Boyle County Births - "A"

This information has been compiled from a variety of sources, and I hope it will be of benefit to you in your research. If you know of additional information (or corrections) to these records, or additional records that you would like to see included, please drop me a note Brenda HumeEmail Registry

ABBOTT, Beatrice, dob 11 Apr 1917, mother Millie Stevens.

ABBOTT, Clifford, dob 1-16-1914, mother Martha Skees.

ABBOTT, Clyde B., dob 14 Dec 1920, mother Minnie Guinn.

ABBOTT, Dorothia M., dob 19 Mar 1920, mother Nancy Chambers.

ABBOTT, Edith, dob 9 Oct 1916, mother Nancy Chambers.

ABBOTT, Hattie P., dob 22 Sep 1920, mother Miltie Stevens.

ABBOTT, Manuel, dob 1 May 1918, mother Nancy Chambers.

ABBOTT, Opal, dob 3 Jul 1918, mother Mittie Stevens.*

ABBOTT, Opal, dob 3 Jul 1918, mother Minnie Stevens.*

ABOTT, Evelyn, dob 12-24-1914, mother Nancy Chambers.


ADAMS, Bules 2, dob 9-16-1911, mother Celia Cook.

ADAMS, Charley 1, dob 1-22-1914, mother Lena Dunehy.

ADAMS, Charley 1, dob 2 Jun 1920, mother Lena Doneghy.

ADAMS, Clarence F., dob 13 Oct 1919, mother Jessie Shanks.

ADAMS, Dorothy, dob 19 Mar 1915, mother Ida Frazier.

ADAMS, Edward, dob 20 Nov 1919, mother Mattie Yeats.

ADAMS, George S., dob 12 Oct 1918, mother Celia Cook.

ADAMS, Hereford T., dob 11 Oct 1916, mother Ida Frazier.

ADAMS, James F., dob 12 Apr 1917, mother Nora Vinson.

ADAMS, James H., dob 1-28-1911, mother Mattie Yates.

ADAMS, James M., dob 1-21-1913, mother Lenora Griffin.

ADAMS, James R., dob 17 May 1920, mother Bessie Adams.**

ADAMS, James R., dob 17 May 1920, mother Bessie Miller.**

ADAMS, James T., dob 19 Jun 1918, mother Lillie Cowan.

ADAMS, John E., dob 17 Sep 1918, mother Neoma Allen.

ADAMS, John N., dob 8-12-1915, mother Nellie Reed.

ADAMS, Joseph, dob 12-29-1912, mother Martha Yates.

ADAMS, Lola M., dob 30 Apr 1919, mother Ida Frazier.

ADAMS, Mae V., dob 22 Nov 1916, mother Lena Doneghy.

ADAMS, Robert S., dob 22 May 1917, mother Martha Yeats.

ADAMS, Roy L., dob 5-30-1913, mother Cora Baugh.

ADAMS, Sam, dob 4 Nov 1916, mother Maggie Clark.

ADAMS, Viola, dob 12 Jun 1919, mother Maggie Clark.

ADAMS, WIlliam E., dob 4-27-1915, mother Mattie Yates.

ADAMS, WIlliam R., dob 2-1-1913, mother Ida Frazier.


ALBRIGHT, Richard L., dob 19 Sep 1918, mother Elizabeth Tharp.


ALCORN, Henry 2, dob 12-18-1914, mother Mary Wright.

ALCORN, Pattie M., dob 4 Apr 1919, mother Effie Ousley.

ALCORN, Thomas 2, dob 4 Sep 1917, mother Effie Owsley.

ALCORN, Thomas J., dob 15 Mar 1916, mother Effie Owsley.


ALDRIDGE, Martha M., dob 28 Jul 1915, mother Mannie Ofveritte.


ALEXANDER, Claude, dob 4-26-1915, mother Jesse Wilson.

ALEXANDER, Richard, dob 4-17-1912, mother Mary Hampton.

ALEXANDER, Florence J., dob 16 Nov 1919, mother Mary Kirkpatrick.

ALEXANDER, Jesse W., dob 20 Apr 1917, mother Jesse Wilson.

ALEXANDER, Richard, dob 17 Apr 1912, mother Mary Hampton.


ALFORD, Annie W., dob 1 Mar 1920, mother Bessie Miller.

ALFORD, Leslie B., dob 13 Jun 1918, mother Bessie Miller.

ALFORD, Roy T., dob 8 Feb 1920, mother Sadie Miller.


ALLEN, Benjamin 2, dob 4-19-1915, mother Molly Daymuth.

