Boyle County Births "C"

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CALDWELL, Cecilia M., dob 22 Dec 1918, mother Eliza Johnson.

CALDWELL, Edwin M., dob 24 Nov 1918, mother Lois Nevieus.

CALDWELL, Elizabeth, dob 10-20-1913, mother Monnie Tarkington.

CALDWELL, Jack, dob 1-24-1911, mother Florence Parker.

CALDWELL, James 1, dob 6-14-1913, mother Lena Boughtman.

CALDWELL, Jeanette F., dob 20 Apr 1919, mother Laura Gates.

CALDWELL, Jere C., dob 17 Sep 1918, mother Monnie Torkington.

CALDWELL, John, dob 9-8-1914, mother Lena Boughman.

CALDWELL, Mary E., dob 4-7-1915, mother Eliza Johnson.

CALDWELL, Nuck C., dob 9-13-1911, mother Fannie Crowdis.

CALDWELL, Richard L., dob 3 Jun 1920, mother Lena Baughman.

CALDWELL, Robert Henderson, dob 5-17-1825.

CALDWELL, Robert N., dob 16 Nov 1920, mother Lois Neviens.

CALDWELL, Roy, dob 6-14-1913, mother Annie Marshall.

CALDWELL, Sarah E., dob 11 Sep 1920, mother Eliza Johnson.

CALDWELL, Thomas J., dob 10 May 1917, mother Eliza Johnson.

CALDWELL, Virginia R., dob 2 Apr 1916, mother Virginia Taylor.

CALDWELL, William F., dob 7-23-1915, mother Della Rawlings.

CALDWELL, William L., dob 6 Jan 1918, mother Virginia Taylor.

CALDWELL, William T., dob 30 Jun 1917, mother Lena Baughtman.

CALHARM, Lucian R., dob 8 Mar 1919, mother Lana Bottoms.

CALHAUN, Robert S., dob 8-3-1913, mother Zoner Bess.

CALHOUN, Bertie, dob 15 Feb 1918, mother Zana Berr.

CALHOUN, Thelma, dob 2 Oct 1920, mother Maud Mants.

CALHUNE, Walker L., dob 13 Feb 1920, mother Artie Williams.

CALLIER, Augustus T., dob 4 Mar 1919, mother Grace Williams.

CALVERT, Iola, dob 8-29-1913, mother Ruth Gray.

CALVERT, James B., dob 20 Jul 1920, mother Elizabeth Enlow.

CALVERT, Lucile, dob 11-29-1914, mother Clovie Thorp.

CALVIN, Sara F., dob 16 Nov 1920, mother Eula Harrell.


CAMDEN, Oscar L., dob 28 May 1914, mother Mary Nolan.

CAMDEN, Woodrow T. dob 28 Oct 1916, mother Mary Nolan.

CAMDEU, Stella A., dob 10-3-1912, mother Mary Nolan.

CAMPBELL, Howard 1, dob 11 Feb 1917, mother Mary Eugraves.*

CAMPBELL, Howard 1, dob 11 Feb 1917, mother Mary Eugranes.*

CAMPBELL, Mildred, dob 6 Apr 1918, mother Ida Noble.

CAMPBELL, Nancy A., dob 24 Jan 1916, mother Nannie Adler.

CAMPBELL, Thomas, dob 8 Jul 1920, mother Anna Ross.

CAMPER, Herbert A., dob 30 Aug 1917, mother Margaret Alexander.**

CAMPER, Herbert A., dob 30 AUg 1917, mother Margaret Alexander.**

CAMPER, Katherine, dob 2 Oct 1916, mother Margaret Alexander.


CAPLE, William A., dob 27 Oct 1917, mother Elma Broyles.


CARATHEAS, Delores E., dob 6-10-1911, mother Nellie Rice.

CARDWELL, Cecil L., dob 11-13-1912, mother Lenor Pemberton.

CARDWELL, Mary E., dob 5-28-1915, mother Lena Pendleton.

CARE, Cicel H., dob 11-23-1913, mother Dara Care.

CAREY, Mary F., dob 3-14-1914, mother Lillie Cummins.

CARPENTER, Adam W., dob 5-21-1915, mother Sue Paine.

CARPENTER, Amanda B., dob 30 Jan 1916, mother Amanda Foster.

CARPENTER, Carrie M., dob 9-27-1913, mother Carrie Carpenter.

CARPENTER, Cecil M., dob 30 Mar 1918, mother Solbronia Carmichael.

CARPENTER, Crystal, dob 9-23-1911, mother Susana Lee.

CARPENTER, Earl W., dob 21 Jan 1920, mother Ida Baker.

CARPENTER, Edward H., dob 8-23-1915, mother Susan Murphy.

