Boyle County Births "B"

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BAER, Edna F., dob 27 Jan 1915, mother Frieda Heymann.

BAER, Harold B., dob 8 Sep 1916, mother Freda Hezman.


BAILEY, Carl, dob 6-23-1914, mother Sallie Wright.

BAILEY, Charles W., dob 6-2-1913, mother Sudie Tarance.

BAILEY, James A., dob 5-22-1912, mother Sallie Wright.

BAILEY, Melvin P., dob 2 Jan 1917, mother America Thurman.

BAILEY, Nancy E., dob 1-20-1915, mother Sue Tauance.

BAILEY, Samuel N., dob 6 Feb 1917, mother Susie Lawrence.

BAILEY, Thomas B., dob 31 Jan 1919, mother Susie Tarrence.

BAILY, Nannie B., dob 11 Sep 1919, mother America Thurman.


BAKER, Alma B., dob 1-6-1912, mother Ora Dawson.

BAKER, Amelda E., dob 20 Nov 1917, mother Betty Jones.

BAKER, Charles, dob 4-29-1915, mother Girtie Young.

BAKER, Charles D., dob 4-29-1915, mother Gertie Baker.

BAKER, Claudie C., dob 8 Apr 1917, mother Eddie Vermillion.

BAKER, J. T., dob 2 Nov 1918, mother Ella Robards.

BAKER, John H., dob 11-29-1914, mother Ora Lawson.

BAKER, Lucile, dob 8-27-1914, mother Eddie Vermillion.

BAKER, Madge L., dob 6-10-1911, mother Eddie Vermillion.

BAKER, Mary H., dob 25 Nov 1919, mother Eddie Vermillion.

BAKER, Okle, dob 27 May 1918, mother Cora Slavy.

BAKER, Sam D., dob 3-27-1912, mother Annie Schammabom.

BAKER, Walter S., dob 29 Jul 1918, mother Natalie Hughes.

BAKER, William K., dob 8-4-1914, mother Anna Dodson.

BAKER, William W., dob 12-31-1912, mother Gertie Young.


BALDEN, Margaret M., dob 9 Sep 1918, mother Mary Jarvis.

BALDWIN, Anna M., dob 2-10-1913, mother Susie Witt.

BALDWIN, Chas 2, dob 12-21-1914, mother Susie Witt.

BALDWIN, Edith J., dob 28 Jan 1917, mother Susie Witt.

BALES, Chas A., dob 12 Jun 1918, mother Ella Litton.

BALL, Christine, dob 25 Jun 1919, mother Georgia Gaddie.

BALL, Cora L., dob 2-16-1914, mother Lena Hays.

BALL, Eddie, dob 6 May 1916, mother Minnie Ball.

BALL, George 1, dob 19 Feb 1917, mother Mary Hudson.

BALL, John, born 1802 in Boyle County.


BANDY, Agnes L., dob 12 Nov 1918, mother Virgie Lamb.

BANDY, Casker E., dob 7-30-1913, mother Mollie Chambers.

BANDY, Hazel, dob 9-5-1915, mother Bertha Lamb.

BANDY, Leo I., dob 4 Oct 1918, mother Cela Nevins.

BANDY, Marie, dob 17 Nov 1917, mother Mollie Chambers.*

BANDY, Marina M., dob 17 Nov 1917, mother Mollie Chambers.*

BANDY, Marvin C., dob 2 Apr 1919, mother Bertha Lamb.

BANDY, Russell J., dob 30 Jul 1920, mother Ola Neoins.

BANDY, Viola, dob 4 Mar 1918, mother Amanda Sutherland.


BARBEE, Lenora, dob 4 Mar 1916, mother Hattie Gash.

BARDY, Hope C., dob 16 Dec 1912, mother Lucille Young.

BARKER, John R., dob 9-4-1915, mother Maude Brown.

BARKER, Mildred H., dob 12 Apr 1920, mother Ethel Mayes.

BARMS, Joe 2, dob 7-29-1912, mother Sally Jackson.

