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Obit List for the year 1891

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Last Name First Name Maiden Other Title Age Date of obit Birth Place Death Place
ADAMS Charles         1891-11-26   Union, Anderson Co., KY
ADAMS son       5 1891-08-20   Ashland, MA
ALLEN George Wheaton         1891-12-03   Columbus, OH
ALLYN Lute GALT       1891-01-29   Missouri
ARNDT August       50 1891-01-22   Neenah, WI
ARNOLD James Gunter         1891-01-15   Kosciusko, MS
ARNOT John       40 1891-11-12   Nanticoke, PA
AUPTEGRON Mrs. W. A. & daughters         1891-06-04   Topeka, KS
AYDELOTTE John K.         1891-01-29   Hamilton, OH
BAIN Mrs. George         1891-01-08   Irwin, PA
BALLARD Ethel       child 1891-08-20   Lawrenceburg, KY
BALLARD Mary WITHERSPOON       1891-11-26   Lawrenceburg, KY
BALLARD W. H.       78 1891-04-09   Shelbyville, KY
BANCROFT George       90 1891-01-22   Washington DC
BARRETT Lawrence Patrick   BRANNIGAN     1891-03-26   New York, NY
BARTH Albert         1891-08-13   Milwaukee, WI
BARTH Emma         1891-08-13   Milwaukee, WI
BAUDOUIN Prince         1891-01-29   Brussels, Belgium
BAXTER Homer          1891-02-12 Anderson Co., KY Richmond, KY
BAYLES George       14 1891-08-27   West Fairmount, WV
BELKNAP Sarah & daughters         1891-03-12   Darden, TN
BENDER Kate         1891-07-23    
BENJAMIN William         1891-02-19   Kansas City
BENNETT Bob         1891-01-22   Pueblo, CO
BENNETT Jerry         1891-02-05   Iron Mountain, MI
BEST W. T.         1891-03-05   Beaver Falls, PA
BIEDLER Nettie          1891-11-19   Omaha, NE
BIGLEY S. K.         1891-07-23   Washington, PA
BINGHAM J. F.         1891-06-04   Steamship Alliance (Urakeme, Japan)
BISSELL Albert       45 1891-04-30   Baltimore, MD
BLAKELY Dock         1891-09-10   Magnolia, AR
BLEDSOE child       13m 1891-01-15   Louisville, KY
BOGGESS Harry       86 1891-09-03 Kentucky Hardin, MO
BOND Mildred         1891-12-17   Fox Creek, Anderson Co., KY
BOST Albert         1891-03-12 Bost's Mill, NC Monroe, NC
BOSTON Joel         1891-12-24   Ripyville, Anderson Co., KY
BOSTON Lewis       50 1891-03-12   Ripyville, Anderson Co., KY
BOSTON V.B.         1891-04-02 (biography)    
BOTHWELL George H.     Rev.   1891-05-07   Brooklyn, NY
BOWE Edwin J.         1891-02-05 Cooperstown, IL Kansas City
BOWERFINE John J.         1891-04-23 Elyria, OH Cleveland, OH
BOWMAN James         1891-07-23   Lizton, Hendricks Co., IN
BOWMASTER Henry         1891-12-10   Pittsburgh, PA
BRADLEY Sallie   JOHNSON   70 1891-07-30   Georgetown, KY
BRADY Philip & family         1891-06-18   New York, NY
BRAME John T.         1891-07-23   Murray, KY
BRANNON Michael         1891-05-21   Independence, MO
BREEN Bridget         1891-10-29   Boston, MA
BREEN Margaret         1891-10-29   Boston, MA
BROECKER Sophie         1891-10-29   St. Louis, MO
BROOKS David       72 1891-06-11   Germantown, PA
BROWN Ed         1891-07-23   Murray, KY
BROWN Edward         1891-04-23 Toledo, OH Cleveland, OH
BROWN infant          0 1891-02-05   Ashbrook, Anderson Co., KY
BROWN Jacob         1891-10-29   Keyport, NJ
BROWN John         1891-07-30   Jackson, TN
BROWN John         1891-09-10   Magnolia, AR
BROWN Nora       child 1891-10-08   Shiloh, Anderson Co., KY
BROWNING J. B.       50 1891-01-15 Mercer Co., KY Alton, Anderson Co., KY
BRUCE A. H.     Miss   1891-12-17   Orange City, FL
BRYANT Mrs. Preston         1891-06-11   Ashbrook, Anderson Co., KY
BRYANT Willie S.       18 1891-09-17   Ashely, MO
BUEHLER John (Johann Heinrich Theodore)         1891-06-11 Germany Tyrone, Anderson Co., KY
BULL John         1891-02-26   Battlefield, MS
BUNTON Lizzie VANARSDELL       1891-09-03   Harrodsburg, KY
BURCHARD Samuel D.     Rev.   1891-10-01   Saratoga, NY