CARPENTER, Frances L., dob 28 Mar 1916, mother Lucinda Neil.

CARPENTER, Frank C., dob 6-24-1913, mother Amanda Foster.

CARPENTER, George L., dob 20 Jan 1916, mother Susie Lee.

CARPENTER, George W., dob 28 May 1913, mother Julia Cobb.

CARPENTER, Herbert L., dob 8-19-1913, mother Susie Lee.

CARPENTER, James A., dob 9-5-1913, mother Cora Crain.

CARPENTER, John E., dob 22 Feb 1920, mother Carrie Payne.

CARPENTER, Lucile, dob 11-2-1914, mother Leora Mitchell.

CARPENTER, Manrice P., dob 20 Oct 1918, mother Ella Foster.

CARPENTER, Margaret M., dob 3-2-1912, mothe Viola Cowan.

CARPENTER, Marchall C., dob 20 Oct 1918, mother Ella Foster.

CARPENTER, Mary E., dob 25 Dec 1918, mother Lizzie Owens.

CARPENTER, Olive C., dob 6-14-1915, mother Mary Reynolds.

CARPENTER, Ray B., dob 23 Feb 1917, mother Elizabeth Owens.

CARPENTER, Robert 1, dob 4-2-1913, mother Emma White.

CARPENTER, Robert W., dob 27 Jan 1920, mother Sopbronia Carmical.

CARPENTER, Susie L., dob 9-23-1911, mother Susie Lee.

CARPENTER, Thomas L., dob 8-19-1915, mother Gillie Watts.

CARPENTER, W. 2, dob 25 May 1920, mother Susie Lee.**

CARPENTER, William 1, dob 25 May 1920, mother Susie Lee.**

CARPENTER, William A., dob 9-5-1913, mother Cora Crain.

CARPENTER, William D., dob 22 Dec 1914, mother Lizzie Owens.

CARPENTER, William E., dob 14 Sep 1919, mother Sarah Walker.

CARPENTER, William P., dob 2-24-1915, mother Lois Wilson.

CARPENTER, Wm. D., dob 10 Jun 1918, mother Susie Lee.

CARROLL, Anthy S., dob 27 Feb 1917, mother Katherine Burns.

CARROLL, Mary, dob 31 Dec 1918, mother Anna Graves.

CARTER, Anna J., dob 1-4-1914, mother Sarah Atwood.

CARTER, Clara H., dob 7 Mar 1917, mother Mary Burger.

CARTER, Edna M., dob 9 Oct 1920, mother Mamie Hogue.

CARTER, Evylin B., dob 7 Jul 1917, mother Mamie Hogue.

CARTER, Grace E., dob 18 Feb 1919, mother Mary Burger.

CARTER, Hazel J., dob 3 Jan 1917, mother Lula Wade.

CARTER, Hettie L., dob 6 Feb 1918, mother Lula Wade.

CARTER, J. C., dob 7 Nov 1917, mother Mary Vaught.

CARTER, James R., dob 3-27-1915, mother Marnie Hogue.

CARTER, Marie E., dob 16 Sep 1916, mother Sarah Atwood.

CARTER, Martha D., dob 9 Oct 1917, mother Nancy Goodloe.

CARTER, Mary E., dob 9-14-1912, mother Mary Burger.

CARTER, Mary G., dob 9 Oct 1917, mother Nancy Goodloe.

CARTER, Mary K., dob 1-14-1911, mother Selma Wren.

CARTER, Neatie P., dob 2-19-1913, mother Neatie Lucas.

CARTER, Rawling C., dob 9-15-1912, mother Mamie Hogue.

CARTER, Roy H., dob 11-21-1913, mother Bertha Wilton.

CARTER, Sarah E., dob 11-27-1913, mother Salenia Wrenn.

CARTER, Susan, dob 20 Apr 1918, mother Sarah Atwood.

CARTER, Virgie M., dob 4-30-1912, mother Sarah Atwood.

CARTER, Woodrow W., dob 1-29-1915, mother Mary Burger.

CARTWELL, Cecil L., dob 11-13-1912, mother Lena Pendleton.


CASADY, Raymond C., dob 28 Oct 1919, mother Nora Aker.

CASBY, Earl M., dob 29 Sep 1919, mother Margarite Anderson.

CASE, Edna, dob 27 May 1920, mother Nellie Combs.

CASE, Mildred B., dob 27 Apr 1918, mother Nellie Combs.

CASE, Minnie S., dob 11-14-1913, mother Ida Hicks.

CASE, Morris F., dob 13 Sep 1916, mother Norah Hall.

CASE, Myrtle L., dob 9-14-1915, mother Nellie Combs.

CASEY, B. 2, dob 8-12-1914, mother Susie Chambers.

