~ Births for the year 1852 in Anderson County, KY ~

Slave Births  are listed as well, they had no surname, only the given name was taken at this time but the owners name was listed so this is a starting point for anyone researching African American  ancestors in Anderson County

 ( All slave births are recorded in red) 

~The 1852 Birth information was collected by J G Hawkins of Anderson County in May of 1853 ~

Date of Birth  Name  Sex  Condition Place of Birth  Name of Father or owner of child  Maiden Name of Mother  Color of child  Residence of parents 
Mar 29 Harrison Buntin Petty   male  alive  at W B Pettys- Salt river  W B Petty  Jerusha Hawkins  Salt River 
Mar 18  Louisa Phirl  female  at T Phirl -Lawrenceburg Thomas A Phirl  Mary Lillard  w Lawrenceburg
Jul 15  Agnes Jane  " " at Wm Twyman -Lawrenceburg  William Twyman  m Lawrenceburg
Sept 26  Anvorel Mizner  " " at J Mizners near Walkers Mill  Jordan Mizner  Mary A Allen  w near Walkers Mill
Sept 15  Harry  male  at Mary Dedmans - Lawrenceburg  Mary Dedman  b Lawrenceburg
Feb 29  Clabern Rout  " " at P Routs - Salt river  Peter Rout  Rebecka Bond  w Salt River
Jul 12  Bayle E Munday  at R Munday- Fox Creek  Reuben Munday  Sarah J Vandike  w Fox Creek
Sep 4   Elizabeth Holmes Minor  female  atJ D Minors near Candenville  Jeremiah O Minor  Martha Coson ? w Salt River 
Mar 10  William Oliver  male  at D Olivers- Big Beaver  Daniel Oliver  Elizabeth Spoonamore  w Big Beaver 
Jul 7  William Merit Yowel  " " at M Yowels-Salt River  Meredith Yowel  Martha Ann Scott  w Salt River 
Aug 3  Barbara Allice Bruner  female  at E Bruners-Crooked Creek Elijah Bruner  Elizabeth Nailor  w Crooked Creek
Oct 4  Elizabeth Frances Rubels  " " at J Rubels -Crooked Creek  Jacob Rubels  Roda Watts  w Crooked Creek 
Aug 3  Eclesta Perry  " " at Wm Perry-Big Willow  William Perry  Sarah Crook  w Big Willow
May 10  Martha Ann  at J Hedgers-Wolf Creek  James T Hedger  m Wolf Creek
Dec 2  Mary Elizabeth Jammerson " " at Joel Browns-Stony Creek David Jammerson  Nancy Brown w Stony Creek
Oct 12  Sarah Elizabeth Temples  " at R Temples-Big Beaver  Richard Temples  Mildred Searcy  w Big Beaver 
Dec 16  Martha Ann Redman  " at J Redmans -Timber Creek  John Redman  Nancy Cox  w Timber Creek
Oct 7  Richard Loyed  male  at H Loyeds -Mt Eden Rd  Henry Loyed  Lucinda Foster  w Mt Eden Rd 
May 25  Louisa Newton  female  at R Newtons-Salt River  Robert Newton  Lucinda Whayne  w Salt River 
Jun 8  unnamed twins  male  born dead  at Carters -Salt River  Landen ? Carter  Hannah Elizabeth Davidson  w Salt River 
Jul 18  George Henry Campbell alive  at J Campbells-Crooked Creek  James Campbell  Lucinda Richardson  Crooked Creek
May 15  John Dandridge Brown  at D Browns-Crooked Creek  Dandridge Brown  Martha Cummins  w Timber Creek
Feb 8  Mary Elizabeth Tindle  female  at J Tindles-Little Willow  John Tindle  Elizabeth Husband  w Little Willow 
