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BROWN CEMETERY (on Corinth Road)

This cemetery is on the Corinth Road about a mile from the Corinth Church on property owned by Ken Hines. It is fenced and very well maintained. In addition to the 24 inscribed markers, there are 10-15 fieldstones. In some cases inscribed stones appear to have been added alongside the fieldstones.
Other sources indicate possible names for the unmarked graves as footnoted at the end of the table.


  Birth Date

Death Date


Brown, W.J. 4 Mar 1831 3 Jun 1899
Brown, Elizabeth1 No marker, Wife of WJ Brown
Brown, Susan M. 10 Mar 1862 19 Jul 1897 Wife of J.H. Brown
Brown, Joseph H. 1857 1934
Brown, Pearlie Aug 18, 1890 16 Jan 1892 Daughter of J.H. & S.W. Brown
We loved this little tender one
And would have ____ her stay.
But let our father’s will be done.
She lives in endless day
Brown, Oscar 23 Aug 1885 16 Sep1885 Son of ED & MA Brown
Budded on earth to bloom in heaven.
Burge, Ora ‘Doc’ 1904 1983 Also a Huddleston funeral home marker
Burge, Roscoe2 No marker
Burge, Omer 1891 1943
Burge, Dilly2 No marker. Wife of Omer
Cooper, James D. 1871 1938 Husband of Jennie
Cooper, Jennie 1866 1931 Wife of James D.
Cox, James B. 27 Dec 1855 7 Apr 1908 Why should we mourn our brother’s loss,
Since death to him is bliss
Cox, Flatia J. 8 Feb 1826 20 Sep 1907 Hopes once bright are now departed,
Since mother’s numbered among the dead
Cox, Susan M. 18 Jun 1868 12 Jun 1896 The sweet remembrances of the just
Shall florish when they sleep in dust.
Cox, Nathaniel H. 25 May 1820 25 Mar 1891 Can I forget the agonizing hour, When those loved
eyes were closed to look no more
Goatee, Nora B. 20 Sep 1902 20 Nov 1979 Wife of Joe
Goatee, Joe Oafton 14 Mar 1904 BLANK Husband of Nora
McGaughey, Almeda 1850 1927 Two fieldstones are near this grave
Perry, Hattie 9 Aug 1885 25 Sep 1922 Wife of Hollie Perry
She was a kind and affectionate wife,
a fond mother and a friend to all.
Riley, Erastus B. 1855 1935 Love makes memory eternal
Searcy, John A. 21 May 1860 14 Aug 1898 A precious one from us is gone, A voice we loved is stilled
A place is vacant in our home That never can be filled
Willard, Mary V. 1929 Infant
Willard, Annetta F. 1939 Infant
Willard, Phyllis A. 1942 Infant
Willard, Brice 26 Oct 1843 18 Oct 1926 Husband of Lucy
Willard, Lucy J. 17 Jan1847 1 Feb1932 Wife of Brice
Williard, William H. 24 Dec 1865 17 Mar 1889 Will you come to my grave when my spirit has fled,
And beneath the green sod I am laid with the dead?
When the heart that loved you is turning to clay,
And in the calvary’s cold, cold dews I am, I am passing away

1The article in ‘History & Families: Anderson County, Kentucky’ indicates that Elizabeth Gordon Brown is also buried here, as do notes in a previous transcription by Billy Joe Hume (1989 - in the Anderson Co. Library).
2Dilly Burge, wife of Omer, and Roscoe Burge, son of Omer and Dilly, are also presumed to be buried here (transcription by Billy Joe Hume (1989)

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