CASEY, Bertha G., dob 17 Feb 1916, mother Susie Chambers.

CASEY, Buford 1, dob 7-26-1913, mother Susie Chambers.

CASEY, Gertrude M., dob 17 Feb 1916, mother Susie Chambers.

CASEY, James T., dob 6 Jun 1917, mother Susey Chambers.

CASEY, Joseph W., dob 5-30-1911, mother Susie Chambell.

CASH, Freda I., dob 12 Jun 1920, mother Freda Seltsane.

CASH, Helen L., dob 31 Mar 1918, mother Mary Seltsam.

CASH, Mary M., dob 5-16-1915, mother Freda Silson.

CASH, Ruth J., dob 18 Jul 1916, mother Freida Setson.

CASH, William C., dob 11-16-1913, mother Freda Selsom.

CASSITY, Martha C., dob 18 Jul 1917, mother Martha Setters.


CATES, Sophia, dob 12-01-1913, mother Leota Brown.

CATRON, Mary L., dob 8 Dec 1918, mother Norah Frogge.


CAULTER, (possibly Coulter) Monroe, dob 6-25-1914, mother Bittie Engleman.


CAYSE, Robert, dob 5-16-1911, mother Mattie Martin.


CCORMACK, (possibly McCormack) Louise M., dob 12 Feb 1920, mother Georgia Claxton.


CEALHOUN, Sam 1, dob 10-1-1912, mother Zana Best.


CECIE, John 2, dob 11-11-1915, mother Etta Maxey.

CECIL, Beulah M., dob 31 Jul 1917, mother Ella Maxey.

CECIL, Granville, dob 5-3-1850, parents James G. and Sarah Ann (Buster) Cecil.

CECIL, John, dob 28 Sep 1920, mother Etta Maxey.


CHAMBERS, Alva J., dob 9-23-1915, mother Rosa Pittman.

CHAMBERS, Amelia G., dob 1-28-1911, mother Lottie Lamb.

CHAMBERS, Clarence E., dob 13 Apr 1920, mother Rosa Pittman.

CHAMBERS, Dora M., dob 6 Jun 1918, mother Sarah Akers.

CHAMBERS, Edith L., dob 10-24-1911, mother Dora Leffut.

CHAMBERS, Ermie A., dob 7-1-1915, mother Ida Chambers.

CHAMBERS, Ida M., dob 21 Apr 1916, mother Leona White.

CHAMBERS, Ira W., dob 23 May 1916, mother Virginia Bandy.

CHAMBERS, Lawrence M., dob 4 Apr 1918, mother Rosa Pittman.

CHAMBERS, Leora, dob 11-13-1913, mother Lotte Lamb.

CHAMBERS, Mary E., dob 5-16-1913, mother Rosa Pittman.

CHAMBERS, Ovey E., dob 2-14-1913, mother Mary Pitman.

CHAMBERS, Ruby, dob 9 Mar 1916, mother Sarah Acres.

CHAMBERS, William W., dob 6-19-1913, mother Lillie Cox.

CHAPIN, Addison R., dob 10-30-1914, mother Covie Craig.

CHAPIN, Persia E., dob 10-30-1914, mother Cora Craig.


CHEANULT, George A., dob 6 Mar 1917, mother Gertrude Smith.

CHEEK, Eliza M., dob 5-28-1912, mother Sadie Taylor.

CHEEK, James, dob 2-13-1915, mother Sadie Taylor.

CHEEK, John A., dob 8 Oct 1915, mother Sadie Taylor.

CHENAULT, Asborn, dob 5 Mar 1917, mother Zelma Spillman.

CHENAULT, Howard, dob 9-29-1911, mother listed as Mark Chenault.

CHENAULT, James, dob 2-13-1915, mother Nannie Griffin.


CHINN, Elizabeth, dob 18 Jan 1917, mother Florence Williams.


CHOATE, Hazel, dob 13 Jul 1920, mother Emily Bland.


CHRISMAN, Ben W., dob 16 Apr 1920, mother Emily Bland.

CHRISMAN, John 2, dob 6-15-1914, mother Mary Morris.

CHRISTIAN, William, dob 5 Jul 1916, mother Mary Gordon.

CHRISTIANSON, Amanda E., dob 19 Mar 1918, mother Mary Gordon.

CHRISTISON, Fannie C., dob 10 Jun 1915, mother Mary Gordon.

CHRISTMAN, Lucian R., dob 11-28-1913, mother Elizabeth Frank.

CHRISTMAN, Margaret K., dob 15 Feb 1918, mother Elizabeth Franck.

CHRISTSON, Oscar L., dob 20 Oct 1917, mother Jennettie Adams.