Jun 13  Martha Cozine  " at J D Cozines-Big Willow  James D Cozine  Sarah Cranfield  w Big Willow 
Mar 26  Rozanna Blakeman  " " at A K Blakemans-Little Willow  Aaron K Blakeman  Celia Fain  w Little Willow 
Jan 9  John Thomas Mullins  male  at W G Mullins- Bardstown Rd  Wm G Mullins  Martha Jane Vandeventee w Bardstown Rd 
Jun 15  Malinda  female  at M Herndons-Indian Creek  Miles Herndon  b Indian Creek
Aug 11  Edmund Samuel  male  at R Samuels-Big Beaver  Robert Samuel  Louisiana Cattlet  w Big Beaver
Sep 4  George Hurst  " " at S Hursts-Big Beaver  Sandford Hurst  Mary Ann McClish ?  w Big Beaver
Jul 30  Mary Jane Hawkins  female  at W H H Hawkins-Big Beaver  William H H Hawkins  Agnes Cote  w Big Beaver 
Oct 9  Mary Alsa Sparrow  " " at J Sparrows-Big Willow  James Sparrow  Parthena Vandeventree w Big Willow 
Oct 25  Susan Catherine McOnelly  " " at I McOnellys-Big Willow  Iziah McOnelly  Jane Huffman  w Big Willow 
Feb 15  Joel Thomas Couton ?  male  " at J Coutons -Big Willow  James Couton ? Frances Whitehouse  w Big Willow 
Nov 26  Elizabeth Jane Hagerman  female  at G Hagermans on Watts run  Gilbert Hagerman Martha Smith  Watts Run 
Jun 6  John Henry McDover?  male  at J McDovers-Watts Run  Joseph McDover Roda Malissa Leffler  w Watts Run 
Jan 25  James Thomas Leffler  at Wm Lefflers-Big Beaver  William Leffler  Mary Elizabeth Ward  w Big Beaver 
Oct 10  Joseph Thomas Logan  " at Wm Logans-Big Beaver  William Logan  Ellen Leffler  Big Beaver 
Jul 18  Ann Chetum  female  at W Chetums-Big Beaver  Wesley Chetum  Emily Calvert  w Big Beaver 
Jun 15  Samuel Murphy  male  " at T Murphys on Big Beaver  Thomas Beaver  Mary Fennell ?  w Big Beaver 
Sept 4  Richard Nichols Vowel  " " at T Vowels - Bardstown Rd  Thomas Vowel Sarah E Martin  w Bardstown Rd 
Oct 15  Nancy Vowel  female  at H Vowels -Bardstown Rd  Henry Vowel  Eliza Jane Lee w Bardstown Rd 
Feb 28  Caleb Joseph Logan  male  at R Logans-Bardstown Rd  Robert Logan  Elizabeth Miller  w Bardstown Rd 
Aug 18  William Willis Tinsley  at Wm Tinsley-Big Beaver  William Tinsley  Ann E Baugh  w Big Beaver 
Mar 14  Reuben  at Wm Tinsley-Big Beaver  William Tinsley  m
Dec 26  Lucinda Jane Driskell  female  at J Driskell - Bardstown Rd  Jesse Driskell  Acemith? Rinehart w Bardstown Rd 
Jan 13  David Coleman Cooper  male  at Wm Cooper-Big Beaver  William P Cooper  Emily Rubels  w Big Beaver 
Aug 20  Chafin Short  at J Short-Springfield Rd  Joel Short  Elizabeth Skinner  w Springfield Rd 
Mar 22  Julia Frances Penney female  at L H Penney- Salt River  Larkin H Penney  Sarah Ann Butts  w Salt River 
Mar 22  at B Searcy-Springfield Rd  Buel Searcy Jane Hawkins  Springfield Rd 
Feb 21  Elizabeth Snider  at A Sniders-Little Beaver  Allen Snider  Polina Sparrow  w Little Beaver 
Dec 15  Charlotta Temple Brittain  " " at S Brittain-Big Beaver  Samuel Brittain Nancy Kays  w Big Beaver 
Nov 15  James Schuyler Kays  male  at M Kays-Big Beaver  Mason kays  Margaret Brittow  w Big Beaver