BARNES, Hazel M., dob 29 Jun 1918, mother Mary Lucas.

BARNES, Irene, dob 5-20-1914, mother Pearl Burger.

BARNES, Lenona, dob 7-25-1913, mother Sallie Jackson.

BARNES, Robert L., dob 3 Feb 1919, other Pearl Burger.

BARNETT, George E., dob 6 Dec 1916, mother Esther Embry.

BARNSTREET, Ernest 2, dob 3-25-1913, mother Clara Pullitt.


BASKETT, Sunbeam G., dob 11-5-1912, mother Katharine Price.

BASTIN, Henderson C., dob 10 Jul 1918, mother Mary French.

BASTIN, Mattie L., dob 17 Jul 1917, mother Qunettella Smith.

BASTIN, William A., dob 18 Aug 1920, mother Ethel Jase.


BAUCOM, Billie M., dob 7-28-1914, mother Edna Shevell.

BAUDY, Myrtle F., dob 5 Sep 1919, mother Annie Webb.

BAUGH, Eli Samuel, dob 17 Jan 1919, mother Maudie Cook.

BAUGH, Elmer R., dob 10-8-1911, mother Martha Cook.

BAUGH, Mamie C., dob 23 Oct 1916, mother Maude Cook.

BAUGH, Minnie F., dob 8-27-1915, mother Jane Gutley.

BAUGH, Nancy Elizabeth, dob 27 Jul 1917, mother Martha Cook, father James S. Garfield Baugh.

BAUGHMAN, Carl Rowe, dob 30 Jun 1918, mother Anna Rowe.

BAUGHMAN, Edith M., dob 18 Feb 1916, mother Annie Rowe.

BAUGHMAN, Hellen M., dob 24 Aug 1919, mother Annie Rowe.

BAUGHMAN, Henry 1, dob 7-18-1912, mother Nancy Gray.

BAUGHMAN, James R., dob 6-15-1912, mother Hattie Caldwell.

BAUGHMAN, Joel T., dob 3-4-1825, father Henry Baughman, Jr., mother Patience Owsley.

BAUGHMAN, Thomas H., dob 7 Jul 1916, mother Ada Baughman.


BAXTER, Peeola B., dob 19 Nov 1912, mother Lily McCowan.


BEAGLEY, George G., dob 2-13-1914, mother Hettie Miller.

BEAN, James F., dob 3-3-1914, mother Janie Fox.

BEAN, Nancy E., dob 19 Jan 191, mother Janie Fox.

BEAT, William M., dob 10-23-1911, mother Virgie Sparrow.

BEATTIE, Flossie E., dob 6-21-1914, mother Mattie Barker.


BEDINGER, Alice C., dob 5 May 1919, mother Burtha Smith.

BEDINGER, John A., dob 10-26-1911, mother Byrtha Smith.

BEDINGER, Richard F., dob 6 Nov 1917, mother Bertha Smith.


BEELER, Elnora, dob 8 Sep 1918, mother Mary Stair.

BEELER, Mae E., dob 23 May 1917, mother Martha May.

BEELER, Mary K., dob 14 Dec 1916, mother Mary Stair.


BELCHER, Artless B., dob 5 Feb 1920, mother Lizzie Wilson.

BELCHER, Cecil D., dob 25 Mar 1918, mother Dorothy Honaker.

BELCHER, Denzile C., dob 6 Feb 1920, mother Julia Wilson.

BELCHER, Estel L., dob 17 Feb 1920, mother Effie Strivel.

BELCHER, Foster R., dob 5 Feb 1918, mother Julia Wilson.

BELCHER, Hazel L., dob 1 Apr 1920, mother Dorothy Honaker.

BELL, Benjamin B., 19 Oct 1919, mother Mary Curd.

BELL, Gladys E., dob 11-12-1915, mother Mary Curd.

BELL, Joshua Fry, dob 11-26-1811.

BELL, WIlliam H., dob 5 Oct 1917, mother Mary Curd.

BELLVILLE, Pauline E., dob 2-14-1913, mother Carrie Simpson.