BURFORD Ike & children         1891-03-26   Birmingham, AL
BURGESS "engineer"         1891-03-26   Louisville, KY
BURGIN David         1891-03-05   Anderson Co., KY
BURKE J. A.         1891-04-02   Cumberland Gap, TN
BUZZARD Harry         1891-06-25   Sumner, IL
BYRON John         1891-12-03   Akron, OH
CARLETON Mrs. Robert         1891-10-22   Birdie, Anderson Co., KY
CARPENTER Fred         1891-05-28   Knoxville, TN
CARTER James       15 1891-09-10   Magnolia, AR
CARTER Samuel         1891-09-10   Magnolia, AR
CASE Charles B.         1891-03-05   Hagerstown, IN
CASWELL William         1891-10-29   Knoxville, TN
CHAMPION Sarah         1891-03-19   Shiloh, Anderson Co., KY
CHATHAM Frank         1891-01-15   Leadville, CO
CHILTON Elliott         1891-07-02   Salvisa, KY
CINNAMON W. T.       45 1891-08-27   Lawrenceburg, KY
CLARK James         1891-10-22   Crete, IL
CLARKE Mrs. David & children         1891-06-25   Blenheim, Ontario
CLEMENS F.F.         1891-04-23 Cleveland, OH Cleveland, OH
COCKE John H.         1891-11-19   Memphis, TN
COFFINBURY James M.         1891-12-03   Cleveland, OH
COHEN David M.     Maj.   1891-06-11   New York, NY
COHEN George         1891-10-22   Lawrenceburg, KY
COHEN William Brown       8m 1891-03-19   Lawrenceburg, KY
COLEMAN Thomas         1891-12-17   Wheeling, WV
COLGAN Frank         1891-04-09    
COLLINS Mrs. J. E.         1891-07-02   Lawrenceburg, KY
CONNELLY Barney         1891-08-27   Cherokee Nation
CONNOLLY Mrs.       110 1891-05-14   Hazleton, PA
CONWAY Mrs. Nathan         1891-07-30   Bourbon Co., KY
CONWAY Nathan         1891-07-30   Bourbon Co., KY
COURTNEY Thomas P.         1891-07-23   Clarksburg, WV
COZART Jopling         1891-10-01   Raleigh Co., WV
COZART Mary           1891-10-01   Raleigh Co., WV
COZINE John S.         1891-01-22   Wichita, KS
CRAIG Harry H.         1891-11-05   Woodford Co., KY
CRAIN Margaret A.       72 1891-07-30   Harrodsburg, KY
CRAMER Mrs.         1891-07-23   New Haven, CT
CRYDERMAN Rosa         1891-10-08   Highland Park, TN
CUMMINS Ed         1891-12-10   Penny's Chapel, Anderson Co., KY
CUSIC Peter         1891-10-15   Leavenworth, KS
DAVIS A. B.         1891-01-29 Mississippi Hempridge, KY
DAVY Edward       60 1891-02-26   Indianapolis, IN
DEAL O. F.         1891-03-05   Hagerstown, IN
DIAL William         1891-09-10   Lake Charles, LA
DIGNEE Nicholas         1891-04-09   Albuquerque, NM
DOLL Mrs. Andrew & children         1891-04-16   Herman, NB
DONAHUE Mike         1891-05-21   Newark, OH
DOWLING Johnnie       11 1891-10-08   Lawrenceburg, KY
DOWNING H. P.     Maj.   1891-05-14   San Pedro, CA
DRISKELL William         1891-04-23   Shiloh, Anderson Co., KY
DUCKWORTH G. A.         1891-09-10   Savannah, TN
DUDLEY Frank         1891-09-03   Scott Co., KY
DUNCAN infant daughter       infant 1891-09-03   Shiloh, Anderson Co., KY
DURAND Mary       75 1891-08-20 France Egg Harbour City, NJ
EAVES Dick         1891-07-23   Murray, KY
EDMONDS Cardwell         1891-10-08   Lebanon, KY
EDWARDS J. L.         1891-08-27   Jackson, TN
EDWARDS Mrs. Wesley PRICE       1891-01-22   Tyrone, Anderson Co., KY
EDWARDS Thomas         1891-02-05   Iron Mountain, MI
ELDER Ellen         1891-09-24 Anderson Co., KY Lexington, KY
ELDRIDGE Thomas         1891-06-25   Golconda, IL
ELISTON William       70 1891-04-09   Anderson Co., KY
ELLIOTT Joseph         1891-05-14   McBrayer, Anderson Co., KY
ELLIS Beny         1891-09-17   Shiloh, Anderson Co., KY
EZELL Lock         1891-05-14   Russelville, AL
FALL Carrie     Miss 53 1891-08-06   Frankfort, KY
FALLIS William       18 1891-01-22   Tyrone, Anderson Co., KY
FARMER John         1891-07-23   New Orleans, LA
FAUKENER George       18 1891-12-24   Powel Co., KY
FENNELL Mrs. John         1891-02-26   Burlington, VT
FERGUSON Mr.         1891-03-19   Montgomery Co., KY?