Dec 29 Sarah Frances Hawthorne  female " at J Hawthornes- Big Beaver  Joseph Hawthorne  Elenor Hedger  w Big Beaver
Sep 15  Frances Taylor  at J Taylors-Washington Cty-Cornishville ,Ky John Taylor  Mary Ann Goodman  w Puncheon Creek
Sep 22  Martha Jane Bryant  " " at A Bryants-Puncheon Creek  Arthur Bryant  Caroline Case  w Puncheon Creek
Nov 7  Henry  male  " at Elizabeth Case on Puncheon Creek  Elizabeth Case  b Puncheon Creek 
Jun 6  Richard Butler Petty  " " at S B Pettys -Salt River  Samule B Petty Mary Shouse  w Salt River
Dec 15  Jennetta Sharp  female  at N Sharp on Cheeselick ?  Noah Sharp  Lavina Matthews  w Cheeslick 
Oct 13 William Dawson Baxter  male  at H Baxter-Bear Creek  Henry Baxter  Maria Swinney 
Dec 31  Jane Marillis Eaton  female  at J Eatons on Cheeselick ?  Joel Eaton  Lavina Edwards  w
May 25  Ammariah Temples  at I M Temples -Puncheon Creek  Isaac M Temples  Margaret Jordan  Puncheon Creek 
Sep 16  Squire Franklin Perry  male  at F M Perry-Puncheon Creek  Francis M Perry  Nancy Searcy  w
Dec 13  Mary Elizabeth Swinney  female  at J Swinney-Bear Creek  John Swinney  Eliza B Baxter  w Bear Creek
Apr 15  Betty Thompson Yowel  at J H Yowel-Salt River  Joseph H Yowel  Rebecka Elder  w Salt River
Feb 1  James  male  at J H Yowels-Salt River  Joseph H Yowel  b Salt River
Apr 5  Barbara Jane Bush  female  at C bush-Crooked Creek  Charles Bush  Nancy Ann Bruner  w Crooked Creek 
Sep 18  Zachariah Whitehouse  male  at J Whitehouse-Crooked Creek  James Whitehouse  Dorinda Woods  w "
Sep 2  Nancy Ann Frazier  female  at J Fraziers-Crooked Creek  John Frazier  Mary Amanda Whitehouse  w "
Apr 26  Robert Newton  male  at Wm Newton on Crooked Creek  William Newton  Peggy Proctor  w "
Apr 16  Lucinda Katherine Wiott  female  at Wm Wiotts-Timber Creek  William Wiott  Lucinda Martin  w Timber Creek
Jun 22  Casa Ann Briscoe  at J Briscoe-Crooked Creek  John Briscoe  Nancy Taylor  w Crooked Creek
Oct 15  America Jane Bennett " " at B Bennett-Crooked Creek  Benjamin Bennett Nancy Hyott  w
Jan 20  Mary Elizabeth Hammon  at J H Hammon0Crooked Creek  James H Hammon  Jane Lisby  w "
Nov 30  Elizabeth Ann  at Wm Briscoe-Crooked Creek  Williamson Briscoe  b "
Feb 15  Dawson Grace  male  at H Grace on Wolf Creek  Henry Grace  Sarelda Redman  w Wolf Creek
Dec 24  John H Crossfield  at M S Crossfield -Little Beaver  Morgan S Crossfield  Katherine Samuel  w Little Beaver
Nov 24  Nancy Elizabeth Gillis  female  at J M Gillis-Salt River  James M Gillis  Mary E Jelf  w Salt River
Feb 17  Mary Ann Mariah Driskell  at W g Driskell-Bear Creek  William G Driskell  Ann Mullins  w "
Mar 14  Mary Elizabeth Cox  at Wm Cox on Fox Creek  William Cox  Nancy Mullins  w Fox Creek 
Dec 1  " dead  at Joseph Sier on Fox Creek  Joseph Sier Mahala Guess 
Nov 23  James Granderson Wash  male  alive  at B A Wash on Big Beaver  Bishop A Wash  Mary J Utterback  w Big Beaver 
