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This cemetery is located on Anderson City Road, about 0.4 m west of its intersection with Drydock Rd.
It is near where Chesherís (or Chesserís) Store once was. The cemetery is inside a gate and immediately to the left in the brush.
There is no wall or other boundary. The cemetery remains visible in the form of one inscribed stone
(it is broken, only dates remain in 2007, no name) and two fieldstone markers. A transcription by P. Spencer in 1971 found two inscribed stones.
Visited and photographed Sept 2007 by T. Graham, D. Sengel, D. Childs and K. Jacques


† Birth Date

Death Date


Chesher, Seymore T. 21 Jun 1853 20 Sept 1864 Son of WG &A*
Chesher, Isaiah 27 Sep 1849 9 Jul 1970

*Wilfred G. Chesher married America Hackley December 19, 1833

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