CLANNAH, Helen M., dob 2 Jul 1920, mother Bertha Neeey.

CLARK, Alice, dob 12-25-1911, mother Sudie Hawkins.

CLARK, Annie, dob 17 Jan 1920, mother Myrtle Adams.

CLARK, Bernard 2, dob 29 Jul 1918, mother Marie O'Connor.

CLARK, Clara, dob 29 Mar 1917, mother Ora Moore.

CLARK, Daniel F., dob 12-9-1912, mother Lillie Spellmeyer.

CLARK, Dorothy, dob 26 Jul 1920, mother Sudie Hawkins.

CLARK, Effie, dob 10-13-1893.

CLARK, Elias L., dob 22 Sep 1918, mother Minerva Price.

CLARK, Elvin M., dob 28 Jul 1916, mother Magreruite Grimes.

CLARK, Emma J., dob 17 Jul 1916, mother Annie Yocum.

CLARK, Ernest B., dob 17 Sep 1918, mother Sarah Richardson.

CLARK, Fannie D., dob 16 Apr 1919, mother Mary Yates.

CLARK, Herman, dob 22 Feb 1919, mother Annie Mcum.

CLARK, Homer, dob 22 Jan 1920, mother Ora Moore.

CLARK, Ida B., dob 16 Apr 1919, mother Mary Yates.

CLARK, James H., dob 3 Jan 1918, mother Annie Yocum.

CLARK, Laura P., dob 5-22-1912, mother Laura Givens.

CLARK, Lorraine, dob 23 Nov 1920, mother Minerva Grimes.

CLARK, Mattie M., dob 1-2-1914, mother Sudie Hawkins.

CLARK, Stearling S., dob 6-10-1914, mother Manervia Grimes.

CLARK, Susan, dob 1 May 1918, mother Sudie Hawkins.

CLARKE, Belle, dob 12 Nov 1916, mother Eliza Warfield.

CLARKE, Callie, dob 12-13-1915, mother Novella Neil.

CLARKE, Gladys S., dob 3-10-1915, mother Amy Montgomery.

CLARKE, Karl D., dob 12-12-1912, mother Lillie Spellmeyer.

CLARKE, Samuel F., dob 16 Jan 1914, mother Emma Hauna.

CLARKSON, James C., dob 18 Jul 1918, mother Suzan Inez.

CLARKSON, James J., dob 5 Jan 1916, mother Mary Burke.

CLARKSON, Louis F., dob 8-17-1913, mother Mary Burks.

CLARKSON, Raymond E., dob 13 Nov 1920, mother Stella Lane.

CLARKSON, Robert M., dob 14 Dec 1916, mother Stella Lane.

CLARKSON, William E., dob 19 Sep 1918, mother Mary Burke.

CLARKSON, WIlliam F., dob 3 Nov 1915, mother Stella Lane.

CLARKSTON, John L., dob 20 Nov 1920, mother Mary Burka.

CLAUNCH, Anna L., dob 12-27-1912, mother Rachel May.

CLAY, Anne R., dob 10-30-1912, mother Kathern Curry.

CLAY, James F., dob 11-6-1911, mother Katherin Curry.


CLEM, Edna L., dob 9-24-1912, mother Lou Beneditt.

CLEM, Edward S., dob 3-22-1915, mother Elizabeth Wesd.

CLEM, George A., dob 17 Jun 1919, mother Lou Benedict.

CLEM, Marvin W., dob 2 Apr 1916, mother Elizabeth West.

CLEM, Olah, dob 6 Apr 1916, mother Nora Christison.

CLEM, Shelby R., dob 19 May 1919, mother Nora Christison.

CLEM, Woodrow, dob 2-4-1914, mother Sarah Cleves.


CLOYD, Cherrie, dob 19 Feb 1917, mother Francess Young.

CLOYD, Dollie, dob 12-31-1913, mother Mary Young.

CLOYD, Earnest L., dob 8-5-1914, mother Anethie Milborn.

CLOYD, Mack W., dob 1-30-1915, mother Mary Rose.

CLOYD, Mary M., dob 26 Mar 1920, mother Ella Fox.

CLOYD, Paul C., dob 9-6-1914, mother Ella Fox.

CLOYD, Phillip M., dob 9-6-1914, mother Ella Fox.


CLYER, A. 2, dob 11-04-1913, mother Mae Simpson.


COATES, Margaret, dob 17 Mar 1912, mother Mary Overstreet.

COATES, Pearline, dob 26 Aug 1916, mother Lee Brown.

COATES, Sophia M., dob 1 Dec 1914, mother Lee Brown.

COATS, Johnis T., dob 2-17-1915, mother Lee Brown.

COATS, Mary S., dob 5-27-1912, mother Seeada Brown.


