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Obits for the Year - 1894

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Last Name First Name Maiden Other Title Age Date of obit Place of Birth Place of Death
ADAMS Almeda FALLIS       1894-03-01   Anderson Co., KY
ALEXANDER Thomas F.         1894-04-19   Mercer Co., KY
BAILEY William         1894-04-19   Warsaw, KY
BAKER Thomas       57 1894-05-31   Alton, Anderson Co., KY
BARNES Alma HACKLEY       1894-08-02   Harris City, GA
BARNES Alma Coleman HACKLEY       1894-08-09 Anderson Co., KY Greenville, GA
BARNES B. B.       75 1894-06-21   Lawrenceburg, KY
BAXTER Minnie     Miss 20 1894-08-23   Shiloh, Anderson Co., KY
BEASLY Lon         1894-03-15   Mercer Co., KY
BELKNAP Mrs. Morris         1894-01-04   Louisville, KY
BEST P. H.         1894-04-19   Mercer Co., KY
BISHOP Bertie COX       1894-09-06   Woodford Co., KY
BOND children         1894-10-18   Ripyville, Anderson Co., KY
BOND Levi         1894-06-21   Harrodsburg, KY
BOND Reuben       41 1894-09-20   Anderson Co., KY
BOND Susan Mary HANKS     64 1894-04-12   Lawrenceburg, KY
BOWEN Mary Ellen       9m 1894-09-06   Lawrenceburg, KY
BOWEN Ninnie         1894-04-05   Lawrenceburg, KY
BOWMAR J. L.     Capt.   1894-02-08   Mt. Sterling, KY
BRADLEY Ellen       77 1894-02-01   Lancaster, KY
BROWN George       25 1894-06-28   Vanceburg, KY
BROWN Susan       23 1894-10-25   Frankfort, KY
BUNTAIN John T.       72 1894-01-04   Anderson Co., KY
BUNTAIN W. T.       61 1894-03-22 Anderson Co., KY Willow Vale, Texas
BURGIN James D.         1894-01-04   Anderson Co., KY
BURNES Cora         1894-06-28   Bohon, Mercer Co., KY
CARR J. Howard       25 1894-08-23   Anderson Co., KY
CASE Alma       32 1894-02-22   Old Goshen, Anderson Co., KY
CAYWOOD infant       infant 1894-09-27   Camden, Anderson Co., KY
CHILDS George W.         1894-02-08   Philadelphia, PA
CHILTON Mrs. Elliott         1894-02-15   Claylick, Anderson Co., KY
CINNAMON Susan       65 1894-05-10   Anderson Co., KY
CLAY Elizabeth       12 1894-08-16 (memorial) Lexington, KY Lebanon, OH
COLEMAN Taylor         1894-08-23   Sharpsburg, KY
COLLINS H. W.         1894-03-15   Campbellsville, KY
COLLINS Harriett CLOYD     53 1894-08-23   Lawrenceburg, KY
COLTER John         1894-01-04 Washington Co., KY Louisville, KY
COMBS J. W.         1894-09-13   Pine Bluff, AR
CORRY Mrs. Marshall & daugher         1894-09-20   Bath Co., KY
COX children         1894-10-18   Claylick Church, Anderson Co., KY
CROSSFIELD Amanda       65 1894-01-04   Fox Creek, Anderson Co., KY
CURTIS J. I.         1894-10-25 Virginia Lexington, KY
CURTIS J. I.         1894-11-01    
DAVIS W. Y.         1894-07-19   Bloomfield, KY
DAWSON Mattie McCALL     33 1894-03-01   Ripyville, Anderson Co., KY
DENTON Emma         1894-04-19   Montgomery Co., KY
DODDS child         1894-02-08   Camden, Anderson Co., KY
EARLY Jubal     Gen.   1894-03-08   Lynchburg, VA
EATON Will         1894-04-26   Anderson Co., KY
EDWARDS Mrs. Thomas         1894-05-24   Versailles, KY
EGBERT Charles "Charley"         1894-04-05 Lawrenceburg, KY Frankfort, KY
FAGG C. P.         1894-01-25   Greensburg, KY
FALLIS George       33 1894-10-11   Burgin, KY
