F., dob 8-24-1914, mother Susie Sleet.


DOOLIN, Orval, dob 4-22-1912, mother Estella Nolan.


DORAM, Ralph W., dob 10 Sep 1917, mother Bertha Hancock.

DORAM, Thomas M., dob 4 Nov 1912, mother Bertha Hancock.

DORAN, Glenna C., dob 25 Jan 1920, mother Bertha Hancock.

DORAN, Roscoe M., dob 16 Aug 1916, mother Bertha Hancock.

DORANN, James E., dob 11-7-1914, mother Bertha Hacnock.

DORN, Francis F., dob 10-9-1915, mother Eva McDaniel.

DORSEY, Johnse C., dob 3-27-1915, mother Janie Webb.

DORSEY, William A., dob 11-12-1912, mother Mary Arnold.


DOSS, Clarence H., dob 7-19-1915, mother Mollie Lamb.

DOSS, Edna H., dob 7-19-1915, mother Mollie Lamb.

DOSS, Forast R., dob 28 May 1918, mother Mollie Lamb.

DOSS, Imogene, dob 12 Mar 1920, mother Mary Lamb.

DOSS, Minnie L., dob 12 Mar 1913, mother Mollie Lamb.


DOTSON, Lizzie, dob 10 Jun 1917, mother Mary Williams.


DOUEGHY, George F., dob 21 Feb 1917, mother Susie Sleet.

DOUEGHY, James E., dob 21 Apr 1919, mother Will Dunn.

DOUEGHY, Richard A., dob 9-21-1913, mother Susie Sleet.

DOUEGHY, Wm. L., dob 7-24-1914, mother Will Dunn.

DOUGHERTY, David L., dob 5 Apr 1917, mother Mary Scarborough.

DOUGHERTY, Helen F., dob 1 May 1918, mother Minnie Coyle.

DOUGHERTY, Lillie, dob 12-11-1915, mother Minnie Coyle.

DOUGHY, Mary F., dob 12-17-1915, mother Willie Dunn.

DOUGLAS, Edna V., dob 24 Sep 1919, mother Lena Owens.

DOUGLAS, John H., dob 6-10-1915, mother Lula Whitaker.

DOUGLAS, Ruth, dob 23 Feb 1920, mother Lula Whitaker.

DOUGLAS, Steve H., dob 9-29-1911, mother Lula Whittaker.


DRANDT, Blanch E., dob 9-14-1912, mother Bertha Sams.


DRISKELL, Steve H., dob 9-28-1912, mother Lula Whitaker.


DROWDT, Lawrence, dob 6-8-1914, mother Blanch Sams.


DUCKWORTH, WIlliam H., dob 3-30-1915, mother Vera Peavler.


DUGGAR, David F., dob 17 Apr 1920, mother Catherine McGuinnis, father Frank Duggar.

DUGGAR, Leila Mae, dob 24 Feb 1926, mother Catherine McGinnis, father Frank Duggar.

DUGLAS, Emma D., dob 28 Sep 1917, mother Lula WHitaker.

DUGLAS, Steve H., dob 28 Sep 1912, mother Lula Whitaker.


DULIN, Lily C., dob 11-29-1912, mother Jean Cecil.


DUNAGAN, Carrie L., dob 6-13-1911, mother Mary Conley.

DUNAGAN, Edward H., dob 1-22-1913, mother Mary Conley.

DUNAGAN, Susannah M., dob 4-2-1914, mother Maggie Muncy.

DUNAGAN, Virginia L., dob 8 Jul 1918, mother Louise Conly.

DUNAGAN, William L., dob 25 Jun 1920, mother Eunice Wilson.

DUNCAN, Emerson T., dob 13 Oct 1920, mother Ila Taylor.

DUNCAN, Guy N., dob 7-24-1913, mother Nina Spoonamore.

DUNCAN, Herbert B., dob 9-4-1914, mother Mary Young.

DUNCAN, Nancy B., dob 2-15-1912, mother Nettie Masonbeimer.

DUNIGAN, Oland, dob 10 Jan 1917, mother Maggie Mancey.

DUNKLEBERG, Hance 2, dob 9-10-1915, mother Anna Tumey.

DUNN, Arthur L., dob 3-4-1913, mother Rena Smith.

DUNN, Henry W., dob 12-25-1915, mother Anna Wandelohr.

DUNN, John H., dob 6-3-1911, mother Mary Lyons.

DUNN, Lucille, dob 30 Oct 1920, mother Nora Hays.

DUNN, Ora B., dob 6 Nov 1915, mother Georgia Lockey.

DUNN, Pauline, dob 8 Feb 1916, mother Nora Hays.

DUNN, Ruth M., dob 19 Jul 1914, mother Margaret Kornhoff.

DUNN, Samuel Campbell, dob 8-9-1809.

DUNN, Virginia H., dob 7 Oct 1918, mother Nora Hays.

DUNN, Walter S., dob 9-8-1913, mother Elnora Hays.

DUNN, Williamson, dob 12-25-1781.

DUNNAGAN, James R., dob 9-1-1911, mother Aggie Murray.

DUNSMORE, James B., dob 2-11-1915, mother Mary Calham.

DUNSON, Nelson C., dob 4-15-1912, mother Lena Colhen.

DUNUROGE, John 2, dob 6-6-1911, mother Auna Gibson.


DURHAM, Dolly, dob 9-12-1911, mother Minera Cobb.

DURHAM, James C., dob 1-7-1912, mother Lottie Collins.

DURHAM, John L., dob 10-7-1913, mother Ruth Caldwell.

DURHAM, Mary L., dob 3-19-1912, mother Louise Hartman.

DURHAM, May E., dob 14 Apr 1916, mother Minnie Henderson.

DURHAM, Roxey M., dob 11-22-1914, mother Minnie Henson.

DURHAM, Roy T., dob 14 Feb 1919, mother Lillian Preston.

DURHAM, William W., dob 12-7-1913, mother Louise Hartman.

DURHAM, WIlliam W., dob 6-6-1915, mother Mary Hartmann.


DYEHOUSE, James F., dob 22 Oct 1917, mother Sabra Plummer.

DYEHOUSE, Leslie C., dob 20 Sep 1920, mother Sabra Plummer.

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