Jan 8  Mariah Lucy Wilson  female  at H Wilson-Salt River  Henry Wilson  Mariah Taylor  w Salt River 
Nov 7  Letitia Kays  at J Kays -Puncheon Creek  James Kays  Lucretia King  w Puncheon Creek
Sept 24  Susan Elizabeth Overstreet  at B Overstreets-Gilberts Creek  Buckley Overstreet  Manerva Houchins  w Gilbert Creek
May 10  Susan Mary  at W Satterwhite -Rough & Ready  Wafer Satterwhite  b near Rough & Ready 
Jan 15  Lucinda Cummins  at J K Cummins -Indian Creek  Jacob K Cummins  Matilda Rout  w Indian Creek 
Aug 30  William Butler Davidson  male  at J Davidson-Crooked Creek  John Davidson  Katherine Redman  w Crooked Creek 
Jun 15  William Harrison Thurman  at P Thurman-Wolf Creek  Philip Thurman  Elizabeth Gibbins  w Wolf Creek 
Sep 23  Josiah Davidson  at Wm Davidson-Indian Creek  William Davidson  Elenor Jane Sinclar ? w Indian Creek 
Jul 4  Lewis Cossoth Brown  at R Brown-Crooked Creek  Randolph Brown  Sarah Jane Watts  w Crooked Creek
Aug 15  female  at M Corban -Crooked Creek  Martin Corban  Rebecka Jett  w
Feb 4  Thomas Berry Cattlet  male  at F Cattlet on Crooked Creek  Francis Cattlet  Nancy Jane Young  w "
Oct 21  Nancy Jane Young  female  at Bennet Young-Crooked Creek  Bennet Young  Sarah Ann Haden  w "
Oct 17  Edwin Winfield Martin  male  at H A Martin-Big Benson  Henry A Martin  Emily Church  w Big Benson 
May 30  Harriett female  at J R Martin-Big Benson  John R Martin  b "
Oct 10 John Thomas Hedden  male  at S Hedden on Big Benson  Simon Hedden  Frances Stephens  w
Sep 20  Josiah Daniel Wilson  at C Wilson -Big Benson  Charles Wilson  Polly Right 
Oct 17  Martha Lewis Bruin  female  at P Bruin -Big Benson  Prior Bruin Permelia Ritter  "
Oct 20  Josephine Ellen Thacker  at F Thacker-Big Benson  Fountain Thacker  Eveline Parrent 
Dec 2  Susan  " " at "          "  b
Jan 5  Frances  at J Settle -Big Benson  James Settle  b "
Sep 30 Mary  at Wm Baugh -Big Benson  William Baugh  b "
Dec 10  male  dead  J Long-Big Benson  Jeremiah Long  Katherine Boyer  w "
Jan 15  Alpha Omega Watts  female  alive  at B Watts- Big Benson  Blecher Watts  Lucinda Thurman  w "
May 7  Mary Jane Dawson  H Dawson -Big Benson  Henry Dawson  Louisa Young  w "
Sep 20  Mary Jackson Peak  at J Peak-Big Benson  Jackson Peak  Susan Young  w "
Apr 25  Eliza Jane Briant  at I Briant -Big Benson  Isaac Briant  Frances Watts w "
Aug 19  Serelda Emiline Cinnamon  at John Cinnamon-Big Benson  John Cinnamon  Susanah Moore w
Dec 27  Highter Gordan  male  at J Gordan-Big Benson  John Gordan  Sarah Ann Perry  w
Feb 21  Mary  female  at C C Herndon-Indian Creek  Coleman? C Herndon  b Indian Creek
Feb 1  Louisa  at B Youngs-Hammons Creek  Berry Young  Hamons Creek 
Jan 8  Sarah Ann Baley  at B Baleys Indian Creek  Berry Baley  Nancy Fitzgeral  w Waters of Big Benson 
Aug 8  male  dead  at Gordon Cinnamon- Big Benson   Gordon Cinnamon  Roda Matthews  w Big Benson 
May 20  Sarah Mason  female  alive  at B Masons on Big Benson  Benjamin Mason  Sarah Thomas  w