FRANKLIN Ora     Miss 16 1894-08-30   Lexington, KY
FRANKLIN Ora     Miss 20 1894-09-13    
FRAZIER Blanche POTTS     28 1894-07-26   Lawrenceburg, KY
FREEMAN Neely         1894-10-04   Poorneck, Mercer Co., KY
FRY George         1894-06-28   Danville, KY
GENTRY Peter T.         1894-03-15   Danville, KY
GILBERT Kavanaugh       16 1894-11-08   Lawrenceburg, KY
GILLIAM Susan         1894-01-04   McBrayer, Anderson Co., KY
GORDON Wallace       8 1894-10-11   Anderson Co., KY
GRAVES William         1894-02-01   Simpsonville, KY
GRIFFEY Cora         1894-10-18   Lawrenceburg, KY
GUDGEL Hattie         1894-06-07   Fox Creek, Anderson Co., KY
HANKS S. James "Jim"         1894-06-07   Lawrenceburg, KY
HAWKINS J. B.         1894-06-28   Anderson Co., KY
HEDGER E.N.         1894-03-15   Ripyville, Anderson Co., KY
HENLEY Richard           1894-03-22   Shelbyville, KY
HERNDON D. W.       54 1894-03-15   Alton Station, Anderson Co., KY
HICKMAN Adeline         1894-08-30 (reburied)   Lawrenceburg, KY
HICKMAN Henry Clay         1894-08-30 (reburied)   Lawrenceburg, KY
HICKMAN Joseph L.         1894-08-30 (reburied)   Lawrenceburg, KY
HICKMAN Louellen M.         1894-08-30 (reburied)   Lawrenceburg, KY
HICKMAN W. S.         1894-08-30 (reburied)   Lawrenceburg, KY
HIGGINS Mamie     Miss   1894-02-01   Louisville, KY
HOLMAN Minnie         1894-02-15   Anderson Co., KY
HOLMES Oliver Wendell       85 1894-10-11   Boston, KY
JACKSON Lizzie     Miss 22 1894-05-17   Tyrone, Anderson Co., KY
JOINTER George         1894-06-21   Mt. Sterling, KY
JORDAN Phoebe       102 1894-03-08   Anderson Co., KY
KAYWOOD Belle         1894-09-20   Camden, Anderson Co., KY
KINDER Harrison         1894-03-15   Fox Creek, Anderson Co., KY
KINKTON child       18m 1894-11-15   Camden, Anderson Co., KY
LAFERDETTA Louis         1894-07-19   Burlington, Boone Co., KY
LAMPTON John B.     Jr.   1894-09-13   Louisville, KY
LATHAM Sam         1894-10-04   Carlisle, KY
LEATHERMAN L. B.         1894-04-05   Monterey, Owen Co., KY
LETRIDGE W. S.       42 1894-04-12   Railey's Station, KY
LEWIS Mollie BOURNE       1894-07-26   Lawrenceburg, KY
LISLE M. C.         1894-07-12   Winchester, KY
LUCAS Mrs. G. D. HICKMAN       1894-08-30 (reburied)   Lawrenceburg, KY
MADDOX J. H.         1894-01-04   Anderson Co., KY
MADDOX J. P.         1894-06-28   McHenry, KY
MADDOX Mrs. Lewis & children         1894-06-28   McHenry, KY
MARTIN Robert       2m 1894-08-02   Anderson Co., KY
McCOY Henry       28 1894-11-01   Anderson Co., KY
McCOY Lewis        22 1894-09-06   Clay Lick Church, Anderson Co., KY
McKEE Lee         1894-01-04   Fox Creek, Anderson Co., KY
McKEE Narcissa       76 1894-01-04   Anderson Co., KY
McKEE Ophelia     Miss   1894-06-28   Anderson Co., KY
McKINNEY Betsy       97 1894-03-15   Mercer Co., KY
McMURRAY Elizabeth       63 1894-07-26   Fox Creek, Anderson Co., KY
MOFFETT Polk         1894-01-04   Lawrenceburg, KY
MORROW W. T.       84 1894-03-22   Lawrenceburg, KY
MORTON Oscar         1894-10-18   Beattyville, KY
MORTON Peter       23 1894-07-19   Lawrenceburg, KY
MULLINS Horace         1894-11-01 Anderson Co., KY Louisiana
NEAL Bettie         1894-10-11   Sinai, Anderson Co., KY