BENEDICK, Fredrick D., dob 10-20-1912, mother Sopha Williard.

BENEDICT, Clyde, dob 20 Sep 1917, mother Elizabeth Graves.

BENEDICT, Walter H., dob 7-1-1915, mother Sophie Williard.

BENGE, Martin J., dob 23 Feb 1920, mother Lucy Evans.

BENNETT, Julia D., dob 10-12-1915, mother Julia Lewon.


BERRY, Eliza C., dob 5-6-1913, mother Kattie Norris.

BERRY, Georgia B., dob 18 Dec 1917, mother Katie Norris.

BERRY, Mozet, dob 9-9-1911, mother Maggie Duck.

BERRY, Rosevelt, dob 5-27-1913, mother Alberta Nichols.


BEST, Elizabeth, dob 11-13-1913, mother Gertie Coyle.

BEST, Isaac R., dob 1-15-1840, parents Abner O. and Louisa (Reynolds) Best.

BEST, John E., dob 30 Nov 1916, mother Emma Russell.

BEST, Mary E., dob 9 Oct 1918, mother Emma Russell.

BEST, Naomi, dob 31 Oct 1917, mother Gertie Coyle.

BEST, Richard 1, dob 4-21-1912, mother Gertie Coyle.

BEST, Richard C., dob 1 Sep 1920, mother Gertrude Coyle.


BIGGS, R. A., dob 26 Jun 1913, mother Lena Farmer.


BIRDWELL, Louis H., dob 6-16-1912, mother Charlotte Duke.


BISHIP, James M., dob 23 Mar 1916, mother Annie Phelps.


BIVIER, Hellen M., dob 1-18-1914, mother Ada Harloss.


BLACK, Sussie C., dob 10-5-1914, mother Margarett Alexander.

BLACKABY, Aphelia H., dob 1 Aug 1918, mother Annie Denton.

BLACKABY, Earnest S., dob 4-27-1913, mother Annie Denton.

BLACKBY, Elton H., dob 5 Jul 1920, mother Annie Denton.

BLACKERBY, John H., dob 12-5-1915, mother Annie Denton.

BLACKETER, Willie E., dob 6-12-1913, mother Lucy Price.

BLAKMAN, Lula M., dob 23 Nov 1920, mother Nannie Weathers.

BLANTON, Margaret C., dob 2 Apr 1919, mother Norma Elmore.


BLEVINS, Anna M., dob 17 Nov 1920, mother Elaizabeth Zwatchke.

BLEVINS, Herbert L., dob 19 Feb 1918, mother Lizzie Qwatcha.

BLEVINS, Lloyd, dob 22 Apr 1919, mother Lizzie Zwatchka.


BOBBITT, Major 1, dob 15 Jun 1918, mother Hattie Gash.


BODENER, Loretta T., dob 11-25-1913, mother Thekea Blana.

BODNER, Charles L., dob 5-30-1914, mother Nanie Bodner.

BODNER, Clarence E., dob 10 May 1917, mother Nannie Gaddis.

BODNER, Emma L., dob 20 Dec 1920, mother Emma Wilson.

BODNER, Lucile, dob 11-30-1914, mother Maggie Lunsford.


BOLDRICK, George D. dob 10-25-1842, parents James P. and Mary Doneghy Boldrick.

BOLTON, Edna M., dob 3-1-1913, mother Clara Ross.

BOLTON, Oells, dob 24 Sep 1919, mother Clara Ross.


BONAR, Clarence M., dob 28 Dec 1917, other Pansy Brisco.

BOND, Edwin M., dob 20 Apr 1920, mother Bellie Wilson.

BONDS, Melvema, dob 12-22-1915, mother Sallie Jackson.

BONE, Nellie H., dob 10-3-1912, mother Mattie Minor.

BONER, Denzel 2, dob 12-9-1914, mother Mollie Guffin.

BONER, Gertrude, dob 26 Aug 1919, mother Pansy Boiseo.

BONER, James R., dob 25 Mar 1916, mother Pansie Brisee.