Mar 28  Mariah Elliott  at J G Elliotts - Big Benson  Joseph G Elliott  Emily Thomas  w "
Aug 14  Mariah  at D Wilson -Big Benson  Daniel Wilson  b "
May 13  Helen Hodges  at T Hodges in Franklin Cty, Ky  Thomas Hodges  Mary E Mooring  w "
Jun 28  Ann Mary Thomas at E Thomas on Northfork Benson  Edmund Thomas  Eliza Ann Mooring  w N Fork Benson 
Jun 29  Margaret Ann Payne at B T Paynes on Northfork Benson  Benjamin Payne  Susan Yates  w
Feb 21  Walker R Warren  male  at J Warrens-Rough & Ready  Joseph Warren  Lucy E White  Rough & Ready 
Oct 23  Sarah Ann Jammerson  female  " at T Jammerson -Big Benson  Taylor Jammerson  Emma Watts  Big Benson 
Jul 24  Mary Young  at J Youngs on Big Benson  Jefferson Young  Nancy Mason  w
Nov 22  dead  at Z Greer on Big Benson   Zachariah Greer  Josephine Whitehouse  w "
Mar 1  Katherine  alive  at J W Hackley on Fox Creek  John W Hackley  Fox Creek 
Jul 14  James William Stephens  male  at S Stephens on Hamons Creek  Samuel Stephens  Eliza Ann Coke  w Salt River 
Dec 15  Lucinda  female  at S Thackers on Hamons Creek  Samuel Thacker  b Hamons Creek
Oct 30  male  at D M Hawkins on Hamons Creek  Dudley M Hawkins  Susan Thacker  w "
May 17  Henry McKee  at A S McKee on Hamons Creek  Allen S McKee  Mary Redman  "
Feb 23  Mildred Ann Sier  female  at James Sees -on Hamons Creeks  James Sier  Narcissa Redman  "
Feb 5 " dead  at James Cole on Hamons Creek  James Cole "
Mar 19  Sarah Frances Johnson  alive  at R H Johnson on Big Benson  R H Johnson  Agnes Fry  w Big Benson 
Sep 20  Sarah  at D Roach on Hamons Creek  David Roach  Hamons Creek 
Apr 26  Harvey  male  at S A E Majors on Hamons Creek  Sarah Ann Elizabeth Majors  b "
Sep 4  Arrabell McCown  female  at J McCown on Hamon Creek  James McCown  Emily Cardwell  "
Jan 29  Thomas Highter Crocket  male  at G A Crocket - N Fork Benson  George A Crocket  Elizabeth H Elliston  N Fork Benson 
Mar 1  Polly B---- ?  female  at W B -Rough & Ready  William B----- ?  Elizabeth Hollis  w Hamons Creek 
Jun 30  Ellen  at J McQuiddy -Little Benson  James McQuiddy  Little Benson 
Jul 20  Minervy Stone  at J Stones on Little Benson  James Stone  Lydia Jane Patterson w "
May 11  Andrew Jackson Gilpin  male  at A T Gilpins on Little Benson  A T Gilpin  Mary Ann Patterson  w "
Sep 22  Zachariah Taylor Watts  at W Watts on Little Benson  Woodford Watts  Lucy Steel  "
May 1  Partheny  female  at J Ford on Hamon Creek  Jeremiah Ford  b Hamons Creek
Mar 5  Elizabeth Clark  at J H Clarks in Lawrenceburg  John H Clark  Alethis Beauchamp  w Lawrenceburg
Dec 4  Zachariah  male  at J McBrayer on Hamon Creek  James McBrayer  b Hamons Creek
Mar 12  General  at T Minnis on Hamon Creek  Thomas Minnis  b "
Jul 16  Albert  at " "  b "
Aug 25  Edmund  "       "       "  b "
Mar 6  John Redden  at J Reddens N Fork Benson  Joseph Redden  Susan Right  w N Fork Benson 
