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This cemetery is on SR-513 (Old Mill Pike) not far from the Seagramís distillery on land belonging to the Greathouses. The entire pasture has been recently fenced (March 2007).
The stones were recorded in September 1973 by ME Walker III.


† Birth Date

Death Date


Bond, David 19 Mar 1814 20 Aug 1869
Bond, Lucy J.1 21 Jun 1823 23 Apr 1867 w.o. D Bond
Bond, Florence J. 23 Mar 1861 11 Dec 1865 d.o. D & LJ Bond
Bond, Infant 6 Dec 1864 6 Dec 1864 d.o. D & LJ Bond
Hanks, Sallie 28 Sep 1868 28 Sep 1868 d.o. SJ & SF Hanks2
Hanks, D.G. 18 Jan 1873 9 Dec 1875 s.o. SJ & SF Hanks2
Hurst, S.W.3 15 Jul 1813 14 Oct 1871
McCoy, John4 25 Dec 1790 14 Dec 1862
McCoy, Jane4 20 Oct 1797 7 Feb 1886

NOTE When this cemetery was initially posted to this website the following statement was part of the introduction: "It is surrounded by an excellent stone wall, which an earlier transcription indicates that JC Penney (owner of the department store) had constructed." Thanks to Luther Davenport we have new/correct information about this as follows: "The actual cemetery with J.C. Penny ties is some distance from here at the old Paxton Family graveyard (now owned by Mrs. Nellie Perry). The Paxton's were J.C. Penny's maternal grandparents, and there are Penny graves here too. Tradition tells that it originally had a wrought iron fence around it that had fallen in disrepair. Mr. Penny returned to Anderson County to visit family and upon seeing his family's most sacred place in such sad state, contracted a local stonemason to remove the iron fence and construct a fine rock wall around it. The last time I was up close (mid 90's) it was still a fine piece of work."

The following information is also courtesy of Luther Davenport.
1Lucy was the daughter of John and Jane McCoy.
2Children of SJ (Samuel Joseph) & SF (Sarah Francis) Hanks. Sarah was Lucy Bond's sister and daughter of John & Jane McCoy
3S. W. Hurst (Smith Hurst) was a son-in-law of John & Jane McCoy and was married to Lucy & Sarah's sister, Rebecca.
4The oldest stones in the cemetery. The McCoys were the ggg-grandparents of Luther Davenport.

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