BONLY, Pauline V., dob 17 May 1916, mother Lucill Young.

BONTA, Grace S., dob 9-4-1913, mother Martha Harrigan.

BONTA (or Bouta), Lenord G., dob 2-6-1913, mother Mary Nichols.


BOONE, Jessie C., dob 16 Nov 1917, mother Francis Howard.

BOONE, Mary E., dob 3 May 1916, mother Francis Howard.


BOSLEY, Lillian F., dob 13 Sep 1916, mother Lillian Forsythe.

BOSWELL, James M., dob 9-5-1913, mother Bertha Tyler.


BOTTOM, Ansel 1, dob 13 Aug 1917, mother Hattie Clark.

BOTTOM, Beatrice, dob 1 Apr 1919, mother Pearl Watkins.

BOTTOM, Charlie B., dob 6-27-1914, mother Susan Goodwright.

BOTTOM, Estella L., dob 10-8-1915, mother Susie Carstensen.

BOTTOM, Frances E., dob 12-10-1913, mother Susie Carstensen.

BOTTOM, James M., dob 9-5-1913, mother Mary Taylor.

BOTTOM, Mary A., dob 15 Nov 1920, mother Susie Hamilton.

BOTTOM, Nellie, dob 27 Jun 1916, mother Nora Cowan.

BOTTOM, Sarah R., dob 13 Mar 1919, mother Susie Carsteusen.

BOTTOMS, Beattrice, dob 1 Sep 1915, mother Hattie Clark.

BOTTOMS, Delbert 2, dob 2 Mar 1918, mother Pearl Watkins.

BOTTOMS, Georgie L., dob 9-16-1911, mother Mary Taylor.

BOTTOMS, Ira 1, dob 10-11-1911, mother Otha Cowan.

BOTTOMS, James J., dob 7 Nov 1916, mother Sylvia Cowan.

BOTTOMS, Margarite H., dob 21 Nov 1920, mother Pearl Watkins.

BOTTOMS, Martha V., dob 14 Jul 1917, mother Mattie Best.

BOTTOMS, Tommie, dob 8 Apr 1916, mother Mary Taylor.

BOTTOMS, William, dob 9 Sep 1918, mother Mary Taylor.


BOUER, Alice J., dob 10-13-1915, mother Mollie Griffin.

BOURNE, Bessie Barkus, dob 4-6-1900, mother Nannie Pearl Duncan, father Jesse Walden Bourne.

BOURNE, Henry H., dob 10-21-1914, mother Pearl Duncan.

BOURNER, Carl M., dob 4-23-1913, mother May Thomas.

BOUTA, Lenard G., dob 6 Feb 1913, mother Mary Nichols.


BOWER, Carl, dob 4-21-1913, mother Cleavy Overstreet.

BOWER, Frances L., dob 15 Jul 1916, mother Clevy Overstreet.

BOWLIN, Joseph E., dob 10-24-1912, mother Nancy Hart.

BOWLIN, William H., dob 10 Apr 1920, mother Clara Hilton.

BOWSER, Virgil S., dob 8-29-1914, mother Grace Smith.

BOWSLY, Jorine C., dob 11-6-1913, mother Bertha Trumbo.


BOYD, Alda, dob 21 Nov 1916, mother Mamie Kelby.

BOYD, Charlie, dob 2 Jul 1920, mother Hattie Hurt.

BOYD, Curtis, dob 29 Aug 1920, mother Linnie Bakery.

BOYD, Imogene F., dob 21 Nov 1920, mother Addie Troxell.

BOYD, Mary L., dob 10 Jan 1918, mother Mannie Kelley.

BOYD, Woodrow W., dob 21 Dec 1918, mother Viola Carter.

BOYLE, Jeremiah Tilford, dob 5-1818, father John Boyle.


BPOWELL, (or Powell) Lora B., dob 9-30-1914, mother Martha Williams.


BRACKETT, Elizabeth K., dob 16 Sep 1918, mother Sadie Ferrell.

BRACKETT, Ruby C., dob 26 May 1919, mother Ora Breedlove.