FITZGERALD George         1891-12-03   Georgetown, KY
FLEMING Samuel S.     Dr.   1891-04-30 Catlin, IL Indiana
FOOTE Alex         1891-04-16   Bluefield, WV
FOSTER Elmer         1891-06-11   Galena, IL
FOX "Uncle Daniel       80 1891-07-16 Africa Columbia, KY
FRANK Nancy       109 1891-10-01   Grant Co., KY
FREAS Daniel         1891-06-25   Elmhurst, PA
FREDERICK W. H.     Senator   1891-01-08   Louisville, KY
GAINS Mrs. Hal         1891-05-28   Shelbyville, KY
GASTON Walter         1891-06-25   Baltimore, MD
GERONIMO (Indian)         1891-06-18   Tombstone, AZ
GIBSON William         1891-04-16   Cincinnati, OH
GIDNEY           1891-06-25   Baltimore, MD
GILLIS John W.         1891-01-22   Ripyville, Anderson Co., KY
GILLIS William F.         1891-01-22   Ripyville, Anderson Co., KY
GILMORE George         1891-10-22   Knoxville, TN
GLENN Paul         1891-04-16   Cincinnati, OH
GORDON Joe         1891-10-29   Hancock Co., TN
GORMLEY James         1891-08-06   Chatauqua Lake
GOUGH Mrs. John B.         1891-05-21    
GRAMLICH Lena          1891-02-26   Philadelphia, PA
GRAY Gus         1891-12-10   Lockwood, OH
GRAY Nelson         1891-04-30   Versailles, KY
GREEN James         1891-01-08   Portsmouth, OH
GRIFFEY Ben       18 1891-12-17   Louisville, KY
GRIFFIN C. W.         1891-11-19   Bucyrus, OH
HAHN Samuel       69 1891-01-08   Stinnett, Anderson Co., KY
HALL Trice         1891-12-03   Georgetown, KY
HAMILTON children         1891-08-27   Ironton, OH
HAMILTON William         1891-08-27   Bardstown, KY
HAMLIN Hannibal         1891-07-09   Bangor, ME
HAMMER Joseph         1891-04-16   Milwaukee, WI
HAMMIL Charles         1891-04-23 Elyria, OH Cleveland, OH
HANKS F. M.       62 1891-04-30   Anderson Co., KY
HANKS Frank         1891-05-07   Anderson Co., KY
HANNA Samuel     Sr. 72 1891-02-19   Harrodsburg, KY
HANNA Samuel     Jr. 40 1891-02-19   Fayette Co., KY
HAPLE George         1891-06-11   Ashland, KY
HARBISON George W.         1891-12-24   Shelby Co., KY
HARDIN Caroline         1891-01-22   Anderson Co., KY
HARRIS Lewis       39 1891-04-09   Lawrenceburg, KY
HART John A.         1891-01-22   Chattanooga, TN
HATCH Mrs. L.D. & son         1891-12-17   Orange City, FL
HAWKINS Mary A.       80 1891-11-05   Ripyville, Anderson Co., KY
HEARST George     Sen.   1891-03-05   Washington DC
HEILINGS Henry       21 1891-04-02   Racine, WI
HEIMS Martin         1891-10-01   San Luis Co., CA
HELM Mrs. Merit         1891-05-28   McBrayer, Anderson Co., KY
HENDON son       4 1891-07-23   Baltimore, MD
HENRY baby boy       1 1891-02-26   Brooklyn, NY
HENRY Frank W.         1891-10-22   Crete, IL
HENRY Fred         1891-10-22 Versailles, KY Chicago, IL
HENRY Harry       11 1891-02-26   Brooklyn, NY
HENRY Julia       9 1891-02-26   Brooklyn, NY
HENRY Mrs. John         1891-02-26   Brooklyn, NY
HENRY Woodsey       4 1891-02-26   Brooklyn, NY
HERRING George       56 1891-07-30   Ft. Wayne, IN
HESTER Ollie         1891-01-08   Danville, IL
HETERS Otis       13 1891-08-27   Arcadia, OH
HOENISCHER Will H.         1891-06-25   Golconda, IL
HOGSETT J.J.     Prof.   1891-02-05   Danville, KY
HOLEMAN Reubin         1891-07-09 (biography)   Ripyville, Anderson Co., KY