ALLEN, Charles L., dob 6-15-1912, mother Henrietta Dunn.

ALLEN, Daniel E., dob 1 Jul 1917, mother Fannie Allen.

ALLEN, Gladdis, dob 15 Jun 1916, mother Henrietta Dunn.

ALLEN, Jesse, dob 6-14-1912, mother Gertrude Yowell.

ALLEN, Jessie L., dob 17 Nov 1920, mother Viola Christison.


ANDERS, Edward L., dob 22 Jan 1916, mother Kahoma Carpenter.

ANDERSON, Clifton R., born 4-21-1856 in Danville, parents William C. and Amelia (Rhodes) Anderson.

ANDERSON, Ethel M., dob 23 Jul 1916, mother Emily Nikirk.

ANDERSON, Evaree, dob 9-15-1913, mother Laura Hopkins.

ANDERSON, Everett F., dob 8-22-1915, mother Sinthia Wilson.

ANDERSON, Hattie R., dob 6-17-1912, mother Carrie Penman.

ANDERSON, Henry, dob 10 Feb 1919 mother Minnie Cheatham.

ANDERSON, Mary C., dob 10 Jun 1912, mother Louanna Reynolds.

ANDERSON, Nellie R., dob 13 Apr 1918, mother Emily Nikirk.

ANDERSON, Sylvester, dob 31 Oct 1913, mother Bettie Anderson.

ANDERSON, William C., dob 15 Aug 1919, mother Carolyn Long.

ANDERWOOD, Alvin L., dob 5-7-1913, mother Georgie Fuel.

ANDERWOOD, Rachel B., dob 5 Jul 1916, mother Elma Culton.

ANDREWS, Edna M., dob 8-4-1915, mother Bettie Marshall.

ANDREWS, Mary I., dob 4 Apr 1916, mother Zepha Cowen.


ARLEDGE, Margrete L., dob 14 Oct 1916, mother Lela Arledge.

ARLEDGE, Mary E., dob 16 Jun 1918, mother Lela Arledge.


ARMSTRONG, Charles Thomas, b. 5-9-1824 near Danville, father John Armstrong, mother Rebecca Rule.


ARNOLD, Alma B., dob 8-13-1915, mother Gertie Webb.

ARNOLD, Dora F., dob 2 Jan 1920, mother Georgia Snawder.

ARNOLD, Edna I., dob 9 Feb 1918, mother Georgie Snowder.

ARNOLD, James W., dob 1-16-1913, mother Ila Hair.

ARNOLD, John C., dob 5-3-1914, mother Gertie Webb.

ARNOLD, John T., dob 27 Jan 1918, mother Clara Horton.

ARNOLD, Joseph L., dob 6-19-1913, mother Willie Wigham.

ARNOLD, Joye P., dob 11 Oct 1920, mother Alice Hambleton.

ARNOLD, Mayme W., dob 9 Jun 1920, mother Clara Horton.

ARNOLD, Moreland, dob 4-26-1915, mother Cleo Russell.

ARNOLD, Nancy A., dob 29 Nov 1917, mother Addie WHitehouse.

ARNOLD, Ray P., dob 26 Nov 1917, mother Ida Hare.

ARNOLD, Reba M., dob 10-10-1915, mother Clara Arnold.

ARNOLD, Ruth, dob 11-10-1915, mother Bettie Mills.

ARNOLD, Willie F., dob 7 Mar 1919, mother Addie Whitehouse.


ARTHUR, Edward D., dob 21 Feb 1919, mother Etta Montagne.


ASHBROOK, Warren J., dob 24 Aug 1919, mother Dorah Buzzard.

ASHER, William K., dob 9-28-1915, mother Lillian McGowan.

ASHLEY, Henry 2, dob 13 Jan 1916, mother Louise Peniman.


ATKINS, David T., dob 3-8-1914, mother Sophroniar Young.

ATKINS, Mildred E., dob 16 Apr 1919, mother Nancy Holtby.


ATLIS, Paris 1, dob 9 Feb 1920, mother Nellie Gess.


ATTLIS, Paris 1, dob 3 Feb 1919, mother Nellie Gest.


AUSTON, Wm. A., dob 13 Jan 1916, mother Emma Walls.


AVERY, Bettie M., dob 12-30-1914.

AVERY, George, dob 9 Sep 1918, mother Maud Tailor.

AVERY, Robert H., dob 10-18-1911, mother Maude Taylor.

*, ** These 2 records appear to be the same person, with the only difference being the spelling of either the child's or mother's name. A second birth certificate was issued to correct the original incorrect one. There were two birth certificates issued.

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