BRADLEY, Iva C., dob 9-25-1912, mother Kate Williams.

BRADLEY, Roy L., dob 14 Feb 1919, mother Kate Williams.

BRADSHAW, Catherine M., dob 21 Feb 1915, mother Lorena Christmas.

BRADSHAW, Johnetta, dob 17 Mar 1916, mother Josephine Faulkner.

BRADSHAW, Marion A., dob 2-7-1912, mother Leona Walters.

BRADSHAW, William G., dob 13 Jul 1917, mother Lorena Christman.

BRADY, Rebecca, dob 12-26-1912, mother Alma Parks.

BRANUM, Rachel, dob 2-22-1915, mother Mittie Branum.

BRAUNNER, Chas H., dob 9 May 1918, mother Margaret Northington.


BREEDING, James R., dob 17 Oct 1920, mother Martha Payne.

BREEDING, Lewis T., dob 31 May 1920, mother Mary Green.

BREEDING, Warren C., dob 9-7-1915, mother Mary Green.

BREWER, David S., dob 11-25-1915, mother Lovie Smith.

BREWER, Lela M., dob 12-16-1915, mother Sarah McCauly.

BREWER, Marrah E., dob 5-10-1913, mother Sariah McAney.

BREWER, Warren T., dob 9-20-1911, mother Elssie Benwird.

BREWER, Wm. H., dob 30 Sep 1917, mother Louie Smith.


BRIDGEWATER, Mary B., dob 12-14-1911, mother Cornelia Spillman.

BRIDGEWATERS, Melinda, dob 7-22-1912, mother Charlotte Wheat.

BRISCOE, Ethel L., dob 9-3-1911, mother Annie Suckhorn.

BRISCOE, Nellie B., dob 8-20-1912, mother Illa Ashbrook.

BRISCOE, Robt 2, dob 8-25-1913, mother Effie Tribbit.

BRISCOE, Walter V., dob 5-25-1914, mother Effie Tribbite.

BRISTOW, Carolyn Catherine "Carrie", dob 8-24-1859, father James H. Bristow, mother Fannie Coolidge (born Jefferson Co, KY).

BRISTOW, David B., dob 3-28-1844, father James H. Bristow, mother Sarah Robertson.

BRISTOW, Harry Given May, dob 1-25-1858, father James H. Bristow, mother Fannie Coolidge (born in Jefferson Co., KY).

BRISTOW, James Wainwright., dob 8-2-1855, father James H. Bristow, mother Fannie Coolidge (born in San Franisco, California).

BRISTOW, Martha Eleanor "Nellie", dob 3-5-1862, father James H. Bristow, mother Fannie Coolidge (born Jefferson Co., KY).


BROCK, Bissie B., dob 6 Apr 1918, mother Bessie Brock.

BROCK, Jesse T., dob 2-8-1914, mother Bessie Prather.

BROCK, Martha, dob 8-6-1912, mother Bessie Prather.

BROOKS, David A., dob 1-8-1912, mother Lucy Brooks.

BROOKS, James E., dob 24 Jan 1918, mother Lena Wiggs.

BROOKSHIRE, Joseph R., dob 29 Jul 1918, mother Emma Hill.

BROWN, Agnes V., dob 8-12-1912, mother Mary Edelen.

BROWN, Arthur E., dob 3 Apr 1917, other Clara Meaux.

BROWN, Boyd, dob 1 Jul 1919, mother Sallie Smith.

BROWN, Clement W., dob 21 Jul 1917, mother Thelma Waide.

BROWN, Daniel B., dob 11 Jun 1918, mother Mary Burgess.

BROWN, Dorothy J., dob 1 Nov 1919, mother Mary Burgess.

BROWN, Eva H., dob 9 Jun 1916, mother Lora Litton.

BROWN, Gabrial, dob 18 Feb 1917, mother Lucinda Yowell.

BROWN, George L., dob 30 Nov 1919, mother Frankie Bickham.

BROWN, Gilbert F., dob 17 Oct 1920, mother Willa Nichols.