COCANOUGHER, David 1, dob 11-9-1911, mother Maggie Bailey.

COCANOUGHER, Elizabeth D., dob 7-28-1914, mother Sarah Crain.

COCANOUGHER, Larue, dob 5-14-1915, mother Virgie Harmon.

COCANOUGHER, Mary S., dob 2 Jun 1918, mother Sarah Crain.

COCANOUGHER, Sallie F., dob 18 Feb 1916, mother Sarah Crain.

COCHRAN, Lewis W., dob 10-12-1915, mother Mamie Martin.

COCHRAN, Oldren E., dob 27 Apr 1917, mother Hallie Lane.


COFFEY, Ada C., dob 19 Mar 1916, mother Ada Zachary.

COFFEY, Charles E., dob 5 Mar 1916, mother Susie Barbee.

COFFEY, Charley 2, dob 7 Mar 1916, mother Dora Shew.

COFFEY, Charly 1, dob 10 May 1917, mother Dora Shearer.

COFFEY, Edith J., dob 7 Oct 1919, mother Nora Reed.

COFFEY, Thomas M., dob 8-30-1912, mother Mollie Claxton.

COFFMAN, Addie B., dob 23 Oct 1919, mother Celeste Clements.

COFFMAN, Clarence 1, dob 26 Mar 1916, mother Cora Gooche.

COFFMAN, Clarence 2, dob 1 Jun 1915, mother Cora Goode.

COFFMAN, James R., dob 7 Feb 1917, mother Cora Goode.

COFFMAN, Mary F., dob 8 Nov 1919, mother Cora Goode.

COFFMAN, Oscar Lee, dob 8-6-1903.


COGOR, Thomas R., dob 12-31-1914, mother Apinire Duncan.


COHEN, George C., dob 12-17-1854, parents Alfred and Phebe (Faris) Cohen.

COHEN, Samuel J., dob 9-10-1914, mother Carrie Gilbert.

COHENS, John E., dob 2-13-1912, mother Carrie Gilbert.


COLDIRON, Emma I., dob 18 Jun 1918, mother Anna Pollard.

COLDIRON, Robert P. dob 6-6-1915, mother Anna Pollard.

COLDWELL, William, dob 8-5-1913, mother Bessie Barclay.

COLEMAN, Dorothy E., dob 29 Oct 1917, mother Francis Thompson.

COLEMAN, Elizabeth E., dob 2-7-1915, mother Frances Thompson.

COLEMAN, Virginia N., dob 14 Apr 1920, mother Maude Evans.

COLLIER, Cora E., dob 4 Jun 1917, mother Ethel Murphy.

COLLIER, Pauline, dob 8-6-1915, mother Ethel Murphy.

COLLIER, Virginia C., dob 3-11-1912, mother Allice Westerfield.

COLLINS, Lucian M., dob 26 Sep 1918, mother Mary Burger.

COLLINS, Nellie F., dob 2-8-1915, mother Mary Burger.

COLTON, Thomas G., dob 5 Apr 1916, mother Maggie Johnson.

COLYER, John M., dob 9 Jan 1918, mother Helen Simpson.


COMBS, Elsie, dob 4-9-1913, mother Mable Gamble.

COMBS, Woodrow D., dob 15 Nov 1916, mother Nora Cosey.

COMPTON, Lizzie, dob 9 Mar 1913, mother Carrie Burke.


CONDER, William T., dob 5 Sep 1920, mother Odelle Cheatham.

CONN, Nannie 2, dob 2 Jan 1913, mother Nannie Conn.

CONNELLY, James S., dob 4-4-1915, mother Ella Sanders.

CONOVER, Frank 2, dob 12-29-1913, mother Hattie Coffey.

CONOVER, Frank 2, dob 12-2-1914, mother Hattie Coffey.

CONQUEST, Margaret E., dob 6 Nov 1920, mother Nettie Eubanks.


COOK, Cecil V., dob 5-11-1913, mother Blanche Dorland.

COOK, Elbert M., dob 4-13-1913, mother Delia Cosley.

COOK, Hazel F., dob 27 Sep 1918, mother Cordelia Cooley.

COOK, Lelia M., dob 14 Feb 1918, mother Vita Morris.

COOK, Margrete J., dob 9-18-1911, mother Clara Milburn.

COOK, Marion E., dob 29 Jul 1918, mother Lucy Brock.

COOK, Opal C., dob 11 Jul 1920, mother Roxie Powell.

COOK, Paul, dob 13 Apr 1919, mother Laura Honaker.

COOK, Strother, dob 3-10-1809.

COOK, William L., dob 11-6-1913, mother Bessie Dawson.

COOK, William Roy, dob 14 Apr 1918, mother Ethel Crowe.