NEAL Betty       53 1894-10-18    
NEVINS Jennie HANKS     28 1894-07-05   Anderson Co., KY
NEVINS R. H.         1894-02-15   Nevins, Anderson Co., KY
NEVINS R. H..       26 1894-02-01   Anderson Co., KY
NICHOLS William       46 1894-05-03   Salvisa, KY
OFFUTT Elizabeth A.         1894-06-28 Georgetown, Ky Anderson Co., KY
PENNY William S.         1894-01-18   Lexington, KY
PETERS W. C.       41 1894-10-18   Friendship Church, Anderson Co., KY
PHELPS John Roy       10m 1894-09-06   Anderson Co., KY
PHILLIPS Mary       93 1894-05-17   Anderson Co., KY
PREWITT Boone         1894-04-19   Louisville, KY
PRICE John         1894-03-15   Ripyville, Anderson Co., KY
PRICE John       54 1894-03-15   Anderson Co., KY
RAGAN child       child 1894-04-05   Alton Station, Anderson Co., KY
RANSDALL Mrs. & sons         1894-01-04   Bohon, Mercer Co., KY
REDMOND W. A.       70 1894-08-02   Anderson Co., KY
RENO Albert         1894-06-28   Greenville, KY
RICH Berry         1894-10-04   Marion, KY
RICHARDSON Alexander         1894-10-11   Estill Co., KY
ROGERS son       7 1894-05-31   Ballard Co., KY
ROLAND Fletcher         1894-07-19   Chaplin, KY
ROSE George W.         1894-05-10   Sharpsville, Washington Co., KY
SAFFELL America     Miss   1894-08-30   Lawrenceburg, KY
SEARCY "Aunt Nancy"         1894-01-18   Ripyville, Anderson Co., KY
SIMMS William         1894-10-18   Beattyville, KY
STANDIFORD Rob       14 1894-02-08   Kirkwood, Mercer Co., KY
STINNETT Verna       child 1894-08-09   Anderson Co., KY
STIPE James R.       39 1894-01-11   Alton, Anderson Co., KY
STRUTTON Mrs. Charles         1894-09-13   Shiloh, Anderson Co., KY
SULLIVAN Georgie       5 1894-02-01   Van Buren, Anderson Co., KY
SWIFT Charles E.       41 1894-09-13   Louisville, KY
TATE Lucy HAWKINS       1894-04-19   Frankfort, KY
TAYLOR Ida Bruce       1 1894-10-25   Fox Creek, Anderson Co., KY
TAYLOR Rhoda         1894-08-02   Fox Creek, Anderson Co., KY
TAYLOR Sallie       56 1894-04-19   Tyrone, Anderson Co., KY
THACKER Marion         1894-03-29   Bond's Mill, Anderson Co., KY
THOMAS Eliza MOURNING     63 1894-04-05   Alton, Anderson Co., KY
THOMAS John         1894-07-26   Sparrow, Anderson Co., KY
THOMAS Vannie GUDGEL       1894-01-04   Alton, Anderson Co., KY
THOMASON R. H. "Uncle Dick"         1894-03-29   Tyrone, Anderson Co., KY
TINDALL Thomas       58 1894-08-30   Petty, Anderson Co., KY
TODD James         1894-02-15   Lincoln Co., KY
TODD Madison         1894-02-15   Madison Co., KY
WALKER Lilly       3 1894-04-19   Tyrone, Anderson Co., KY
WARFORD W. M.       73 1894-05-24   Petty, Anderson Co., KY
WHITE John "Uncle Johnny"       82 1894-01-04   Anderson Co., KY
WHITE Wiley         1894-10-11    
WILDS J. L.     Dr.   1894-07-26   Nicholasville, KY
WILEY Mrs. James       45 1894-08-23   Kirkwood, Mercer Co., KY
WILSON Sadie  MOUNTJOY     42 1894-04-05   Alton, Anderson Co., KY
WISEMAN Joseph         1894-07-05   Kirkwood, Madison Co., KY
WITHERSPOON Holt         1894-09-20   Lawrenceburg, KY
WITHERSPOON Susan         1894-01-04   Anderson Co., KY
YORK John       24 1894-11-22   Shiloh, Anderson Co., KY

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