Dec 1  Edward Mountjoy  " " at W G Mountjoys -Hamons Creek  William G Mountjoy  Eliza Chambers  w Hamons Creek
May 4  Leroy Hushburg  at L Hushburg at Rough & Ready  Leopole Hushburg  Adaline Sawyer  w Rough & Ready 
Mar 10  Ellen Johnson Fidler  female  at J Fidlers- Salt River  Jesse Fidler  Mary Penney  Salt River
Jul 1  Milly  at J C Fidler on Hickory nut  James C Fidler  b Hickory nut
Sep 15  Delia Katherine Birdwhistle  at J Birdwhistle - Salt River  James Birdwhistle  Julia E Buntin  Salt River
Nov 16  Jerry  male  at T Penney on Hickory nut  Thomas Penney  Hickory nut
Apr 22  Sarah Ann Driskell female  at J P Driskell-Salt River  James P Driskell  Frances E York  Salt River
May 3  Jennetta Carter  at J Carters on Salt River  John Carter  Susan Miskel  "
Apr 10  Martha Mosley  at T Mosleys on Salt River  Thomas Mosley  Martha Scott  w "
Jan 9  John Henry Bell  male  at J M Bells-Salt River  James M Bell  Martha Penney  w "
Dec 1  Susan M Overstreet  female  at T Overstreet in Mercer Cty  Thomas Overstreet  Sarah Baker  w "
Oct 6  Nancy Meleta Walters  at Wm Walters-Salt River  William Walters  Maleta? Smith  w "
Jan 12  Mary Elizabeth Abbet  at H Abbet -Gilbert Creek  Hubard T Abbet  Margaret Bell w Gilbert Creek
Aug 10  James William Houchens  male  at J Houchens - Gilbert Creek  Jackson Houchen  Katherine Reynolds  w "
Feb 16 Mary Ann  female  at A Hawkins- KY River  Andrew Hawkins  KY River
Jun 18  dead  at J Sutherland- Gilbert Creek  John Sutherland  Mary Ann page  w Gilbert Creek
Aug 2  Sarah Jane Roberson  alive  at H Roberson -Gilbert Creek  Henry Roberson  Martha Satter/Salter ?  w "
Nov 16  Henry Pleasant Roberson  male  at G Roberson -Gilbert Creek  George Roberson  Mariah Roraig? w "
Jun 9  female  at Samuel R Bakers on Buckleys Rd  Samuel R Baker  b Buckley Ferry Rd 
Jun 29  " " B T Paynes -N Fork Benson  Mrs Sharp  b Mercer County Ky 
Jun 10  " " Sarah Myers-Lawrenceburg  Sarah Myers  m near Lawrenceburg 
Dec 10  male  at J Gudgel-Hamons Creek  John Gudgel  b Bath County, Ky 
May 15  Mariah Stinnett female  J Stinnetts near Rough & Ready  John Stinnett  Elizabeth Hullette  w Near Rough & Ready 
May 20  William McDaniel  male  at J Hollis in Rough & Ready  Martha Hollis  w "
Dec 25  Lavinia Hill  female  A Hill-Big Willow  Adoujah Hill  Christina Clafton  w Big Willow 
Dec 7  Joanna Gibbs  at J C Gibbs in Camdenville  J C Gibbs  Mary Ann Munday  w Camdenville 
Aug 25  Newman Dudley Barnes  male  " at B Barnes -Baleys Run  Brookenberry Barnes  Mary Lock  w Baleys Run 
Sep  Palatine    at J Carpenters near Lawrenceburg  John Carpenter  b near Lawrenceburg 
Sep 7  " dead  at T Hanks on Baleys Run  Thomas Hanks  b Baleys Run 
Nov 16  Nancy Monfort  female  at D Monforts on Salt Rive  David Monfort  Mary Cook  w Salt River 
Nov 15  Margaret Watkins Wash  at J M washs- Big Beaver  James M Wash  Tryphena S Man  w Big Beaver 
Sep 15  Andrew Jackson Williams  male  at S Williams -Big Beaver  Simeon Williams  Elizabeth Fitzgearl w "