COOK, Willie M., dob 1-28-1915, mother Clara Wilburn.

COOLEY, Anna M., dob 25 Dec 1920, mother Ruth Jones.

COOLEY, Hazel M., dob 19 Aug 1918, mother Lillie King.

COOLEY, Mildred J., dob 1 Apr 1918, mother Ruth Jones.

COOMER, Margaret L., dob 10 Oct 1919, mother Mattie Smith.

COONN, Wm. F., dob 1-21-1914, mother Margret Skeen.

COOPER, Carrie L., dob 14 Jun 1918, mother Lucile Custard.

COOPER, Clarence, dob 5-9-1911, mother Delia Dowan.

COOPER, James O., dob 1-23-1911, mother Flossie Ewing.

COOPER, John W., dob 9-9-1915, mother Mayme Adams.

COOPER, Lucy C., dob 5-27-1914, mother Lucile Custard.

COOPER, Pauline, dob 6 Sep 1920, mother Nettie Wilson.

COOPER, William C., dob 16 Feb 1916, other Lucile Custard.


COPENHAVEN, Thelma R., dob 10 Sep 1918, mother Ophelia Guffen.


CORDWELL, Ofena E., dob 4 Jan 1918, mother Lena Pendleton.

CORLEY, Margaret E., dob 19 Dec 1920, mother Nellie Forbin.

CORRELL, Geraldine A., dob 8 May 1918, mother Dora Thompson.

CORVAN, Margaret L., dob 20 May 1919, mother Ella Rap.


COSBY, Charles R., dob 7-26-1913, mother Margarett Anderson.

COSBY, Mary K., dob 23 Apr 1916, mother Margarett Anderson.


COTT, Arther, dob 4-21-1914, mother Leillie Ramsey.

COTTON, Edna, dob 3-30-1911, mother Pearl Sweeney.


COULTER, Charley E., dob 3 Jun 1916, mother Bettie Coulter.

COULTER, Delia V., dob 24 Sep 1918, mother Bettie Englman.

COULTER, Hessie B., dob 21 Mar 1920, mother Mary Abbott.

COULTER, Margaret H., dob 20 May 1916, mother Eulie Ewing.

COULTER, Moses, dob 7-17-1915, mother Ceilia Coulter.


COWAN, Christopher J., dob 16 Mar 1916, mother Georgia Mullins.

COWAN, Cleo, dob 5-27-1912, mother Cora Williams.

COWAN, Edna, dob 27 Mar 1917, mother Ella Bowan.

COWAN, Fannie P., dob 8-2-1913, mother Sodie Pape.

COWAN, George E., dob 20 May 1918, mother Georgie Mullins.

COWAN, James E., dob 11 Feb 1916, mother Cora Williams.

COWAN, James R., dob 3-5-1913, mother Ella Ray.

COWAN, Leonard W., dob 25 Jul 1920, mother Ellen Owens.

COWAN, Lula D., dob 1-5-1915, mother Ella Cowan.

COWAN, Mammie, dob 9-4-1913, mother Nora Cowan.

COWSERT, Lois A., dob 8-15-1912, mother Agnes Williams.

COWSERT, Roy A., dob 4-15-1914, mother Maggie WIlliams.


COX, Andrew, dob 9 Apr 1920, mother Dovie Whitaker.

COX, Beatrice, dob 14 Jan 1919, mother Leoodie Webb.

COX, Clara E., dob 9 May 1917, mother Manerva Chambers.

COX, Eliza J., dob 15 Jan 1920, mother Mattie Dimstoe.

COX, Elmer O., dob 7-11-1915, mother Carda Webb.

COX, Frebert L., dob 11-26-1911, mother Cordie Webb.

COX, Fred S., dob 11 Dec 1916, mother Dove Whitaker.

COX, Homer R., dob 3-5-1912, mother Cenia Rice.

COX, James W., dob 23 May 1916, mother Ada Pipes.

COX, Jessie B., dob 8-22-1912, mother Rosa Rose.

COX, Josephine, dob 13 Feb 1920, mother Martha Davis.

COX, Lillian I., dob 4-23-1915, mother Carrie Rice.

COX, Lois V., dob 13 Sep 1918, mother Dora Cast.

COX, Loula F., dob 21 Oct 1917, mother Edna Robertson.

COX, Mable S., dob 1 Mar 1916, mother Dora Cox.

COX, Martha E., dob 4-9-1915, mother Mattie Semston.

COX, Mary, dob 20 Jun 1916, mother Susie Johnson.

COX, Mary E., dob 12-22-1915, mother Elizabeth Chambers.

COX, Mary E., dob 3 Nov 1918, mother Elizabeth Chambers.

