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This cemetery is in the back yard of a house at 1152 Briarwood owned by Mark and Rhonda Brown and has fallen on good times as regards care and protection.
The previous transcription indicated that all but one stone was enclosed in a wire fence and that the outlyer was under a tree.
On this visit no fence existed. The stones surround a large dead tree stump and some if not all have moved from their original locations.


  Birth Date

Death Date


George, Dudley 14 Dec 1791 31 Jan 1871
George, William 5 Dec 1785 16 Jul 1860
Gaines, Robert S. 17 Oct 1821 8 Apr 1870 Stone is broken
Gaines, Mary L. 24 Feb 1853 30 May 1860 Daughter of RS & EJ Gaines
George1, David 1 Apr 1833 1 Dec 1858 Son of Dudley & Lucretia George

1Stone listed in previous transcription: not found in November 2008

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