Oct 21  Martha Bell Hackley  female  at D Hackleys-Big Beaver  Darius Hackley  Frances Penney  w "
Sep 25  John Veach  male  at M Veach on Ky River  John Veach  Lucinda Watts  w Rough & Ready 
Nov 1  female  at J Harrison- Big Benson  Jeremiah Harrison  Rebecka Rucker  w Big Benson 
Jul 10  Octavia Montgomery  " at T Montgomerys - Lawrenceburg  Thomas Montgomery Rebecka Der ? w Lawrenceburg
Nov 22 Susan Araminta Crossfield " " at W C Crossfields - Fox Creek Woodford Crossfield Amanda Gudgel w Fox Creek
May 10 James male " at J Saffeels - Lawrenceburg James Saffeel b Lawrenceburg
Oct 15 Margaret female " " " " m Lawrenceburg
Mar 9 male " at I C Olivers- Salt River Isaac C Oliver Josephine Stone or Slone w Salt River
Apr 17  Mary Ann McKinney female  born at R McKinneys -Baleys Run Reuben McKinney  Lucy Mildred Hanks  w on Ky River 
Aug 7  Eliza Letitia Williams  " " at T J Williams on Salt River  Thomas J Williams  Mary Irvine  w Salt River 
Dec 15  " dead  at J McBrides on Salt River  John McBride  b "
Jan 9  James Davis Ervin  male at Wm Ervins on Salt Creek  William Ervin  Ann E Mosley  w "
Jan 8 Ann female  at N H Odells on Salt Creek  Nathaniel H Odell  b "
Jan 18  James Holeman Frazier  male  " at W J Fraziers on Baleys Run  William J Frazier  Martha Ann McMinney ?  w Baleys Run
Oct 1  Madison Monroe Crossfield  " " at R H Crossfields on Fox Creek  Richard H Crossfield  Martha Gudgel  w Fox Creek
May 8  Eliza  female  at C Lillards on Hamon Creek  Christopher Lillard  b Hamons Creek
Sep 18  Enfield F McBrayer  male  at J A McBrayers in Lawrenceburg  James A McBrayer  Martha J Wash  w Lawrenceburg
Oct 18  Henry P Buckner  " '  at J R Buckners-Indian Creek  John R Buckner  Susan Searcy  w Indian Creek
Nov 12  Sarah Ellen Cromwell female  at P Cromwells -Salt River  Powhattan Cromwell Martha Oliver  w Salt River 
Feb 10  Charles Henry Hornback  male  at I Hornbacks on Big Willow  Isaac Hornback  Sophia Huffman  w Big Willow
Nov 24  Benjamin Casey  " " at R Caseys on Gilbert Creek  Robert Casey  Elizabeth Etherton  w "
Nov 29  Eliza Jane Leathers female  at A Leathers- Little Beaver  Alfred Leathers Eliza Searcy w Little Beaver ( or Benson) 
Sep 3  Margaret Ann Case  Born in State of Illinois  Dennis Case  Elizabeth Davis  Big Beaver 
Sep 19  Laura Neal  at Tekel Taylors on Ky River  Christopher Neal  Susan Taylor  w Ky River
Jun 15  Margaret Jane  " at J Bush on Ky River  J B Bush b "
Apr 5  Ann " " at E Lillard on Ky River  Ephraim Lillard  b "
Oct 26 James Franklin Lillard  male " "            " Martha McQuiddy  w "
Jul 18  Jerry  " " at H Story on Ky River  Harry Story  b "
Aug 17 Nancy Cook  female  at N Cooks on Ky River  Noah Cook Nancy Boggess w "
Aug 5  Albert Ervis Sharp  male  at F Sharp on Ky River  Francis Sharp  Amanda Redden w "
Nov 18  Archibald Dickson McGinnis  " " at J McGinnis-Ky River  John L McGinnis  Margaret Dawson w "