COX, Mattie, dob 23 Jan 1916, mother Cassie Davis.

COX, Olie I., dob 2 Jan 1920, mother Elizabeth Chambers.

COX, Richard M., dob 17 May 1917, mother Mattie Dempter.

COX, Rufus G., dob 3-19-1914, mother Davie Whitaker.

COX, Thrisman L., dob 1-8-1912, mother Dora Case.

COX, William E., dob 1 Apr 1914, mother Elizabeth Chambers.


COYLE, Lucill, dob 5 Mar 1919, mother Nerva Taylor.

COYLE, Mary, dob 20 Aug 1919, mother Alma Crane.

COYLE, Walter, dob 28 Jan 1919, mother Rosa Walls.


COZATT, Amande B., dob 8 Apr 1917, mother Marnge Purdon.

COZATT, Bettie R., dob 2-19-1915, mother Mayme Purdan.

COZATT, Lila M., dob 2 May 1919, mother Mayme Purdom.


CRAIG, Joseph Henry, dob 30 Apr 1918, mother Virginia Worthington.

CRAIG, Oscar M., dob 3 Nov 1920, mother Virginia Worthington.

CRAIG, William E., dob 30 Mar 1916, mother Virginia Worthington.

CRAIN, Harold S., dob 3-21-1914, mother Ada Jackson.

CRAIN, Hazel E., dob 28 Sep 1917, mother Zula Stewart.

CRAIN, Hellen, dob 10-5-1914, mother Martha Hammon.

CRAIN, James F., dob 12 Jun 1916, mother Martha Hannon.

CRAIN, Kenneth P., dob 15 Sep 1920, mother Florine Coyle.

CRAIN, Martha F., dob 4 Jan 1920, mother Elizabeth Duncan.

CRAIN, Mary A., dob 2 Oct 1916, mother Ada Jackson.

CRAIN, Pearl M., dob 21 Jun 1917, mother Addie Carpenter.

CRAIN, Ray 2, dob 11 Sep 1917, mother Martha Hannon.

CRAIN, Robert K., dob 11-12-1912, mother Mazie Powell.

CRAIN, Warren A., dob 9 May 1919, mother Hattie Warren.

CRAINE, Claude M., dob 19 Feb 1916, mother Maine Hundley.

CRANE, Arrethie M., dob 9-19-1911, mother Lucy James.

CRAWDIES, Pashia, dob 21 Aug 1920, mother Genlee Garnett.

CRAWFORD, Albert 1, dob 13 Aug 1919, mother Katie Dickerson.

CRAWFORD, Charles M., dob 19 Jan 1916, mother Lee Owens.

CRAWFORD, Charles S., dob 4-4-1914, mother Mary Carpenter.

CRAWFORD, Elizabeth L., dob 30 Apr 1917, mother Mary Carpenter.

CRAWFORD, Elwood, dob 5-29-1913, mother Sequesta Winkles.


CRESS, Irene, dob 3 Jan 1920, mother Sarah Emanuel.

CREWS, Cecil C., dob 7 Nov 1920, mother Phoebe Morgeson.

CREWS, Ophelia L., dob 22 Aug 1918, mother Phoebe Morgason.


CRICHFIELD, Evelyn V., dob 22 Dec 1919, mother Cassie Robertson.

CRITCHFIELD, Amos B., dob 11-23-1911, mother Cassa Robertson.


CROCKETT, Annie M., dob 8-23-1912, mother Lucinda Jones.

CROCKETT, David M., dob 11 Aug 1917, mother Lucinda Jones.

CROCKETT, Leroy, dob 31 Jan 1916, mother Lucinda Jones.

CRODAS, James L., dob 26 Aug 1919, mother Lafayette Walker.

CROLEY, Raymond 2, dob 2-8-1914, mother Susie Whitehouse.

CRONSTEIN, Ralph, dob 25 Feb 1918, mother Esther Joseph.

CROSS, Charles E., dob 26 Apr 1920, mother Grace McGannold.

CROSS, Leona H., dob 25 Nov 1919, mother Elizabeth Jackson.

CROSS, Louis C., dob 21 Sep 1917, mother Elizabeth Jackson.

CROSS, Newton 1, dob 1-27-1915, mother Armeula Burress.

CROUCH, Clyde A., dob 31 Aug 1916, mother Florence Henry.

CROUCH, Mary K., dob 20 Dec 1918, mother Mecie Gibson.

CROUCH, William A., dob 3-11-1913, mother Mecie Gibson.

CROUCH, William E., dob 23 Jan 1920, mother Bertha Gooch.

CROUCHE, Duke M., dob 1-6-1911, mother Mecie Gibson.

CROW, Clarence, dob 15 Jan 1918, mother Flora Chandler.