HOLLIS William         1891-11-26   Lawrenceburg, KY
HOLLOWAY Edmund         1891-04-30   Manning, SC
HOOPER Rebecca WOOD       1891-09-17 (biography) Maryland Kansas 
HORTON Benjamin         1891-04-16   Brooklyn, NY
HOUSTN John         1891-06-25   Baltimore, MD
HOWARD George         1891-10-22   Montgomery Co., KY
HOWARD James         1891-10-22   Montgomery Co., KY
HOWARD Ora Dell       4 1891-03-05   Tyrone, Anderson Co., KY
HUGHES Frank         1891-09-03   Scott Co., KY
HUGHES Sallie         1891-09-03   Shiloh, Anderson Co., KY
HUGHES William Calvin         1891-03-12   Harrodsburg, KY
INGRAHAM Nathaniel Duncan     Com.   1891-10-22   Charleston, SC
JACOB Edward          1891-01-22   Albany, OH
JAMES David R.       37 1891-11-12   Nanticoke, PA
JARTER Bernard        56 1891-03-26   New York, NY
JARTER Betsy       13 1891-03-26   New York, NY
JARTER Sarah       18 1891-03-26   New York, NY
JARVIS           1891-09-03   Georgetown, KY
JEFFERIES Pearl       4 1891-05-21   Hardy, Montague Co., TX
JEFFERSON Ben         1891-02-26   Birmingham, AL
JELF Jasper       21 1891-07-30   Anderson Co., KY
JETHING Caleb       30 1891-11-12   Nanticoke, PA
JOHENSKI Howell       32 1891-11-12   Nanticoke, PA
JOHNSON Cave         1891-08-20   Ashbrook, Anderson Co., KY
JOHNSON Frank         1891-11-26   Elkhart, IN
JOHNSON Lizzie       2m 1891-07-09   Anderson Co., KY
JOHNSON Sim         1891-06-25   Charleston, WV
JOHNSTON Joseph E.     Gen.   1891-03-26   Washington DC
JONATHAN William       35 1891-11-12   Nanticoke, PA
JONES A. S.         1891-12-24   Shepherdsville, KY
JONES George       79 1891-08-20 Vermont Poland Springs, ME
JONES Henry R.       40 1891-11-12   Nanticoke, PA
KALAKAUA King         1891-01-29 Hawaii San Francisco, CA
KALTENBACH Celestine       87 1891-03-26   Dubuque, IA
KAYS David     Judge   1891-08-20   Washington Co., KY
KAYS James         1891-08-20   Washington Co., KY
KENNEDY Jane         1891-09-10   Atlanta, GA
KERNS Samuel         1891-01-08   Philadelphia, PA
KINDLING Martha         1891-08-13   Milwaukee, WI
KISSER William         1891-10-15 Louisville, KY Greenup, IL
KRIEPKE Will         1891-06-25   Golconda, IL
LALONY John       30 1891-11-12   Nanticoke, PA
LAMAR J.R.         1891-10-01   Little Rock, AR
LANCASTER Elizabeth       69 1891-07-09   Tyrone, Anderson Co., KY
LANNON James       72 1891-01-15   Woodford Co., KY
LARGO Charley         1891-09-10   Lake Charles, LA
LAVELL Frankie     Miss   1891-08-20   Cincinnati, OH
LAWRENCE Jacob       90 1891-11-12   Gordon, PA
LAWSON Ben         1891-01-08   Portsmouth, OH
LAWTON John         1891-08-27   Herkimer, NY
LeCLENNAN Samuel         1891-01-15   Ballston Spa, NY
LEE W. H. F.     Gen.   1891-10-22   Ravenswood, Fairfax Co., VA
LEECH Annette     Miss   1891-02-26   Ellington, CT
LENNON Edward       105 1891-02-26 Ireland New York, NY
LEONARD David         1891-06-11   Chicago, IL
LEPPS Edward       18 1891-02-12   Charleston, WV
LETHERS Walter       26 1891-01-22   St. Paul, MN
LEWICH Fred         1891-08-13   Cedar Rapids, IA
LEWIS Harvey        60 1891-12-03   Loveland, OH
LEWIS Judge         1891-02-19   Harlan Co., KY
LILLARD E. W.         1891-08-06 (biography)    
