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Hoskins or Hoskinson Family
This information submitted by Arliss Hoskins

(The name was Hoskinson (1759) in Montgomery and Frederick Co., Maryland and about 1820 our Josiah Hoskinson dropped the "on" and it became HOSKINS).

1. Josiah Hoskins(on) 1st wife was Isabella Evans. They married (1795) in Morgantown, Monongalia Co. WVA. She died in Floyd Co., KY in 1814.

2. Josiah Hoskins(on) 2nd wife was Alcey Cutsinger, (m. 01 Jan 1815) by John Pirtle (or Pirth).

There were six (6) children born to each wife.

Josiah died 1836 in Shelby Co., Indiana and wife Alcey died 1854, Jackson Twp., Shelby Co., IN.

William Parent marries (1812) Elitha HOSKINS in Breckenridge Co., KY. Marriage certificate for Josiah and Alcey Hoskinson is signed by William E. PARENT.

Marriage Application reads as follows:
"Know all men by these...that we Josiah HOSKINSON and William PARENT are held and firmly bound with the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the sum of Fifty pounds current money to the payment of which will and truly to be made. We bind our selves our Bliss...jointly oficially firmly by these presents filed with our seals and dated this 29th day of December 1814. The condidion of the above obligation is such that whereas this is a marriage shortly intended between the above bound Josiah HOSKINSON & Alacy CURTSINGER widow for which a license has issued. Now if their be no lawful cause to obstruct the said marriage then the above obligations to be void remain in full force and virtue.
Witness: John REED
Josiah (his mark) HOSKINSON seal
William E. PARENT (his mark & seal)
(There is no signature for Alcey Curtsinger, widow of Jacob.)

MARR: 1814 ORDERS, Fiscal Court, Washington Co., KY, p 133 states: 29 Dec 1814 as appearance entry date Josiah HOSKINSON & Alcey CURTSINGER, widow; Surety: William PARENT; married 01 Jan 1815 by John Pirtle (or Pirth). Data from County Courthouse is recopied MARR Book One on page 133.

LIVED: near Mooresville, Washington Co., KY which is a little ways nw of Lincoln Homestead St. Park on 438. Mooresville is on Hwy 55 and is east of Bardstown.

Films: minister return films listed as JONAH HOSKINSON 12.29.1814 and Alsey.

CURTSINGER Researcher: see Kretzinger Curtsinger book
1810 Sept "Alsey CURTSINGER releases her right to administer her husband Jacob's estate to James WEATHERS."

10 Dec 1810 "James WEATHERS, Exec, dec, who was guardian of infant heirs of Jacob CURTSINGER dec in account with LAWSON, William and Jaob (sic) CURTSINGER.

April 1819: Jacob Curtsinger (Accts & Administration Settlement) dec recorded in court. Allotment of DOWER to Alsey HOSKINS (formerly CURTSINGER) widow & relict of Jacob Curtsinger, dec.

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