CROW, Claude C., dob 5-11-1915, mother Sallie Jones, father John Westley Crow.

CROW, Denzel E., dob 4 Oct 1918, mother Sallie Jones.

CROW, Dora E., dob 6-5-1913, mother Nellie Jones.

CROW, Elder J., dob 4 Jul 1920, mother Pearl Chambers.

CROW, Elzy M., dob 12-29-1915, mother Mattie Chambers.

CROW, Flossie M., dob 4 May 1912, mother Mattie Chambers.

CROW, James, dob 4-24-1801, parents Andrew Lewis and Margaret (Montgomery) Crow.

CROW, Martha L., dob 15 Mar 1919, mother Mattie Chambers.

CROW, Pearlie L., dob 7-21-1913, mother Sallie Jones.

CROW, Viola K., dob 4-26-1914, mother Mattie Chambers.

CROWDEN, William E., dob 4 Jan 1918, mother Lofayette Walker.

CROWDERS, Robert 1, dob 13 Jun 1919, mother Laura Josh.

CROWDUR, Martha, dob 1-1-1912, mother Lizzie Stewart.

CROWDUS, Martha W., dob 6-25-1911, mother Lafayette Metcelf.

CROWLEY, Edward T., dob 20 Oct 1918, mother Viola Lucas.

CROZIER, Marie, dob 12-28-1915, mother Gustin Crozier.


CRUSE, Theodore G., dob 21 Apr 1916, mother Lenora McKinney.


CULTON, Catherine R., dob 21 Jan 1913, mother Margaret Johnson.

CULTON, David J., dob 30 Aug 1917, mother Maggie Johnson.

CULTON, Eugene Basford, dob 8-7-1914, mother Margaret Johnson.

CULTON, Helen L., dob 18 Dec 1919, mother Maggie Johnson.

CULTON, Ollie L., dob 2-13-1913, mother Mina Lee.


CUMMINS, Abbie A., dob 15 Nov 1916, mother Nancy Click.

CUMMINS, Alberta, dob 20 May 1919, mother Paralee Hill.

CUMMINS, Anna P., dob 10 Jan 1918, mother Rena Anderson.

CUMMINS, Elizabeth, dob 11 Jan 1917, mother Paralee Hill.

CUMMINS, Lucas M., dob 3-19-1915, mother Rena Anderson.

CUMMINS, May A., dob 22 Apr 1920, mother Rena Anderson.

CUMMINS, Samuel L., dob 4 Dec 1918, mother Nancy Clique.


CUNDIFF, Ray, dob 6-20-1915, mother Laura Kidd.


CURRY, Katherine B., dob 24 Feb 1917, mother Ruby Bush.

CURTES, Martha, dob 8 Aug 1919, mother Martin Harty.

CURTIS, Annie L., dob 6-30-1915, mother Rody Hilbert.

CURTIS, Christine, dob 6-12-1914, mother Myrtle Cayse.

CURTIS, Edgar L., dob 4-21-1911, mother Myrtle Case.

CURTIS, Emmit A., dob 4-21-1911, mother Myrtle Case.

CURTIS, James, dob 24 May 1913, mother Rhoda Pittman.

CURTIS, Joe D., dob 28 Sep 1917, mother Rhoda Helbert.

CURTIS, John B., dob 21 May 1920, mother Rhoda Hilbert.

CURTIS, Raymond C., dob 24 Apr 1916, mother Myrtle Cayse.

CURTSINGER, Georgia B., dob 1-17-1913, mother Mattie Drury.

CURTSINGER, Gracie M., dob 25 Jan 1920, mother Christine Lewis.

CURTSINGER, Helen Lucille, dob 9 Jun 1920, mother Hattie Guthrie.

CURTSINGER, John R., dob 16 Apr 1917, mother Nancy Rankins.

CURTSINGER, Rachael, dob 26 May 1920, mother Martha Johnson.

CURTSINGER, Rex, dob 11 Mar 1916, mother Christine Lewis.


CUSTARD, Dealea, dob 10 Sep 1916, mother Landonia Wetherford.


CUTSINGER, Evalin, dob 12-25-1915, mother Nancy Rankin.

CUTTER, Eugene, dob 10 Aug 1916, mother Fannie Spalding.

CUTTER, Joseph, dob 29 Jan 1919, mother Edna Baxter.

CUTTER, Louise, dob 3-19-1915, mother Annie Woldridge.

CUTTER, Sarah, dob 5-7-1888.

CUTTER, Shirley L., dob 8-22-1914, mother Lena McCanly.

*, ** These two records appear to be for the same individual, with the differences usually in the spelling of the child's or mother's name. There were two birth certificates issued, the second to correct the erroneous information.

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