LITTLE Russell M.       82 1891-12-17   Glens Falls, NY
LLOYD Thomas       18 1891-11-12   Nanticoke, PA
LONG William       21 1891-07-30   Old Enterprise, Anderson Co., KY
LONGENECKER Daniel          1891-05-14 Columbus, OH Pittsburgh, PA
LONGMON Woodford W.         1891-03-26   Frankfort, KY
LOWE Lizzie         1891-08-13   Henry Co., AL
LOWE Willis         1891-08-13   Henry Co., AL
LOWELL James Russell         1891-08-20   Boston, MA
MacDonald John     Sir   1891-06-11   Ottawa, Canada
MAJOR Elly       child 1891-11-05   Alton Station, Anderson Co., KY
MAJOR Mrs. J.W. GAINES       1891-07-09   Alton Station, Anderson Co., KY
MANIER John         1891-05-07   Troy, NY
MANN James D.         1891-01-22   Ft. Riley
MANNEILEY Samuel W.         1891-10-22 Rochester, NY Omaha, NB
MARSHALL William         1891-10-22   Mingo Junction, OH
MARTIN Ed M.       21 1891-12-24   Lawrenceburg, KY
MARTIN Virginia Gee       6m 1891-01-29   Tyrone, Anderson Co., KY
MARTIN Waites         1891-04-30   Columbia, SC
MASON Lulu         1891-06-25   Baltimore, MD
MATTHEWS John         1891-10-22   Hicksville, OH
MATTHEWS Louis         1891-01-08   Atlanta, GA
MATTHEWS Mary B.       99 1891-02-19   Asbury Station, NJ
McAFFERTY J. A.         1891-10-22   Crete, IL
McCARTHY Mary         1891-10-08   Lawrenceburg, KY
McDONALD       Senator   1891-06-25   Indianapolis, IN
McDOWELL C. H.         1891-04-23 Elyria, OH Cleveland, OH
McGINNIS Margaret Grace         1891-06-11   Anderson Co., KY
McGRATTON children         1891-07-23   Pittsburgh, PA
McKEE Joe       2 1891-07-09   Lawrenceburg, KY
McKINLEY James         1891-04-23 Conneaut, OH Cleveland, OH
McQUAIDE John         1891-03-12   Lexington, KY
MEADOR John L.         1891-07-23   Murray, KY
MEAUX Nancy         1891-11-05 (biography)    
MEEKS Albert          1891-03-05   Mineral Co., WV
MEYERS Clara        9 1891-06-11   Meyersdale, PA
MEYERS Missouri       12 1891-06-11   Meyersdale, PA
MILES Bill         1891-04-30   Pickens, SC
MILLER Bill Hall         1891-01-08   Hindman, KY
MILLER Lizzie         1891-09-17 Lawrenceburg, KY Kansas City, MO
MILLER William         1891-11-05   New York, NY
MILLS William     Capt.   1891-01-08   Omaha, NB
MILTON John         1891-07-09   St. Louis, MO
MINGLE "Uncle Joe"       108 1891-04-02   Chicago, IL
MONROE D.         1891-06-11   Ashbrook, Anderson Co., KY
MONROE James         1891-08-06   Washington Co., KY
MONTGOMERY A. J.         1891-09-03   Georgetown, KY
MOONEY John         1891-04-16   Pittsburgh, PA
MOORE Mrs. Arthur         1891-04-30   Windsor, NY
MOREHOUSE Albert P.         1891-10-01   Marysville, MO
MORGAN Henrietta       86 1891-09-10   Lexington, KY
MORGAN Mary         1891-08-13   Johnsonville, Anderson Co., KY
MORRIS John         1891-01-15   Leadville, CO
MOSELY Mr.         1891-01-22   Paris, KY
MULLIGAN H.C.         1891-08-27   Herkimer, NY
MULLINS John T.         1891-07-16   Old Goshen, Anderson Co., KY
MUNCE sons         1891-04-16   Washington, PA
MURPHY Isaac         1891-09-24   Magoffin Co., KY
MURPHY Joseph         1891-07-16   Chicago, IL
NEEDHAM George         1891-03-05   Hagerstown, IN
NELSON Mrs. Thomas         1891-12-03   Astoria, OR