BROWN, Jessie D., dob 12 Feb 1919, mother Birdie Washington.

BROWN, Joe O., dob 26 Oct 1917, mother Lora Litton.

BROWN, Joe T., dob 4 Aug 1917, mother Liza Rich.

BROWN, John 1, dob 22 Jun 1920, mother Monnie Harros.

BROWN, Juline V., dob 16 Nov 1916, mother Mattie Laurence.

BROWN, Martha L., dob 4 Dec 1920, mother Mary Burgers.

BROWN, May L., dob 24 Jun 1916, mother Mary Southerland.

BROWN, Naneta, dob 9 Nov 1919, mother Lora Litton.

BROWN, Robert H., dob 5-18-1911, mother Della McAndy.

BROWN, Rufus, dob 1-31-1912, mother Lucinda Yowell.

BROWN, Ruth A., dob 17 Jan 1916, mother Emily Dearinger.

BROWN, Susie H., dob 1-25-1914, mother Mary Southern.

BROWNING, Edward W., dob 2 Feb 1918, mother Suzan Montgomery.

BROWNING, Lawrence C., dob 19 Oct 1920, mother Susie Montgomery.

BROWNING, Mildred, dob 11-12-1912, mother Susie Montgomery.

BROYLES, Arthur A., dob 8-29-1912, mother Maggie Reynolds.

BROYLES, Dorothy M., dob 19 Jun 1917, mother Mary Farris.**

BROYLES, Dorothy M., dob 19 Jun 1917, mother Mary Farris.**

BROYLES, Edna M., dob 12 Feb 1918, mother Maggie Reynolds.

BROYLES, John, dob 15 Dec 1801 in Mercer Co.

BROYLES, Lewis T., dob 11 May 1916, mother Maggie Reynolds.

BROYLES, Lewis W., dob 11-16-1911, mother Nannie Casfarie.


BRUCE, Agnes, dob 2-10-1912, mother Rhoda Ructer.

BRUCE, Bernard C., dob 2 Apr 1917, mother Mattie Minor.

BRUCE, Geneva, dob 1 Feb 1920, mother Mattie Minor.

BRUCE, Ruby A., dob 1-12-1915, mother Mattie Minor.

BRUMFIELD, Obadiah, dob 4-1-1833, parents James Jr. and Ruan C. Sherrill Brumfield.

BRUMITT, Dorothy P., dob 28 Nov 1919, mother Nannie Harious.

BRUSSELLS, Charles B., dob 7-31-1912, mother Annie Newton.


BRYANT, James L., dob 24 Mar 1919, mother Maud Davis.


BSCOE, Marie, dob 6 Oct 1917, mother Ida Ashbrook.


BUCHANON, Dorthy, dob 2 Nov 1918, mother Mary Arnold.

BUCHANON, Pauline A., dob 18 Aug 1920, mother Mary Arnold.

BUCK, Gertrude, dob 3-25-1912, mother Bessie Adkins.

BUCK, Louise, dob 1-27-1914, mother Elizabeth Ward.


BUDY, Ruth, dob 5 Oct 1919, mother Amanda Sutherland.


BUG, Marcus, dob 13 Aug 1918, mother Lucy French.

BUGG, Catherine, dob 6-3-1914, mother Sallie Tyre.

BUGG, David 1, dob 4-25-1912, mother Lucy French.

BUGG, Edward E., dob 16 Jun 1919, mother Sarah Tyre.

BUGG, Elizabeth M., dob 12-15-1915, mother Sallie Tyre.

BUGG, J. H., dob 21 May 1920, mother Hattie Pelly.

BUGG, James W., dob 10-1-1914, mother Mary Divine.

BUGG, Lillian M., dob 1 Jan 1916, mother Nannie Croul.

BUGG, Mabel L., dob 10-4-1914, mother Nannie Crain.

BUGG, Marcus, dob 25 Mar 1920, mother Lucy French.

BUGG, Mary B., dob 1-28-1913, mother Hattie Pelley.