Dec 18  Elizabeth Boggess  female  at R Boggess on Ky River  Randol Boggess  Charlotte Dawson w "
Jul 4  Margaret Cordelia Ferguson  at J Ferguson on Baley Run  James Ferguson  Mary E Buckner  w Baleys Run
Jun 21  George Washington Martin  male  born at O Martins- Mercer Cty KY  Obediah Martin Mary Prator ?  w "
Jul 23  Amanda Watson  female  at N Watson on Ky River Nathaniel Watson  Mariah Boggess w Ky River 
Mar 12  Louisa Frances Dawson at W Dawsons on Baleys Run  William Dawson  Sarah E McGinnis  w Baley Run
Dec 23  Franklin Pierce Scearce  male  at M Scearce -KY River  James M Scearce Eliza Ann McMichael  w Ky River 
Oct 15  Malinda Jane Overstreet female  born at H Overstreet - Mercer Cty, Ky  Hardin Overstreet  Lucretia Jordan  w "
May 6  Claborn Arthur Bond  male  B at P Bonds on Ky River  Preston Bond  Belinda Arthur  w "
Jun 5  Alice Porter Boggess female  at J W Boggess's on Baleys Run  John W Boggess Margaret McMichael w Baley Run
Jun 16  Susan Mary McKinney  " at W A McKinneys on Baleys Run  William A McKinney  Eliza Hanks  w "
Oct 22 Leannah  " " at H Fords on Gilbert Creek  Harrison Ford  b Gilberts Creek
Dec 1  Minerva Adams  " " at M Adams on Gilbert Creek  Morrison Adams  Almeda Boston w "
Jan 11 John Penney Searcy  male  at J Searcys on Gilbert Crekk  John Searcy  Amer----? Boston  w "
May 31  John Walker Abbet " " at J Abbets on Gilbert Creek  Joseph Abbet  Lucinda Barnes  w "
Nov 11 William Thomas Hutton  at J Huttons on Gilbert Creek  James Hutton  Martha Ann Reynolds  w "
Mar 1 James  at C Dawsons on Ky River  Costelo Dawson  b Ky River
Jul 22 Charley Dawson " " at J L Dawsons on Ky River  John L Dawson  Nancy Wilhite  w "
Apr 10  Ellen Scearce  female  " at M Scearce on Gilbert Creek  Merit Scearce  Disa Miner w "
Apr 23  Tabitha Randol  at A P Randols on Harrods Pike  A P Randol  Katherine Sutton w Harrods Pike
Feb 8  John  male  at S Searcy on Gilbert Creek  Sarah Searcy  b Gilberts Creek
Mar 3  James Preston Balew  at W Balew on Salt River  William Balew  Mary Egbert  w Salt River
Aug 15  Agathy Ann Wallice  female  at S Wallice in Lawrenceburg  Stewart Wallice  Martha M Hughs  w Lawrenceburg
Dec 23  Mary Praton Witherspoon  at L Witherspoon in Lawrenceburg  Lewis Witherspoon  Martha Lillard  w "
Sep 1  male  " "  b "
Aug 24  Juet L Mesick  at J Mesick - Lawrenceburg James Mesick  Ann Hawkins  w "
Dec 30  William  at J Draffin -Lawrenceburg  John Draffin  m "
Dec 25  " dead  at S Street -Lawrenceburg  Samuel Street b "
Oct 21  female  alive  at G B Taylors near Lawrenceburg G B Taylor  b "
Jul 12  Fannie Gertrude  at J Witherspoon - Lawrenceburg  John Witherspoon  Susan Lillard  w "
Mar male  at J Fidlers on Fox Creek  John Witherspoon  b "
Apr 10  Mariah Louisa Maddox female  at H H maddox in Lawrenceburg  Housen H Maddox  Mariah Jones  w "
Jun ? 6  William Bond  male  at W Bonds on Baleys Run  William Bond  Susan Hank w Baleys Run

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