NELSON Susannah       128 1891-04-30   Washington, DC
NORTHWOOD Thomas       56 1891-01-29   Boontown, NJ
NUGENT F. J.         1891-04-23 Toledo, OH Cleveland, OH
NYE Sadie       14 1891-04-16   Goshen, IN
OVERSTREET Willie         1891-02-05   Ashbrook, Anderson Co., KY
PACKWOOD Frank         1891-12-17   Orange City, FL
PARKER George         1891-12-03   Akron, OH
PARRISH Milton H.       57 1891-02-26   Louisville, KY
PAYNTER W. B.     Dr.   1891-02-19   Cloverport, KY
PEARSON Sam         1891-10-29   Lancaster, PA
PEMBERTON Thomas E.         1891-03-12 Little Rock, AR Monroe, NC
PERCY G. L.         1891-06-04   West Superior, WI
PERRY Frank         1891-01-08   Portsmouth, OH
PETTIS Tom         1891-01-15   Birmingham, AL
PHILLIPS Lydia         1891-09-03   Shiloh, Anderson Co., KY
PHILLIPS Mrs. Henry & children         1891-06-04   Taylorsville, WV
PIERCE Ralph         1891-03-19   Ogden, IA
PIKE Albert         1891-04-16   Washington, DC
POLK Sarah         1891-08-20   Nashville, TN
PORTER David Dixon     Admrl.   1891-02-19   Washington DC
PREWITT George W.         1891-10-01 Lawrenceburg, KY Columbus, KY
PRICE Parthenia         1891-01-22   Tyrone, Anderson Co., KY
PUNNSTAFF Herman         1891-01-15   Rhineland, WI
RAGLIN John         1891-08-06   Concord, TN
RAY Robert D.     Judge   1891-09-03 Kentucky Carrollton, MO
REASTER Al         1891-06-25   Baltimore, MD
REDEN Jane       77 1891-03-19   Anderson Co., KY
REED Bob         1891-09-03   Birmingham, AL
REED Joseph S.         1891-01-15   Lake Charles, LA
REEVES Arthur         1891-03-05   Hagerstown, IN
REIS George J. & family         1891-12-10   Detroit, MI
RENNINGES Clarence       8 1891-02-12   Akron, OH
REYNOLDS Purmelles     Rev.   1891-01-08   Lawrenceville, GA
RICHARDSON Jane & children         1891-08-27   Nicholasville, KY
RINEHEART Frances        91 1891-04-23   Anderson Co., KY
ROBINSON John         1891-09-17   Charleston, WV
RONAN Jonas         1891-09-24   Madison Co., KY
SAGASY child       child 1891-10-08   Ripyville, Anderson Co., KY
SAGUSTY       Com.   1891-12-10   Bunton's School, Anderson Co., KY
SALE Cecil       5 1891-12-10   Lawrenceburg, KY
SANDERS Henry        20 1891-03-19   Lavinia, Carroll Co., TN
SAUFLEY H. R.         1891-12-17   Lawrenceburg, KY
SAUNFLEY H. R.         1891-10-08 (biography)   Stanford, KY
SCALES Mrs. Pinck         1891-10-15   Birmingham, AL
SCEARCE Merit         1891-07-02   Woodford Co., KY
SCHALK John & family         1891-09-24   Chicago, IL
SCOVILLE Jonathan         1891-03-12   New York, NY
SEERING Jose         1891-05-28   New York, NY
SHALEY           1891-04-23   Cleveland, OH
SHAW J. B.         1891-01-08   Portsmouth, OH
SHERMAN W. T.     Genl.   1891-02-19   New York, NY
SHERMAN William Tecumseh     Genl.   1891-02-19   New York, NY
SHERMAN William Tecumseh     Genl.   1891-02-26   New York, NY
SHERWOOD infant daughter       infant 1891-08-20   Ashbrook, Anderson Co., KY
SIBLEY H. H.     Gov.   1891-02-26   St. Paul, MN
SIEGIER Clara         1891-08-13   Milwaukee, WI
SIZER Mack         1891-01-22   Harrodsburg, KY
SLOAS Rhoda       100 1891-12-10   Bowling Green, KY
SLUPP Joe         1891-06-04