BUGG, Sarah A., dob 5 Jan 1920, mother Mary Lawson.

BUGG, Wm. H., dob 17 Aug 1917, mother Sarah Lyne.


BULLET, Eugene H., dob 3-18-1913, mother Georgia Bufford.

BULLOON, Arthur 2, dob 6-6-1911, mother Georgia Beauford.


BUNCH, Ada M., dob 3 Jan 1918, mother Maggie Hoofer.

BUNCH, Annie C., dob 11-4-1912, mother Maggie Hooper.

BUNCH, Vesta S., dob 4-8-1914, mother Maggie Hooper.

BUNDY, Arvin E., dob 8-19-1915, mother Mollie Chambers.

BUNN, James P., dob 7-21-1913, mother Anna Casey.

BUNTON, Edith G., dob 24 Oct 1917, mother Lizzie Montgomery.


BURDETT, James E., dob 11-8-1915, mother Mary Norris.

BURDETTE, Troy 2, dob 7-3-1913, mother Ella Frye.

BURGE, Clyde, dob 20 May 1916, mother Nannie Benedict.

BURGE, Graver J., dob 28 Jul 1918, mother Sallie Christison.

BURGE, John 2, dob 22 Feb 1917, mother Sarah Cheathman.

BURGE, John W., dob 4-18-1912, mother Nannie Benedict.

BURGE, Lavinia, dob 6-27-1915, mother Sarah Christian.

BURGE, Mary, dob 20 Sep 1919, mother Namie Benedict.

BURGEN, Helen R., dob 21 Oct 1919, mother Sarah Pendergraft.

BURGER, Alvin, dob 10 Jan 1916, mother J. Bandy.

BURGER, Anna E., dob 13 Sep 1918, mother Sarah Pendergraft.

BURGER, Irene, dob 5-20-1914, mother Unknown Burger.

BURGER, Isabel, dob 4 Jun 1924, mother Jimmie Davis.

BURGER, Samuel R., dob 4-5-1914, mother Clemie Bandy.

BURKA, Darthia, dob 4 Jan 1919, mother Clora Walker.

BURKA, Leo J., dob 28 Jan 1917, mother Clara Walker.

BURKA, Mary E., dob 7-27-1915, mother Clara Walker.

BURKA, Paul E., dob 9 Feb 1920, mother Clara Walker.

BURKE, Blanche H., dob 7-22-1912, mother Blanche Parsons.

BURKETT, Gertrude M., dob 16 Apr 1920, mother Bettie Grubbs.

BURKETT, Nellie, dob 5-29-1911, mother Clara Crabtree.

BURKETT, Teddy, dob 4 Jun 1916, mother Bettie Grubbs.

BURNETT, William 1, dob 16 Dec 1913, mother Mary Wallace.

BURTHERAM, Roy, dob 8-26-1913, mother Cathen Moody.

BURTON, Arnold, dob 13 Oct 1917, mother Lula Eads.

BURTON, Beatrice, dob 17 Jun 1918, mother Roberta Doley.

BURTON, Ernest W., dob 2-9-1915, mother Elizabeth Wood.

BURTON, James A., dob 2-8-1801, parents Allen and Rebecca (Hammer) Burton.

BURTON, Mary E., dob 22 Aug 1917, mother Mayme Robertson.

BURTON, William J., dob 4-1-1913, mother Lulu Eads.

BURTRAM, Sarah, dob 24 Nov 1914, mother Katherine Moody.


BUSKIRK, Margaret E., dob 27 Nov 1919, mother Ola Heltslen.


BUTLER, James R., dob 3-28-1914, mother Georgia Allen.

BUTLER, Martha F., dob 29 Dec 1920, mother Josie Bugg.

BUTTERAM, Louis, dob 15 Mar 1911, mother Catherine Moody.

BUTTRAM, Ellwood, dob 10-19-1915, mother Catherine Woody.

*, ** These two individuals appear to be the same person, the difference in the two being the spelling of either the child's or mother's name. There were two birth certificates issued, the second one to correct the erroneous information.

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